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Chapter 36: Shocking Natasha

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The three items which Lin Lei had given to Alice were all given to him by the system when he was training basic magic.

But these items were simply too useless for Lin Lei current status.

But to Alice, they were extremely suitable.

He didn’t know how long he would be away after leaving Li Fire Sect. Since he had promised James that he would protect Alice’s safety, Lin Lei had to do it.

But of course, these things were too valuable. Lin Lei didn’t tell Alice about their value.

If Alice found out, she would feel too much pressure and wouldn’t dare to use them. That would be a waste of precious treasures.

In addition, if Alice accidentally told outsiders about the value of these things, any of them were an extremely valuable treasure.

“Alright. Don’t let anyone see these things. Otherwise, they might be targeted.”

Alice nodded, memorizing what Lin Lei had said.

“By the way, Lin Lei, where do you plan to go after leaving Li Fire Sect?”

“I plan to go out and train as well. Who knows, we might run into each other again.”

“Where am I going?”


Lin Lei shook his head, “I don’t know where I’m going either. If we meet again, it will be fate.”


“Right. Alright.”

Alice was rather disappointed.

After Alice left, Lin Lei pondered for a moment.

Those things should be enough to protect Alice’s safety. Even if Alice encountered an enormous danger, it wouldn’t matter if she wasn’t even able to shatter that protective amulet.

Lin Lei had left behind a spiritual energy imprint belonging to Lin Lei within that soft armor long ago. As long as Alice was fatally injured, Lin Lei would be able to sense it, no matter how far away he was in the Empire.

After making all the necessary preparations, Lin Lei turned to look at the little white tiger.

“By the way, are you planning to stay, or are you planning to leave with me?”

After spending three years together, Lin Lei knew that this little white tiger could understand human speech.

The little white tiger shook her little head. After expressing her refusal, she immediately curled up on a pile of weeds and fell asleep.

Lin Lei let out a helpless laugh, then used the dark elf’s evasion spell and disappeared.

In the next moment, he appeared in the patriarch tower.

The patriarch palace…

This time Lin Lei was going on a long trip. He didn’t know how long it would be before he could return. It was better to let Roderick know.

Seeing Lin Lei walked into the main hall, holy maiden Natasha couldn’t help but frowned at this moment

Who was this disciple? Why didn’t she have any impression of him.

After thinking for a long time, Natasha finally remembered. Wasn’t this the fellow who had contradicted her and was locked up in the confinement room?Didn’t he never want to come out again?

“How many years has it been? Why is he still an enchanter apprentice of the sixth rank? How trashy.”

Natasha was speechless.

Although Natasha was extremely respectful towards the strong, she didn’t have the slightest bit of sympathy towards the weak.

She directly pointed fingers at Lin Lei.

Although Lin Lei had heard her, he didn’t take it seriously at all.

As far as Lin Lei was concerned, Natasha was nothing more than a giant infant who had yet to experience society.

His current strength as an apprentice of the sixth rank was nothing more than a concealment.

Although the strength of an enchanter apprentice of the sixth rank was considered weak in the Li Fire Sect, it didn’t seem too out of place.

After all, Lin Lei’s talent was indeed not good.

“Lin Lei, you are here? What’s the matter?”

Roderick didn’t have any impression of Lin Lei. If it hadn’t been for Lin Lei had appeared when James pa.s.sed away, he would have forgotten about Lin Lei.

Through these years, Lin Lei had been too low-key in Li Life Sect.

To the point that, aside from Alice, no one remembered that there was such a person as Lin Lei.

“Patriarch, I’ve been thinking of going out for a walk recently. I want to gain some experience and see the great rivers and mountains of the Empire. I want to broaden my horizons.”

Lin Lei gave the reason he had thought of long ago.

Before Roderick could say anything, the nearby Natasha snickered coldly at Lin Lei, “What a joke. Your strength was just an enchanter apprentice of the sixth rank, yet you want to go out and gain experience? Can it be that you can’t-see-whys and are prepared to die? I think it’s best if you work hard and train hard. When you truly become a enchanter, you can go out.”

“Otherwise, I could imagine that before you even leave the territory of the Li Fire Sect, you have probably dead.”

Natasha was filled with ridicule, but she felt extremely happy in her heart.

In the past, when she was attacked by Lin Lei in front of all the disciples of the Li Fire Sect, she had lost quite a bit of face.

“You la.s.s, shut your mouth!”

Roderick bellowed angrily.

“When did I ever teach you to speak like that?! As the holy maiden of Li Fire Sect, why don’t you know any manners at all?!”


Although Natasha had a prideful personality, she truly wouldn’t speak ill of others. But for some reason, the rage in her heart couldn’t be controlled upon seeing Lin Lei appeared.

Roderick continued to berate Natasha, and then he spoke to Lin Lei, “Lin Lei, Natasha still needs to be taught a lesson. Don’t lower yourself to her level.”

And then, Roderick spoke again, “Right now, with your current strength as a enchanter apprentice of the sixth rank, it will indeed be a bit dangerous for you to leave Li Fire Sect. Have you really thought this through?”

Lin Lei nodded.

“Patriarch, I’ve already mentally prepared myself.”

“Fine. Since that’s the case, then I’ll agree. If you really encounter any danger, just say the name of Li Fire Sect. Generally speaking, experts who haven’t broken through to the grand enchanter level will still give us some face,” Roderick thought for a moment, then said.

“Yes. Then I’ll take my leave.”

Lin Lei turned and left.

After Lin Lei left the main hall, Roderick gave Natasha a fierce glare.

“Natasha, don’t I usually teach you manners? So what if you are more talented than others? If you don’t even know how to be a human, how can you train to become an expert?!”

“Even if Lin Lei isn’t as powerful as you, you can’t say that he’s going out to die! Is that right?”

“Dad, I understand!” Natasha pouted, saying unhappily.

“Isn’t this the same as how that fellow Lin Lei humiliated me in front of everyone a few years ago? I was just trying to get back at him.”

“And I wasn’t wrong. Lin Lei’s current cultivation level is only at the sixth rank. In our Li Life Sect, he is considered one of the weakest. If he is weak, then he is weak. I was just speaking the truth. There are many magical beasts around Li Fire Sect that are comparable to eighth or ninth rank apprentice. If he is truly unlucky, Lin Lei really won’t be able to come back alive.”

Outside the tower, Lin Lei, who was on the verge of breaking through to the sage level, had extremely good hearing. Every single word Natasha said rang out in his ears.

“From the looks of it, Patriarch really isn’t able to do anything to you.”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of Patriarch.”

Lin Lei said calmly, then gently slapped the air with his right hand.


Within the patriarch palace, Natasha, who had been badmouthing Lin Lei, was suddenly slapped in the face by someone.

Her entire body flew backwards, flying through the air in a parabolic curve. Only then did she land in a sorry state.


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