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Chapter 136 – The Way He Gives Gifts

Arriving at the entrance of the Miyagi group, Yan Yang was waiting there. Seeing his car coming over, she opened the door of the first pa.s.senger seat and sat down, asking in surprise, “Boss, where are we going now?”

“Go buy something.”

“Buy things?” Yan Yang was a little surprised, the boss was about to have an important meeting right now!

Gong Yexiao looked in front of him, his eyes looking a little distressed as he squinted, “Think carefully about it, what gift a man should give women to apologize to them is the best.”

Yan Yang was secretly amused. Did the boss offend the Miss Cheng again?

Yan Yang did not dare laugh at him, and instead looked at him with a serious face, “Gym Tung, if it were me, I would prefer to receive a diamond necklace, or something as exquisite and beautiful as a diamond bracelet.”

Gong Yexiao thought about it carefully, then said: “Alright, let’s go to the jewelry store.”

In front of a nearby large jewellery store, Gong Yexiao’s car stopped, and Yan Yang followed him in to buy handpiece.

“Gym Tung, I think it’s better to give me a bracelet, because something like a diamond ring, you have to propose or give it to me in a specific situation, and a necklace, normal girls would probably buy one for themselves, but a pretty bracelet is something that girls are missing, if you like it, you can wear it along with your clothes or when you travel normally.”

Gong Yexiao was more satisfied with his suggestion, of course he hoped that the things he gave him would be worn by her often.

Next was the bracelet. He selected a rare pink diamond bracelet with a price of around 500,000 RMB. It was simple, exquisite, and did not lose any of a woman’s charm.

After Gong Yexiao made his choice, he immediately paid and brought Yan Yang to Cheng Liyue’s company’s entrance.

“Gym Tung, how about you personally send it up?” Yan Yang asked him. He had to do it, he was the one giving the gift, it did not seem right for her to do it on his behalf.

“Send it up! Don’t say I’m down there. ” Gong Yexiao felt a little awkward.

Yan Yang could only nod his head and push open the door. He took the doc.u.ments and a gold cashmere box with him.

Inside the office, Cheng Liyue was replying to a message seriously. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, she turned her head to look, it was Gong Yexiao’s a.s.sistant, she smiled and said, “Come in.”

Yan Yang pushed the door and entered, smiling at her, he walked to her side and placed the doc.u.ments together with the cashmere box down, “Miss Cheng, this is the information you wanted, and this is a gift that our Gym Tung had specially selected for you, please accept.”

Cheng Liyue looked at the gold cashmere box on top of the doc.u.ments. With a single glance, she could tell that it was something more valuable in the diamond shop.

“I’m not sure either.” Yan Yang knew that the boss loved her face, so she couldn’t say anything bad about him.

Cheng Liyue took it and opened it. Inside was a beautiful, slender bracelet, with a beautiful personality.

“Miss Cheng, you’re so beautiful. Let me help you put it on!” Yan Yang immediately seized the opportunity to praise.

“No, return this to him. I only need the information.” After Cheng Liyue finished speaking, he placed the bracelet back on the table and returned it to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang blinked his eyes, and was startled for a few seconds, “Miss Cheng, this is a gift from our boss, do you really have the heart to reject?”

“You can’t take it back without doing anything, please take it back!” Cheng Liyue really couldn’t stand it. She designed the necklace like a jewel, with those few rare pink pure diamonds, the price of the necklace was definitely not cheap.

“This …” Yan Yang did not know what to do, she could only use her phone and call Gong Yexiao.

“What’s wrong?” Gong Yexiao asked.

“Gym Tung does not accept this bracelet.” Yan Yang turned and said softly.

Cheng Liyue heard it too, and as if she heard some instruction, she replied, “Okay.”

Yan Yang smiled at Cheng Liyue: “Miss Cheng, please wait for a moment, my boss will come up immediately.”

Cheng Liyue blinked, “Gong Yexiao is downstairs?”


Cheng Liyue was startled, and then she heard some noises coming from outside the office, very quickly, Gong Yexiao’s imposing figure walked into her office, upon seeing it, Yan Yang quickly retreated.

Cheng Liyue looked at the man who came uninvited, and was stunned speechless for a moment.

Gong Yexiao looked at the woolen box on her table and said, “I gave this to you, take it!”

Cheng Liyue looked at the box and shook her head, “No need, I can’t take it.”

Seeing her determined expression, Gong Yexiao suddenly, his slender fingers pulled at the information in her hand, “Then you might not need this information either.”

“h.e.l.lo …” I want this information. ” Cheng Liyue immediately became anxious.

“If you want information, you have to accept this gift.” Gong Yexiao had his own way of sending gifts.

Cheng Liyue looked at him speechlessly. Did this man have to be so tyrannical when she does things?

Of course Cheng Liyue urgently needed this information, she could only helplessly raise her head and ask, “Are you sure you want to give this to me?”

Gong Yexiao reached out to open the box, taking out the exquisite bracelet from inside, holding her right hand, and putting it on her slender and fair hand.

The pink diamond, combined with Perkin’s jade like skin, was extremely beautiful.

Gong Yexiao looked at it with satisfaction, then ordered in a domineering tone, “Without my order, no one is allowed to take it off.”

If Cheng Liyue’s heart did not feel anything, it would be impossible to do so, especially when he seriously lowered his head to b.u.t.ton her neck. Under her straight sword brows, a serious expression immediately caused her heart to throb.

She could clearly hear the sound of her heart beating faster.

The delicate touch of the bracelet, as well as the heat on his skin that he had just held, disrupted her heart.

“Who gave a gift like you?” Cheng Liyue still complained on the surface, this was called a gift, still called a bandit’s act.

Gong Yexiao smirked, “For a bad girl like you, I can only use a few tricks.”

“Who’s not obedient?” Cheng Liyue felt that this man treated her like a child.

Gong Yexiao laughed sinisterly, moving closer to her, “I said you’re stupid, you shouldn’t have any objections right?”

After Cheng Liyue heard this, she immediately pretended to punch him, “I have too big of a opinion.”

With a pfft, Gong Yexiao saw that she had laughed. The look in his eyes couldn’t help but deepen a little, and his heart felt as if it had been scratched by something, which made him itch.

After Cheng Liyue finished pouting, she realized that she had lost her composure and immediately blushed, “Please leave!”

Gong Yexiao suddenly thought of something, “Speaking of which, you seem to owe me something.”


“It’s your birthday present. Pick one when you have time. The price doesn’t have to be too expensive. It’s good that you can bear it.”

Cheng Liyue couldn’t help but have a headache. It had already been so many days, and she still wanted to give him a birthday present?


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