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Chapter 212 – Confusion

Cheng Liyue came out from the guest room, she did not return to her office, but instead went to the balcony of the teahouse. At that moment, there was no one here, her emotions were in a mess, she needed a place to calm down.

His mind was filled with Huo Yanran’s words. Was what she said true? Was Gong Yexiao really shouldering such a huge burden while he was in the Gong Family?

Although she did not know about the Gong Family’s current situation, she had seen too much news regarding the Wealthy Cla.s.s TV series and the Wealthy Cla.s.s news. She also knew that the backers of the Wealthy Cla.s.s families were not simple.

During this period of time that she had been with Gong Yexiao, he did not mention anything about the Gong Family in front of her, and she did not ask him either. But today, Huo Yanran’s words were like a bucket of cold water being poured over her head, causing her heart to palpitate.

Huo Yanran came out of the main hall of the Kahman Group and sat in the car. Her expression revealed a hint of complexity, she believed that Cheng Liyue must have been scared witless by what she had said today.

Even if she did not exaggerate the truth, it was still enough to scare her. Although she did not specifically respond, just grabbing onto the fact that she loved Gong Yexiao was enough to shake her heart.

At this moment, as long as the Gong Family pressured her, she wouldn’t pester them anymore and would instead take the initiative to withdraw from this compet.i.tion.

Thinking of the admiration she saw in the office today, Huo Yanran felt jealousy in her eyes. She thought about how she was kissed by a man like Gong Yexiao;

At the same time, she was also waiting for the Gong Family to force Gong Yexiao to break up with him. During this period of time, she was trying her best not to offend Gong Yexiao, and she was confident that the reason Gong Yexiao didn’t notice her was entirely because of Cheng Liyue’s alluring fox.

Although the man was confident, Gong Yexiao’s heart was as deep as an ancient well, the bottom of which could not be seen.

Cheng Liyue was lost in thought on the balcony for a while, only when Lin Da came over to call her over to the dining hall did she come back to her senses.

Returning back from the dining hall with a depressed mood, Lin Da called her into the office. “Did you lose your soul today? The recent script was a bit slow! “

“I will work hard.” Cheng Liyue promised.

“Your mood has changed too much recently. How about this, the company has a few spots to travel abroad, I’ll give you a spot!”

“How many days do you want to swim?”

“A week.”

Cheng Liyue immediately shook her head, “I’m not going, I can’t leave my son.”

“You have accompanied him for almost three years, so let’s not miss this one week. Let Gong Yexiao fulfill his responsibilities as a father.” Lin Da advised.

Cheng Liyue laughed bitterly, “I can’t even do it after leaving my son for a day, let alone a week. “I will try my best to submit the ma.n.u.script.” “

After Cheng Liyue finished speaking, she went back to her office and just as she sat down, her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was Gong Momo. “Foam.”

“Liyue Sis, can I have a meal with you tonight?” Gong Momo’s voice came from the other end.

“Of course you can! I heard that you’re at work now, in the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cheng Liyue praised.

Gong Momo laughed from the other end, “It’s been just two days, not bad, it’s pretty interesting.”

“Alright, I’ll ask your brother where to eat tonight. If it’s boiled at home, I’ll go buy some vegetables.”

“Don’t be busy, you were tired from work all day, tell my brother to order a restaurant, I want to eat a big meal, I’ll call him later.”

“Alright, see you tonight.” Cheng Liyue replied and hung up.

Cheng Liyue now understood why Gong Yexiao’s parents would rather go abroad to manage a farm. Sometimes, it would be better to abandon the temptation of wealth and live a carefree life.

Ten minutes later, Gong Momo sent a message saying that she would be eating at night, and the restaurant’s address would be sent over. Furthermore, she also sent a message saying that she would be going to pick up Ozawa with him.

Cheng Liyue replied that if she was going to pick up Ozawa, she would get off work at 5: 30 PM.

Gong Momo replied yes, she would come with Gong Yexiao to pick up Ozawa.

Gong Yexiao was no longer in his office, he was currently in an office, listening to two middle-aged men who reported the process of investigating Cheng Liyue’s father as well as the evidence they had.

They were currently flipping through the information that Gong Yexiao had given them, and asked in shock: “Boss, where did you get this information from, this information is just enough to fill in the loophole.”

“Don’t worry, you can use this information to create the most favorable evidence.”

“Are you sure this information is safe?”

Gong Yexiao squinted, and thought that this information was given to him by Lu Junxuan. According to his position, it should be safe and reliable, because he wanted Lu Hai to step foot on the stage more than anyone else.

“Alright, with this information, at the end of this month, there will be enough evidence to allow Miss Cheng to bring another case against her father before the court.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Gym Tung, without you, we would not be where we are today. We are willing to serve you with all our might.” Although the middle-aged man was older than Gong Yexiao, the grat.i.tude he felt towards him came from the bottom of his heart.

The two brothers had extraordinary statuses and had once been famous members of the bodyguard world. However, because a huge case was brought to their attention, they suffered heavy injuries in the torrent. It was Gong Yexiao who saved the two of them.

They were capable of different things than normal people, whether it was detection skills or tracking down difficult cases, their skills were comparable to the elites of the police force, so Gong Yexiao handed over the case to them.

“Well, I hope to get results by the end of the month.” Gong Yexiao stood up.

The two brothers stood up and watched him leave. After Gong Yexiao left, they immediately used the information in their hands to fill in the gaps in their investigation. The evidence in their hands that Lu Hai had borrowed a knife to kill others was already sufficient.

Gong Yexiao sat in his private car and squinted his eyes as he calculated that he only had a week’s worth of time left at the end of the month.

A week. Good.

Gong Yexiao’s car went to pick up Gong Momo, what had his sister been busy with recently? She was extremely secretive, and even if Gong Momo didn’t call him, he would call her.

What else could Gong Momo do? She was busy reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, busy adapting to her work environment. Although she was the little princess of the palace, she was just a little transparent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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