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Chapter 262 – Completion of transactions

Gong Yexiao’s handsome face darkened. Cheng Liyue had doubted and questioned his words again and again, causing him to be truly angry. Could it be that this woman could not seriously trust him again?

Gong Yexiao’s face turned cold, and his tone became low with anger, “Alright, let’s not talk about this first, how about we talk about the deal we made back then? This means that he will only be able to spend the rest of his life in prison. If you are not satisfied with this outcome, I can make him disappear from this world immediately, and I will take revenge for your father. “

Cheng Liyue’s heart trembled again. He indeed brought up this matter, this was the thing that she didn’t want to talk about the most right now.

“I… I can repay you in other ways. ” Cheng Liyue’s face turned pale white.

“I will not accept any other method, no matter what deal we made back then.” Gong Yexiao said as he gritted his teeth. He thought, the combination of their bodies, will it change her cold feelings towards him?

Cheng Liyue panicked. Why would she want to do something so intimate with him now?

Gong Yexiao had to force her cruelly, “If you don’t give yourself to me, then give me the Ozawa. In the future, if you give me the Ozawa to raise, I will give you the right of visitation.”

These words pierced right into Cheng Liyue’s heart as she screamed out, “No!”

“Choose one of the two options, you decide on your own.” Gong Yexiao’s tone did not allow for any rejection.

Cheng Liyue panted anxiously. This was the deal she had made with him back then, and now that her father had taken revenge, Lu Hai had also entered the prison. This was all thanks to him.

However …

She couldn’t accept being intimate with him now …

“Cheng Liyue, don’t think that you can escape from me, it’s useless. Tomorrow night, I will be waiting for you at the hotel. Gong Yexiao ordered, at the same time, he stood up and went out.

In the room, Cheng Liyue clenched her fists and bit on her lips, her beautiful face still flushed red.

The deal is tomorrow?

really liked to eat them. The three little fellows immediately wors.h.i.+pped and loved him, and these toys completely bribed the hearts of the other two little fellows.

“Auntie s.h.i.+yue, when are you and Uncle Gong going to get married!” She was half a year younger than Ozawa, and just turned three years old. She was tender and cute.

Cheng Liyue’s actions became stiff, she laughed, “Eat well.”

“Do you want to attend our wedding?” Gong Yexiao asked her.

“Yes!” Can I be your flower boy? “

“Sure, when we get married, I’ll definitely invite you to be a flower girl.”

“Yay!” I will go with Big Brother Ozawa. “

Cheng Yuze’s little friend also had an excited expression, “En!”

“Everyone hurry up and eat, Ozawa, the rice in your bowl hasn’t moved for a long time, hurry up and eat.” Cheng Liyue immediately reprimanded her son.

The little guy had eaten some snacks in the afternoon, so he was not hungry yet. Therefore, he did not take his meals seriously.

“Gong Xiansheng, don’t be so polite, treat it as your own home.

Gong Yexiao had already eaten two bowls of rice, he was not courteous at all!

After dinner, when the Ozawa heard that Gong Yexiao was about to leave, he immediately became reluctant, “Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Cheng Liyue heard and immediately shouted to stop him, “Ozawa, sleep here.”

“Mummy, let’s sleep together with Father!” The little guy had a pleading expression.

“Your dad has to work overtime tonight, so don’t disturb him.” Cheng Liyue had to find an excuse for him.

Gong Yexiao could only stomp his feet and advise, “Wait for a few days, when father is free, can I take you there?”

When Gong Yexiao was about to leave, he turned his head to look at Cheng Liyue, “Don’t forget about tomorrow’s matter, I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

Cheng Liyue turned his face away, his face filled with unwillingness.

Gong Yexiao waved his hands at the three little fellows, and his tall and straight body walked into the luxurious car on the street beside the courtyard.

After sending him off, Cheng Liyue took a deep breath. She was currently in a state of anxiety and unease.

Hearing that Lu Hai had been sentenced to life imprisonment, meant that he would be spending his entire life in prison. For someone like him who had always been at a high position, this was like stepping into h.e.l.l.

That night, Cheng Liyue lost sleep.

China, A City, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gong Momo’s office moved to Ren Shanshan’s side and became one of her two a.s.sistants. To be able to be promoted from an intern to a formal employee, this was truly something to be envied.

No one knew what happened at the military base the last time, and no one knew that in Ren Shanshan’s eyes, Gong Momo was her rival in love, her enemy in love.

“Gong Momo, buy me a cup of coffee, it needs to be grinded.” When Ren Shanshan walked past her window with the doc.u.ments in hand, he ordered her coldly.

Gong Momo immediately asked, “May I ask what kind of coffee Minister drinks normally, and if you need sugar?”

“Whatever. I need a meeting in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes? The nearest coffee shop, it takes ten minutes to drive back and forth. ” Gong Momo immediately retorted.

Ren Shanshan looked at her with a cold smile, “I’ll give you ten minutes. If you don’t call me back, it’s up to you.”

Gong Momo took a deep breath, and upon Ren Shanshan entering the office, the other a.s.sistant beside her immediately came over, “Mo Mo, go and bring it up! I’ll book it for you online and you can pick it up as soon as you get there. “

“Thank you, elder sister Yan.” Gong Momo was immediately grateful to her.

“No problem, I used to do that.” Liu Yan laughed.

Ten minutes ago, Gong Momo delivered the coffee to Ren Shanshan’s table, “Minister, please enjoy your coffee.”

Ren Shanshan squinted, she never thought that she would actually rush back.

Ren Shanshan immediately threw a thick piece of information in front of her, “Translate eight languages for me, I want to use it before work in the afternoon.”

“Eight languages?” Gong Momo only knew six different types.

“What is it? Difficult? Looks like you are not fit to eat Translator food. ” Ren Shanshan looked at her proudly.

“Alright, I will translate it.” Last night, she and Ye Liangcheng had a chat on the phone for more than an hour, and she had to restrain herself from telling him about this. If she told him, he would definitely be angry.

She didn’t want Ren Shanshan to think that she needed to rely on Ye Liangcheng, so she would try her best to deal with Ren Shanshan’s troubles. Furthermore, from the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want to lose to her.

“Gong Momo, I know that your family’s situation is superior, you can choose to not suffer here, but as long as you are in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you are under my control.” Ren Shanshan laughed coldly with pride.

“I’m here to work, not to get your revenge. If you go too far, I’ll sue you.” Gong Momo said calmly, picked up the doc.u.ments, and left the room.


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