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Chapter 570 – Slag Male Essence

It seemed that this Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ had a huge influence on young master, to the point where the young master, who was full of confidence, became dispirited from the blow.

Around 9, Lan Jia called for the two bodyguards and they went to the bar together! He thought that he might leave tomorrow. He would come back when Cheng Liyue was getting married.

As a person in such a bad mood, he couldn’t help but want to indulge himself. Of course, he wasn’t looking for a woman, but rather drinking wine. He didn’t get drunk often.

Lan Jia sat in a dark corner as the two bodyguards helped him separate the girls who wanted to go up and strike up a conversation with him as usual. Their sharp eyes were enough to make the girls stop when they saw such handsome and handsome men.

Lan Jia squinted his eyes, his gaze sweeping the surroundings from time to time. Seeing the expressions of the men and women who were having fun in the bar, his eyes revealed traces of cold ridicule.

Suddenly, a figure walked in from outside the door, he felt that it was familiar, because the light was not very clear, Lan Jia was not able to see it clearly even at first glance, until when the man was standing in front of him, a girl’s snake-like hands wrapped around his neck and kissed his face, and the man’s hand patted on the girl’s b.u.t.tocks, causing the two of them to sit on the sofa, at that moment, the man who was sitting down stood up and snapped his fingers towards the waiters.

It was also at this moment that Lan Jia finally saw the man’s face clearly. It was Zhan Xueming, he had never thought that the man, who had told Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ to love her and take care of her for his entire life, would actually be flirting and drinking with another woman in a bar. From the way he hugged the girl just now, he seemed to be very proficient in it.

Lan Jia bit his lips. Just today in the dining hall, he already had the urge to beat Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ up. At this moment, Lan Jia really wanted to teach him a lesson.

He got up, and walked straight towards Zhan Mingxu’s sofa. As he approached, he saw a alcohol maid sitting on Zhan Mingxu’s thigh, and the two of them held each other tightly. Zhan Mingxu felt that there was someone by his side, and immediately, he raised his head to look, only to see Lan Jia’s tall figure.

“Are you so unworthy of Ye Xiaos.h.i.+? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ” Lan Jia said as he watched her grab his sleeves and punch his face.

“Ah …” Immediately, the sounds of girls screaming could be heard.

Zhan Mingxu was beaten up, he immediately grabbed the bottle of wine on the table and smashed it towards Lan Jia, but seeing that, Lan Jia’s bodyguard kicked him to the side of the sofa again, and Lan Jia coldly said: “If you dare get any closer to Ye Xiaos.h.i.+, I will make you even more miserable.”

With that, Lan Jia led his two bodyguards and coldly left.

Zhan Mingxu covered his swollen face, clenching his fists in anger. He never thought that he would meet Lan Jia in a bar, d.a.m.n it, what was he trying to do?

Did he want to destroy his place in Ye Xiaos.h.i.+’s heart? After so many years had pa.s.sed, Zhan Mingxu was obviously not the big brother next door in Ye Xiaos.h.i.+’s eyes. He had already entered society long ago, and had also learnt some of the bad habits of society, and furthermore, he had dated many girls, but he was only attracted to Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ because of her pure and beautiful appearance.

In this kind of society, there was such a clean and simple girl. Of course, Zhan Mingxu wanted to play with her. He had already considered playing with her as a hobby, and his ultimate goal was to repay her for cleaning her body.

However, he did not expect Lan Jia to meet him. Zhan Mingxu had also rushed out of the bar. He could not let Lan Jia report to Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ first, he had to take action.

Lan Jia sat in the car. Seeing that it was only half past nine, he picked up his phone and dialed Ye Xiaos.h.i.+’s number.

“Hey!” Ye Xiaos.h.i.+’s somewhat cold voice came over, because she knew it was him.

“Little s.h.i.+, are you at home? I have something I want to talk to you about, so I’ll come over now. “

“No need to come over, I’m sleeping.” With that, Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ turned to him and said, “I have a call, hang up.”

Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ immediately felt a wave of unease in her heart. She was sure that the one who was calling Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ now was Zhan Mingxu, so what did he want to do tonight?

No matter what, Lan Jia had to go and find Ye Xiaos.h.i.+.

Indeed, the one who called Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ at this time was Zhan Mingxu.

“Little s.h.i.+, did that b.a.s.t.a.r.d call you?” Zhan Mingxiu asked her.

“How did you know he called me?” Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ asked in surprise.

“Because I was in the bar! I was beaten by him. “

“What?” He hit you? Why did he hit you? “

“He’s crazy. I don’t know why, but he beat me up badly. Plus, he brought his bodyguards to beat me up. He’s just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Little s.h.i.+, I’m injured, can I come and find you?”

“Is it serious? Why don’t you go to the hospital! ” Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ asked for his concern.

“No need, it’s just a flesh wound. I want to see you now, especially you. Little s.h.i.+, wait for me. I’m here now.”

“Hey!” Mingxiu … It’s not very convenient for me here. ” Just as Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ finished speaking, she realized that she had hung up and her heart was beating frantically.

Although she had agreed to Zhan Mingxu’s pursuit, she had never thought that her development would be so quick! Moreover, it was very dangerous to invite a man back at this late hour.

What should he do? Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ was so anxious that she turned in circles, she immediately remembered that Lan Jia said that he wanted to come and find her, and at that moment, she actually hoped that this man would come.

However, her hope had come true, Lan Jia’s car was speeding towards her, Lan Jia’s car was under the street light, the lights on and off constantly, filled with a hint of anger. Luckily he had seen through Zhan Mingxu’s side in the bar today, otherwise, he would have given Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ to him just like that, it was already foreseeable what kind of harm Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ would suffer in the future.

d.a.m.n it, this man had pretended to be a righteous man in front of Ye Xiaos.h.i.+, but he turned out to be such a trash.

However, he could rely on the fact that he was injured tonight, so it was natural that he could get close to Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ and cause her to feel pain in her heart. Thus, he decided to stay in her house, staying with a man and a woman together.

Thinking that Ye Xiaos.h.i.+ would not be able to resist him and that he would definitely succeed in her plan tonight, the corner of Zhan Mingxu’s mouth raised into a complacent smile.


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