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Chapter 122 – Don’t abandon him

When Tang You You arrived, the Uncle Yuan was already outside the door. He would come over nearly half an hour earlier every day.

Uncle Yuan was also very concerned about these two little fellows.

“Wandering, what kind of school is this? It looked like a castle. Was this really a kindergarten? I didn’t even know there was such a place. ” Cheng Wan Lian said in admiration.

It was Tang You You’s first time seeing this little guy’s place of schooling. Presumably, this was a very good school.

“Ji Xiao Han said that he would give the child the best education. It seems that this place is definitely the best place.” Tang You You sighed and laughed.

“These two little guys are so lucky to have a father who is so rich and still dotes on them. I really feel happy for them.” Cheng Wan Lian said with loyalty.

Tang You You got off the carriage and walked in front of Uncle Yuan.

Uncle Yuan was surprised to see her here, “Miss Tang, you’re free today to come and pick up the children?”

Yes, I’ve always been troubling the Uncle Yuan, and I’m really sorry. How about, today, I come to pick up the children. At night, I want to bring them to my aunt’s house for dinner. Tang You You said gratefully.

The Uncle Yuan was startled for a moment, and then he was at a loss for words: “Miss Tang, about taking the children away, shouldn’t you ask the Young Master for his opinion?”

Uncle Yuan did not dare make a decision, he was only a butler of Ji Family.

Tang You You was also stunned, following that, she frowned: “I am only bringing the children to eat, I do not need his permission.”

“Then can I tell Young Master about this?” Uncle Yuan still had a difficult expression on his face.

Tang You You nodded, “Alright!”

Uncle Yuan was Ji Xiao Han’s housekeeper. These few days, Uncle Yuan had brought along bodyguards to pick up the child, and if the child was going to be taken away by her, Uncle Yuan could also let Ji Xiao Han know.

Uncle Yuan immediately picked up his phone, pulled out a phone and called.

Just as he finished saying that Tang You You would bring the child to her aunt’s house for dinner, Ji Xiao Han asked him to give the phone to Tang You You.

“Miss Tang, Young Master wants to speak with you.”

Tang You You immediately took the phone and placed it beside his ear: “What do you want to say?”

“I object to you taking the children out. I’m afraid they might be in danger.” Ji Xiao Han said somewhat domineeringly.

“Don’t tell me my children will never leave school or your home?” Tang You You knew that he was only doing this for the child’s own good, but if she were to become his child, she would lose all other happiness.

After Ji Xiao Han heard this, he pondered for a few seconds. “Alright, I have no objections to taking the child away, but tonight, I want to eat dinner with the children.”

“What?” Tang You You did not expect Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran to propose such a condition and immediately frowned in dissatisfaction.

“Don’t you understand what I mean? I want to go to your aunt’s house for dinner. Remember, prepare my meal, that’s right, let Uncle Yuan drive you there. On the way, I won’t be at ease with you driving your child there. ” After the man finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

“I’ve never seen such a shameless person like him!” Tang You You was a little angry, she had finally thought of bringing her child back to her aunt’s home to enjoy the joy of having a child with her, but she did not expect that Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran would come too, causing the atmosphere to immediately vanish.

“Miss Tang, did Young Master hang up?” Uncle Yuan was shocked when she scolded him for being shameless.

Tang You You returned the phone back to Uncle Yuan, his expression returning to normal: “Uncle Yuan, I’ll trouble you to send us over first.”

With regards to the safety of these children, Tang You You naturally did not dare to relax. Since there were Uncle Yuan and a bodyguard protecting them, she was even more at ease.

Around four-thirty, the two little fellows’ bouncing figures appeared at the school gate.

“Mummy …” Tang Xiao Nai was the first to see Mummy, and immediately ran over excitedly.

Tang Xiao Rui was a little more composed, but when he saw Mummy standing there, her little mouth slowly opened as she giggled.

“Uncle Yuan, why are you here with Mummy?” Tang Xiao Nai threw herself into the Mummy’s embrace and asked curiously.

Tang You You kissed his daughter’s little face and asked with a gentle smile, “Xiao Nai, do you want to go to Aunt’s house for dinner tonight?”

“Really? “Great!” Tang Xiao Nai was still muttering to herself last night, but she didn’t think that she would be able to go to her aunt’s house to play tonight.

“Alright, then follow big brother back to Uncle Yuan’s car. Mummy and Aunt will follow behind you guys.” Tang You You put the little fellow down and turned to drive his own car.

Her car stopped further away from her, and Cheng Wan Lian saw the figures of two little fellows from afar. She wanted to go down to greet them, but then saw Tang You You walking over.

“How is it? Can you come to my place for dinner tonight? ” Cheng Wan Lian was actually a little worried that Ji Xiao Han wouldn’t agree. After all, these two little fellows were already not ordinary people.

“I asked him. He said yes, but …” He also wants to come over for a meal. ” Tang You You thought about that man’s confident tone just now and felt his heart clench. He wasn’t his aunt, how could he come here to eat shamelessly?

“Ah, the Mr. Ji is coming over? That… “Then let’s hurry up and buy more dishes. Just this little bit isn’t enough.” Cheng Wan Lian was extremely surprised, but she was afraid that she would be disrespectful to someone as important as Ji Xiao Han, so she thought that it would be better if she could cook a few more dishes.

“Aunt, it’s not necessary, these dishes are enough!” Tang You You quickly stopped her aunt’s thoughts and followed behind the convoy with the carriage.

Around 6.30pm, the two little guys sat in the living room eating fruits, watching cartoons and running around the sofa a few times.

He was as happy as two little fools.

Tang You You and her aunt helped her pack up her dinner when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

“You long, hurry and open the door, Mr. Ji is here, right?” Cheng Wan Lian hurriedly urged her on.

Both of Tang You You’s hands were drenched in water, she shook it, then walked over and opened the door, and sure enough, there was Ji Xiao Han in a suit standing by the door.

Looking at him, Tang You You could not help but recall his little brother’s actions that afternoon, and his face immediately became pale.

Ji Xiao Han came in, but he didn’t come empty-handed. He actually had many precious gifts in his hands.

Tang You You saw that both of his hands were full, and was completely stunned.

“What are you doing …” Who told you to buy something! “

Cheng Wan Lian also walked out. She had not seen Ji Xiao Han’s appearance before, she had only heard that he was a Young Master from a wealthy clan and was extremely capable.

Now that he saw it, he realized that he was much younger than he had imagined.

“Mr. Ji, right? “Come in quickly …” Cheng Wan Lian said with a smile all over her face.

“Daddy …” You’re here too? ” Tang Xiao Nai and Tang Xiao Rui also immediately jumped down from the sofa.


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