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Read President Daddy’s Excessive Love Chapter 1871 Are you only interested in her?

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Read WebNovel President Daddy’s Excessive Love Chapter 1871 Are you only interested in her?

Xia Xinyan drank a mouthful of milk and felt a pair of sharp eyes staring at her.

She pretended not to see it as she took a bite from her son’s bread that was done with the sauce. Only then did she slightly raise her chin in a demonstration, making contact with the man’s malicious gaze.

Xia Xinyan was not afraid of Ji Mucheng’s cold eyes, she felt that she had the confidence to fight against him.

Her son was born and raised by her, so why should she submit to him?

It was the first time in Ji Mu City that a woman was so bold, and she even had an undefeated att.i.tude when facing him.

Very well, he would make this woman pay for her frustration.

“Mommy, can you and daddy not look at each other in front of me? “Shame on you!” The little guy could not understand the exchange of gazes between the two of them. He treated the scene of them staring at each other as a show of affection. He immediately nibbled on the bread and grumbled in dissatisfaction.

Sneaking around?

No, no, no. My son must have misunderstood something.

She was clearly fighting for a seat.

Ji Mucheng’s s.e.xy and thin lips slightly lifted up as he patted his son’s bangs like a reward: “Daddy is so handsome, how about you let your mother be infatuated with him for a while!”

Xia Xinyan spat out the milk that was just in front of her mouth.

Her movements were so sudden that two faces, one big and one small, turned to her.

Xia Xinxin hurriedly wiped the table clean with a tissue. As she did so, she ordered her son, “Don’t look, eat quickly!”

When Ji Mu Cheng saw the woman’s appearance, his eyes darkened instantly. A dark and gloomy light flowed in the depths of his eyes.

Was this woman doing it on purpose?

There was still milk on the corner of her mouth. Her appearance was so d.a.m.nable that it could captivate the soul. Ji Mu Cheng realized that he still lost in the end.

Faced with the laughable matter of her spraying milk, he unexpectedly reacted and ground his teeth in hatred.

Ever since he slept with this woman five years ago, something had happened to his body. He was like a living volcano that had suddenly declared silence, and in the past five years, it hadn’t erupted once. He looked at many doctors and said that there was nothing wrong with his body.

However, just now, the volcano that he had buried in his body had awakened, and there were traces of an eruption in his eyes.

“Daddy!” A small hand reached out and waved in front of his eyes, and then his son’s playful laughter was heard. “Daddy, are you crazy about Mommy too?”

Only then did Xia Xinxin raise her head and glare at him.

Only then did Ji Mu Cheng come to his senses and realized that… He had lost his composure.

d.a.m.n woman!

The man clenched his fist tightly as he placed it on the table, biting down on it twice. It turned out that the problem lay with this woman.

He took a heavy sip of water from the cup and temporarily suppressed the volcano that had suddenly awakened in his body.

In fact, he already had a strong reaction last night.

However, because everything had happened so suddenly last night, he didn’t think about it too deeply.

It was only now that Ji Mucheng finally realized that his physical ailment was an external factor.

This woman was obviously a good medicine for treatment.

Xia Xinyan realized that this man was staring at her as if she owed him millions.

She suddenly lost her appet.i.te. She wiped the corner of her mouth with a tissue, stood up, then bent down and said to her son, “Mommy is going to work. Listen to daddy!”

“Goodbye Mommy!” The little guy immediately waved his little hand at her affectionately.

Xia Xinyan walked out of the hall with a relieved heart.

When she thought about that man’s devouring gaze, she couldn’t help but shake her hair. Why did she feel that this man was getting more and more dangerous?

Xia Shu Ran cooked a sumptuous breakfast with her hands as she entered the bedroom in her cool and s.e.xy pajamas.

“Hubby, wake up, I’ve made breakfast for you!” Xia Shu Ran leaned into the man’s embrace and used his fingers to play with his handsome face. This face was becoming more and more mature, and was becoming more and more attractive to men. Xia Shu Ran loved it greatly.

“Eat first, I have no taste!” He Jiaxuan had woken up a long time ago, but he still hadn’t woken up. As he laid on the bed, a beautiful image flashed through his mind.

This time, when he went to find Xia Xin to meet her, it was like a fleeting glimpse, and her beauty was deeply imprinted in his mind.

“What is it? Sick? Let me see! ” Xia Shuran reached out to touch his forehead.

“No!” The man grabbed her hand and sat up. “The company has a lot of work to do today. I’ll be leaving first!”

He Jiaxuan went straight into the bathroom.

Xia Shu Ran sat dazedly on the bed, a pair of suspicious eyes constantly twinkling.

A woman’s intuition was the most terrifying. She felt that ever since Xia Xinyan appeared, He Jiaxuan wasn’t as pa.s.sionate towards her.

Last night, she had pestered him for it, while He Jiaxuan had refused her because of how much work he had done.

Was it really because of Xia Xinyi?

He Jiaxuan went into the locker room and changed into a new suit. “Hubby, you loved to eat the breakfast I made the most, aren’t you going to pay for it today?” It’s full of my love! ”

“No, I’ll go eat at the company. You eat by yourself!” He Jiaxuan kissed her on the forehead, then took the car keys and went out.

Xia Shu Ran was like a sculpture ?? she had been standing in the dining hall for a long time. When the nearby servants saw this scene, they were somewhat surprised.

“Young Mistress, do you want to eat it?” The servant must have eaten it when he saw her getting up early in the morning to make it.

“If you don’t eat them, then pour them out for me.” Xia Shu Ran seemed to have suffered a great grievance. After venting his anger at the servant, he ran upstairs.

Xia Shu Ran resentfully stared at the mirror, looking at his distorted face.

“He Jiaxuan, do you regret marrying me?” Are you thinking about your old relations.h.i.+p with Xia Xin again? I won’t let you guys be complacent! ” Xia Shu Ran gritted his teeth in resentment.

Originally, Xia Shu Ran was only warning Xia Xinyan not to disturb her blissful life.

But now, it seemed that just warning her was useless.

Her appearance had already disturbed her peaceful life.

“Xia Xinyan, you have a son, how could He Jiaxuan not know!” Xia Shu Ran stretched out his hands and clenched them tightly, as if he was trying to kill someone with his bare breath.

Xia Xin thought of the company and just as she sat down, a few women ran over and surrounded her.

“What are you guys doing?” Xia Xinyan smiled lightly and asked.

“Big Sister Xin Xin, about that ??” We’re just asking around, does Ji Mu City have a girlfriend? ” Everyone in the company knew that Xia Xin had a son, so even though she was only 23 years old, the younger ones still called her Big Sis.


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