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President Daddy’s Excessive Love is a web novel made by Bei Xiao Ai, 贝小爱.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 210 – The Child Is His

There was nothing in the world that couldn’t be done with money. When Mu s.h.i.+ Ye asked for a treat, the two girls in the room instantly became so excited that it seemed like they wanted to do something. Without saying a word, they cleared up a spot for him.

After Mu s.h.i.+ Ye occupied a good location, he stuck to the wall and eavesdropped on the conversation.

However, the soundproofing effect of the coffee shop was just too good. Mu s.h.i.+ Ye used all his strength and could only hear a faint sound.

He couldn’t hear it clearly, so he thought of a way!

He opened the window next to the box and sat on the windowsill. Sure enough, the effect was much better.

He could already hear the conversation going on in the room next door.

“An Xin, your daughter is so cute. Her eyes are so cute. But why do I feel like they don’t look like you? Do they look like her father?” Pei An Xin’s good friend teased the little fellow and asked curiously.

“Yes, she looks very similar to her father. At least, her eyes look alike!” Pei An Xin’s tone revealed a little sorrow.

“Anxin, when did you get married abroad? Our group of friends haven’t gotten any information at all. Aren’t you being too mysterious? “

Pei An Xin laughed bitterly: “I’m not married. I’m a single mother.”

“Ah …” What’s going on? So where did this kid come from? “As far as I know, you’re not a reckless girl.” The other party was very surprised.

“The child was an accident. I didn’t expect to give birth to her.” Pei An Xin stirred the drink in his cup.

“Accident? If it was me, I wouldn’t have the courage to marry you even if I had a child. However, the one you gave birth to is your daughter, so if the other party really loves you, I wouldn’t mind, right? ” Her good friend praised her decision. Her courage was great.

“I know who her father is!” Pei An Xin mocked himself in a low voice, “But I just don’t want him to know.”

“Who is it? Hurry up and tell me, we are friends for many years, you are not allowed to hide it from me. “

Pei An Xin laughed bitterly again: “I don’t want to mention his name.”

“If you don’t say it, I can guess who it is. It’s the male G.o.d that you painstakingly chased after in the past right? Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, our school’s renowned school gra.s.s …”

Pei An Xin’s eyes instantly became lifeless. It was at this moment that the daughter in her arms started to cry. She wanted to take a piece of paper and put it into her mouth, but was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Pei An Xin.

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye who was eavesdropping at the side had already become stiff like a statue, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes bloomed with a happy light.

Just as Mu s.h.i.+ Ye was planning to continue eavesdropping, suddenly, an old lady’s voice came from downstairs: “Hey, young man, don’t you dare think about something. If you jump down like this, you will lose your life.”

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye’s eyes instantly widened, and looked at the old lady who was shouting, and following that, her voice attracted a large group of people.

“You’re so handsome and you want to jump off a building? What a pity. “

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye looked at the group of people gathered downstairs, and his handsome face flushed red, what were they doing?

He was listening at the corner, and he actually thought he was going to jump off a building?

Just as Mu s.h.i.+ Ye was about to throw a bomb down and blow up a quiet place, a familiar face peeked out from the window at the side.

“Mu s.h.i.+ Ye?” Pei An Xin could not believe it.

And now, even more people had come from downstairs, the atmosphere immediately froze.

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye stared at Pei An Xin in a daze, his beautiful eyes flashed with excitement and joy.

“Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, you are crazy, why did you jump off a building?” Pei An Xin was infected by the atmosphere of the people downstairs and was certain that Mu s.h.i.+ Ye was jumping off a building.

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye’s handsome eyes widened, it can’t be, what kind of eyes are these, how does it look like he’s going to jump off a building?

Is he sad?

No, not only was he not sad, he was also very happy.

This trip had not been in vain, and it actually made him hear a piece of news that made him extremely excited.

That annoying little milk baby could actually be his child.

Which time did he win?

Was it the two nights three years ago when he had gone abroad to spend Christmas with her?

“Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, stop blanking out. Hurry up and get down, it’s very dangerous like this.” When Pei An Xin saw his blank look, he thought that he really intended to jump down from here.

“I don’t want to live anymore!” Mu s.h.i.+ Ye’s tone was filled with grief, “Since you’ve already given birth to another man’s child, what meaning is there in me living?”

“What?” You’re actually jumping off a building for this? ” Pei An Xin was completely speechless. However, based on her understanding of Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, the degree of this man’s madness was something that would be completely unbelievable.

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye was also smart. Since she was also determined that he would jump off the building, he could take this opportunity to force her to reveal the ident.i.ty of the child’s father.

Of course, it would be best if it was him. Not only would he not jump off the building, he would even open a champagne bottle to celebrate.

“That’s right, Pei An Xin, you clearly know that I have been waiting for your return. You actually gave birth secretly, do you know how much pain I feel in my heart? “Rather than a heart wrenching pain, it would be better to die and have it over with.”

“You madman!” When Pei An Xin heard his words, the tears that had acc.u.mulated in his eyes instantly gushed out like a spring. She could not help but scold in anger, “If you really like me that much? Why not take the initiative? What’s the point of saying all these now? “

“Am I not active enough? I’ll go find you, but you won’t be able to see me if you hide. I finally understand, you gave birth to a child for another man, no wonder you didn’t want to see me. ” Mu s.h.i.+ Ye also felt wronged, and injured.

“Why should I hide from you? It’s because I had a big belly back then, so why didn’t I accept your gift? It’s because I didn’t want you to know that I was pregnant with your child, and even gave birth to her. ” Pei An Xin’s tears fell like rain, feeling extreme heartache.

“What?” Mu s.h.i.+ Ye’s eyes widened as a joyous look flashed across his handsome face, “Is the child really mine? You’re not lying to me, right? “

“Deceiving you? Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, are you still a man? You already have the courage to die, but don’t you still have the courage to recognize your child? ” Pei An Xin was simply about to be driven mad by him. Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, a man whom she loved and hated at the same time, was even more so the father of her child.

Mu s.h.i.+ Ye looked down at the jumbled mess of heads and immediately shouted out happily, “I’ve become a father… I’m going to be a father? “

Pei An Xin looked at his excited expression and suddenly felt like he was cheated.

“Mu s.h.i.+ Ye, you have gone too far!” After a furious roar, she hugged the child and quickly left with her friend.


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