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President Daddy’s Excessive Love is a web novel made by Bei Xiao Ai, 贝小爱.
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“Yes, I don’t dare to go to school now. I also asked the school leaders for instructions. They approved my request to suspend school. ANN, I can’t make my work in a bar known to the whole school. You’ve seen those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. What can’t they do? I lied to them that I was not a student, so I couldn’t go back to school before this thing was over, but I still had to live. Without a diploma, I couldn’t find a job. ANN, can you help me with this? I want to have the money to move out, and I don’t want to disturb you. ” Liu YuYan’s acting skills have always been very good. She also pretends to be pitiful. Naturally, Joan ANN can’t see through her intention. She just sympathizes with her current situation. Of course, if she can help, she also wants to help her.

“Well, I’ll ask him.” Joanne had to promise her first.

“Thank you, Ann. I’ll make money as soon as possible and pay back your 500000.” Liu Yuyan hugged her with a moving face.

When Joanne heard her say she wanted to pay back the money, she felt that she was still affectionate and righteous, so she laughed: “I’m not in urgent need of that 500000 now. When you are really rich, let’s talk about it.”

“If I marry a rich man one day, I will pay you back five million, not to mention half a million.” Liu Yuyan a heavy emotion heavy righteousness expression, in the mind already flashed Luo Beiyuan that handsome face. Joanne nodded: “well, I’ll wait for you to become a rich woman and help me.”

“I will.” Liu Yuyan is very sure that she will never think of such a poor life. After dinner, they went home to have a rest.

The next day, Qiao an and Liu Yuyan came to the school together, and Liu Yuyan formally went to the school suspension procedure. When she left, she begged Qiao an anxiously: “An’an, please ask Mr. Luo if I can go to work in his company. I will leave school immediately. Please.”

Joan Ann thought that she had promised this thing last night. Now, even if she was brave enough, she had to do it for her good friend.

She nodded, “OK, I’ll ask him.”

Joanne took out her mobile phone and thought about it. She couldn’t ask for help at the beginning. It’s not polite.

So, joanan had to send a text message to Luo Beiyuan, asking him if he was free at noon, and she wanted to invite him to dinner.

Luobeiyuan seconds back to her, very free, address sent.

Joanne couldn’t help laughing and quickly replied, “send me your company’s address. I’ll take a taxi near your company and invite you to dinner.”

After a while, the man sent her a restaurant location and asked her to wait for him there at noon. Joan an breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, luobeiyuan was still very good.

Only G.o.d knows how difficult it is for Luo Beiyuan to make an appointment, and other women try their best not to move him.

At noon, Joanne took a taxi to the appointed restaurant. She took a seat and sat down.

This restaurant looks at the high-end, Joan Ann from small to large also often in and out of such high-end occasions, so, she does not have stage fright, but sit quietly in her seat, waiting for the arrival of luobeiyuan.

More than ten minutes later, the n.o.ble figure of the man appeared from the door of the restaurant. He saw Joanne sitting by the window at a glance. She was wearing a bright yellow skirt with long hair tied into a ponytail. Under the spa.r.s.e bangs, a pair of bright and bright eyes were big and dark. Everything looked sweet and fresh.

Luo Beiyuan’s heart palpitation, walked quickly past, sat down in her opposite position.

“Here you are, Mr. law.” Joanne saw him sit down, this just fierce recollection, just staring out of the window in a daze, too fascinated.

“Have you ordered yet?” Luo Beiyuan asked her with a smile.

“Not yet. When you come to order, what kind of food do you like?” Joanne said politely.

Luo Beiyuan called the waiter and ordered a few dishes. The two entered a silent way to get along with each other.

“Why did you invite me to dinner all of a sudden? Do you want it from me Luo Beiyuan is a shrewd fox. In his eyes, Joanne is almost pure white and transparent. What she thinks carefully can’t escape his eyes.

Joan an’s expression was stunned, immediately dry smile two, summoned up courage to say: “yes, I really want to ask you a favor.”

“Tell me.” The man picked up the water cup on the table, sipped his saliva, and looked at her with deep eyes. Qiao an also nervously held a cup and drank a sip of water. Then she said, “it’s my friend Liu Yuyan. She’s out of school now and wants to find a job. Because she doesn’t have a diploma or much experience, she just wants to find a place where she can be employed. Is there a suitable position for her

“I see.” Luo Beiyuan faint smile, she begged him, actually for others, not her own.

“Is it difficult?” Qiao an also feels that this requirement is a bit of a hard nut to crack. After all, luobeiyuan’s company is also formal, and it is not easy to recruit people to work.

“If I agreed to let her come to work, would you come to work with me?” Luo Beiyuan’s belly black smile, eyes burning stare at her to ask.Joanne was surprised.

“Can I go to work in your company? But I can’t do anything. Besides, I have to go to school. I don’t have so much time. ” Joanne didn’t expect that he would ask for it. Of course, it was not a bad thing for her.

“As long as you don’t have a cla.s.s, you can come to my company and sort out the doc.u.ments for me.” Luo Beiyuan’s purpose is very clear. He wants to spend more time with her. He wants to see her.

With an incredible look on her face, Joanne said with a smile, “if you’d like to invite me to work, of course I would, but I’m really clumsy. I’m afraid I can’t do anything well.”

“You haven’t tried, why can’t you do it well?” Luo Beiyuan raised eyebrows and asked her.

Joan Ann was blocked by his words, she had to stare at him seriously and said: “in fact, I am still very serious about my work, but I am afraid of making mistakes, failing to live up to your expectations of me, and being afraid to let you down.”

“You are afraid of this and that because you have no sense of security, which is caused by your original family. You can rest a.s.sured that in my place, you don’t need to be afraid. If you do something wrong, you will do it again. If you don’t understand it, I will teach you everything you want to learn from me.” Luo Beiyuan’s eyes became more and more deep and quiet. Looking at her tense expression, his voice became gentle and powerful. Joanne was like a magic given to live, she looked at the man, suddenly eyes sour, almost cry, from small to large, no one has said to her, don’t be afraid.


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