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Obediently follow him back

Watching the two little fellows get into the carriage, Ji Xiao Han’s cold face was finally covered with a layer of frost.

Tang You You’s delicate and pretty face was also extremely ugly.

Ji Xiao Han was the first to get in the carriage, and he followed suit.

Upon entering, he found that it was a small enclosed s.p.a.ce, with a part.i.tion separating it from the driver’s seat.

The atmosphere in the narrow s.p.a.ce suddenly turned stiff.

“Why are you taking your children abroad? Just because I’m their biological father? “

Tang You You thought that Ji Xiao Han was going to strangle him to death right now, but he never thought that he would actually talk to her calmly and peacefully.

“I guess so. If you want to take them away, of course I won’t agree. Without you before, we would have a good life abroad.” Since this man did not argue with him, Tang You You suppressed his agitated emotions and calmly replied.

“If I didn’t know about the existence of the children, I would never interfere with your life. But now, I don’t agree with you taking the children abroad to live. How can a weak woman like you provide them with better living conditions?” Ji Xiao Han was a man who was very vigilant of life. He would definitely not allow his child to live a life worse than others.

Tang You You’s beautiful eyes turned over and stared intently at the man’s unyielding expression. Her eyes immediately felt a bit sore.

“Do you know how important they are to me? You want to take them away from me without saying a word now? My reaction should be that of all parents. ” When Tang You You said these words, his tone was unavoidably agitated and angry.

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his long and narrow eyes, then said lightly: “Sorry, I was indeed too impatient.”

“What’s the point of you telling me that you’re sorry? I just hope you don’t take the children away. I can’t leave them.” Tang You You did not want to hear his apology as this would not solve the underlying problem.

“Then, what method do you have to make everyone happy?” Actually, Ji Xiao Han had already considered this question after he calmed down last night.

Although he had spent half a day with the children yesterday, he was still able to rationally realize that the children couldn’t leave this woman alone.

As the father of a child, although he really wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the children back, the child already had his own thoughts and thoughts, so he could not forcefully separate them from his mother. How could he bear to harm his own child in such a cruel matter?

That was why he had planned to properly discuss this matter with Tang You You today.

When he was on his way to find her, he received a call from the bodyguard that he had arranged for her. He said that Tang You You had brought along three trips and caught a taxi, as if he was going to travel far.

When he heard this news, he immediately rushed over.

Fortunately, he had intercepted their car.

Tang You You bit her lower lip, but she was still fl.u.s.tered. Previously, Ji Xiao Han had a bandit’s face, but she was still able to scold him in a fit of rage.

But now, when he used such a calm and rational tone to talk to her about the child, she realized … Her mind was blank.

“I don’t know …” She lowered her head and expressionlessly answered him.

“How about this, the child stays in my home for a few days, and then he stays in your home for a few more days …” Ji Xiao Han felt that this was more fair.

“I don’t want to be separated from them for a day. Let them follow me. If you want to see them, you can come over anytime.” Tang You You bit his lower lip as he replied.

“Tang You You, do you want our children to be exposed? Do you know how many enemies I have? To let them know that I suddenly have two children, this is definitely a disaster for them! ” Ji Xiao Han suddenly warned her with a serious face.

Hearing that the child was in danger, Tang You You suddenly raised her head. Her two beautiful eyes stared at him with even more anger and shock. “Then you shouldn’t have come to find them.

“If I let them live by my side, all these dangers can be avoided.” Ji Xiao Han’s goal was this.

Tang You You’s two small hands suddenly tightened. This man was so hateful, she actually said those words to scare her. Wasn’t it just to make her compromise?

“But the children can’t leave me!” Tang You You would also scare him.

“So, the best way is for you to move in with me.”

“I don’t want to live with you!” Tang You You immediately said.

Ji Xiao Han sarcastically said: “If it weren’t for the fact that you are the mother of the child, would I have let you stay there?”

Tang You You was speechless, this man looked down on everyone and felt like she deserved a beating.

“I have a lot of rooms. If you really don’t want to live on the mountainside with me, you can live in a villa by the sea. We are separated by several miles, which will avoid the embarra.s.sment of meeting each other.” Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

Tang You You was stunned for a moment. Actually, what he said just now was much more pleasing to her ears than yesterday, when he didn’t seem to take her seriously.

“If you are willing to lend me that room for the time being, this kind of arrangement is not impossible …” Only, I hope you won’t interfere in my life. ” When Tang You You brought his two children to the airport earlier, he had been soft-hearted for a moment.

When the children mentioned Daddy, their eyes were filled with longing and antic.i.p.ation, making Tang You You’s heart ache.

If she had been happy with her children before, it was because they had never known that they had a father.

Now, it would be impossible to erase this man’s shadow from the innocent and young minds of the children.

Even though she wanted to be a qualified mother, but no matter how much care and care her mother gave them, it couldn’t compare to the feeling a father’s love gave them.

At this moment, Tang You You still decided to let the children’s childhood not be devoid of fatherly love.

Of course, the reason why she made all these concessions and considerations was because of the children. Personally, Ji Xiao Han was just a stranger to her.

Ji Xiao Han was sure that this woman would agree to it, because she had no other choice.

“Of course, we don’t interfere with each other.” The man’s thin lips curled upwards as he smiled with an unfathomable meaning.

The direction the car headed towards was Ji Family’s villa.

Inside the carriage, Tang You You tried her best to distance herself from the man.

Just a moment ago, his nerves had been stretched taut, and he hadn’t realized that this man’s aura was so powerful that it would give others a fatal feeling of oppression.

At this moment, when the deal was made and her nerves relaxed, she suddenly realized that the aura that the man beside her gave her was so dangerous.


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