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Read President Daddy’s Excessive Love Chapter 943 Fact that he darent face

President Daddy’s Excessive Love is a web novel produced by Bei Xiao Ai, 贝小爱.
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Halfway through the banquet, Tang Youyou suddenly wanted to go to the washroom. After informing Ji Xiaohan, she walked towards the washroom.

Tang Youyou, who was sitting in the cubicle, suddenly heard the footsteps of several women coming in from outside.

Immediately after, a slightly sharper female voice angrily threw her bag onto the azure stone countertop, gritting her teeth in anger: “I just saw that d.a.m.n woman Tang Youyou, she really has some skills. She eats from a bowl and stares at the pot, she really is too shameless.”

“Be quiet, this is a public place. What if someone hears ??”

“So what if I hear it? “Didn’t you see how pretentious she looked, how much love she had with Great Master Liu, and how sweet her face looked when she was newlyweds? Who knows how many men she was thinking about in her heart.” That girl seemed to have suffered great grievances and injuries, and her words always carried thorns.

Tang Youyou, who was in the cubicle, had a stu

ed expression on her face. Why did she get shot in the bathroom?

She actually heard someone scolding her behind her back.

“Lu Xuanchen and her are childhood friends. It’s normal that we have a secret relations.h.i.+p, so you don’t have to hold on to it!” Another female voice was trying to persuade her.

I also want to be neighbours with Lu Xuanchen. I also want to grow up together with him, but I don’t have this life, Tang Youyou should see her current life, what’s there that she’s not satisfied with? “Why do you still want to hurt Lu Xuanchen?” The woman was getting more and more agitated as she spoke.

“What happened to Lu Xuanchen?” How did Tang Youyou hurt him? ” Another woman asked in a gossipy tone.

“I heard my cousin say yesterday that Lu Xuanchen was drinking and missing her again. He even cut his leg on the gla.s.s. It really pained me to death.” The moment the woman mentioned Lu Xuanchen’s name, her tone softened. It could be seen that she loved Lu Xuanchen very much.

“It can’t be, Lu Xuanchen is such a rare love affair. No wonder he can play every role to their heart’s content. He is such a good man in real life.” The woman said in surprise.

“I feel sorry for him, so I hate Tang Youyou even more. She must still be hanging on Lu Xuanchen, unwilling to let him go.” The woman gritted her teeth in anger and started to pin the blame on Tang Youyou.

“That’s true. Every woman wishes to have more men to love her and go crazy for her. Although Tang Youyou married Ji Xiaohan, she still has a heart of vanity.” Another woman mocked in an indifferent tone.

“I’d like to ask her, won’t her conscience hurt when she does this?” The woman clenched her fists and said.

At this moment, a booth behind them was pushed open, and a clear and cold female voice sounded out, “Does my conscience hurt? It doesn’t seem like there’s a need to tell you.”

The two women who had been venting their anger turned around and saw Tang Youyou. They were so shocked that their eyes were wide open and filled with terror.

Tang Youyou walked up to the washstand, unscrewed the water cage, and slowly washed her hands. Then, she took out a piece of paper and wiped it clean. Her voice was still cold as she said, “Is it the right thing to do to gossip about me behind my back?”

“Tang Youyou, let me ask you, are you still not willing to let Lu Xuanchen go?” A younger girl immediately glared at her.

The older man quickly pulled the girl over and advised her, “Don’t argue with her in front of everyone. Do you still not know her current ident.i.ty?”

The girl immediately looked as if she was discouraged, and she fearfully took two steps back, showing an expression that she didn’t dare to take any further responsibility.

Tang Youyou looked at her coldly and sneered, “Who are you? Why should I explain this to you? Lu Xuanchen is my friend. As for the matter between him and me, as long as we understand it clearly, we don’t have any obligation to explain it to others. ”

“I am… I love him! ” The girl seemed to be unwilling and immediately confessed loudly.

“Oh, so it’s like that. You should just confess to him. Whether or not he can move his heart onto you will depend on your ability, but don’t target me. I’m not in your way!” Although Tang Youyou was angry at her for scolding him just now, she didn’t care too much about it since she had a deep affection for Lu Xuanchen.

“How should I know if you’re in the way or not? If you’re secretly in contact with him ??”

“What did you say?” Tang Youyou’s expression changed instantly as her tone turned colder. “If you continue to create something out of nothing, I will make you take responsibility for what you have said.”

The girl was so scared that she didn’t dare to say anything else.

Tang Youyou calmed down and said with an indifferent expression, “I can only tell you that Lu Xuanchen is my friend. Don’t mess with our relations.h.i.+p.”

The girl was shocked by Tang Youyou’s words.

Tang Youyou walked a few steps before she suddenly stopped. She turned around and looked at her: “You said Lu Xuanchen’s leg is injured? Because of me? ”

The girl scoffed, “Isn’t it because who else can you be? He drinks almost every night when he gets back, because of you! ”

Tang Youyou didn’t know if what she said was true or not, but she still felt a huge shock in her heart.

Why did Lu Xuanchen keep drinking because of her?

As if her heart had been pierced, Tang Youyou turned around and left in a hurry.

She didn’t lie without conscience just now. She didn’t get in touch with Lu Xuanchen too much, she just came back from the country and chatted with him a few times. Then later on, due to the matter of moving home, Lu Xuanchen said that he would help her and wanted to rent his house for her.

Apart from this, they really have very little contact.

However, upon hearing these words, Tang Youyou did not care if it was fake. She really wished that Lu Xuanchen could go back to his own life and not think about her anymore, instead of being troubled by her.

Tang Youyou went back to her seat nervously. Ji Xiaohan was talking to someone beside her in a low voice and didn’t notice that something was wrong with her expression.

After the charity party ended, it was already past nine o’clock. Tang Youyou sat in the car, leaning on the man’s shoulder and closing her eyes to rest.

Ji Xiaohan thought that she was a bit tired from work, so he gently reached out his hand to pull her into his arms to sleep.

However, she didn’t dare to open her eyes as she was afraid of meeting Ji Xiaohan’s gentle and loving eyes. If Ji Xiaohan knew that she was still in a daze because of another man, she really didn’t know if she would stab him in the heart.

Alas, the human mind is sometimes too complex, should not think, to think again.

All of a sudden, Tang Youyou felt a stab of pain from the injured figure on her head, causing her entire body to tremble.


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