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Chapter 205

Nan Zhi could hear her own breathing and the speeding up of her heart in the darkness .

Did Mu Sihan leave her?

No . If he wanted to leave her, he would have left her to die in the sea .

He will come back for me .

Mu Sihan felt a stinging pain that raged furiously on his back . He’d left as soon as he could, as he did not want to show his discomfort in front of Nan Zhi .

Sucking in a curse, he stopped and rested for almost five minutes, before standing up again with a pale face .

He took out a waterproof bag from his pockets and took out a lighter from inside . Giving it a light flick, the fire lighted and he held it up as he started to walk into the dark hole .

After walking for a while, he stopped .

Not too far away, he could see the opening to a deeper cavern . It was covered by wild gra.s.s and he could only see about one third of it .


Mu Sihan bent down and tore at the wild gra.s.s, making a path to walk forward . He entered a larger cavernous clearing after he walked about one meter inside .

It seemed to be a natural cave .

A clear stream flowed through the cavern . Mu Sihan bent in front flowing water and washed his face, before making sure to clean his wound simply .

Nan Zhi could not wait for Mu Sihan any longer . She stood up, wanting to walk forward . However, she could not tell which direction was which, since the darkness surrounded her like an endless void .

If she left this area and became lost, Mu Sihan might not be able to find her if he returned .

What should I do?

Nan Zhi felt a little hopeless after she waited for another ten minutes .

The belief that he would come back for her started to sway .

She sniffled, feeling the telltale stirrings of salty tears behind her eyes . No . She wouldn’t cry . Steeling herself, she touched the walls around her, planning to feel for a way out herself .

Taking a few tentative steps forward, she suddenly saw a faint glow from afar . A spark suddenly appeared in her moist eyes .

Her body seemed to be frozen .

A tall silhouette holding a lighter moved towards her, one step at a time .

“Young Master Mu!” It was the first time she felt both happy and agitated when she saw him . Seeing him, she was so relieved she felt the emotions well from inside . It was strange seeing her without her usual scared and resentful expression, it was also a lot nicer to look at than this unnatural version of her .

Mu Sihan walked in front of Nan Zhi . His well-defined fingers pinched her cheek at the sight of her pale and pet.i.te face . “Were you scared?”

Seeing him again, Nan Zhi teared up and her tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably .

Being by herself, she had started to think irrational things . That he would not come back anymore . That he was leaving her alone in this cold, dank cave with no escape . An intense, unprecedented fear had disrupted her thoughts and twisted her stomach into fierce knots .

Even if he was a devil, she believed he would protect her . It wasn’t clear since when, but somehow, she felt an inexplicable trust towards him, and she was still willing to stay by his side in this deserted and dark cave .

Mu Sihan furrowed his straight brows at the sight of her not saying anything, as her shoulders trembled while her tears flowed nonstop .

There was nothing he was afraid of, except a crying woman .

Especially if it was this woman crying in front of him .

When he saw her cry, he felt helpless and lacking, blurting out the first words that came to mind—-

“Why are you crying? Didn’t I come back?”

“What’s there to cry about?”

“I don’t like women who almost cry the most!”

“Hey, are you done crying?”

“Stop crying!”

“… What do you want exactly?”

“You’ve got talent, daring to make a person with bipolar disorder lose his temper!”

Seeing the arrogant man so fl.u.s.tered, Nan Zhi stopped crying at the sight of Mu Sihan revolving around her hurriedly, while not being able to do anything to her . She sniffled . “I haven’t cried like this for a very long time, apart from the time four years ago when I found out Nan Weiye used and lied to me . Mu Sihan, I didn’t know if you would come back . I was really scared when I was waiting for you to return…”

In her emotional state, she couldn’t stop the words coming out of her mouth as she blurted her fears to him without restraint .

Mu Sihan knew that she had already done very well tonight . Stretching out his long arms, he pulled her once again into his embrace .

This time, she didn’t resist .

His large palm patted her back softly, comforting her beyond words . “How could I leave you so easily if I haven’t even had s.e.x with you?”

Nan Zhi’s pet.i.te hands balled into fists as they hit his chest . She choked back a complaint in a low, m.u.f.fled voice, “Why are you still acting like a gangster at this time?!”


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