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Chapter 627: 627

Chapter 627: Hit By A Bottle

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In the sports car .

The masked Mu Sihan stared ahead with temperature-less eyes, his lips pursed tightly as his car kept up at the same speed even when he was turning .

“King is the same as he was ten years ago, he’s like a madman the moment the race started!” Brother Cheng cursed softly . “He’s practically playing with life the way he is driving!”

Although they had all signed the death agreement to be able to compete, everyone wanted to stay alive .

However, King was different . The speed he drove at was one which danced with death itself .

Just a small mistake could end up with him falling down the abyss .

Nan Zhi stared at the situation in the racing track, cold sweat covering her palms .

The speed of her heartbeat increased with the increase of the car speed .

On the mountainous road, there were only two sports cars left .

Mu Sihan glanced at the yellow sports car behind his that kept chasing after him . He smirked coldly, danger flashing in his black eyes . When that sports car behind suddenly moved forward to bang into his car, he suddenly changed the driving gear . The car swerved and sped past a bend . The yellow sports car behind also increased his speed as well, though it was already too late to react by the time he realized it was a bend in front . The front of his car banged into the wall and flipped .

That silvery-white sports car sped across the finishing line stably .

The crowd immediately broke into cheers and shouts .

King stopped the car in front of Bai Ye, saying lowly, “I’ll wait for you at the bottom of the mountain . ”

Bai Ye only regained his senses after the silvery-white sports car was driven far away . He stared at Nan Zhi who still looked zoned out . “I finally understand why even the Princess from the neighboring country is smitten by him . He is indeed exuding such a strong and attractive masculinity!”

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Nan Zhi glanced at Nan Zhi, gesturing for her to look at Brother Cheng .

“Look, you have another love rival now . ”

Nan Zhi almost choked to death on her saliva after hearing Bai Ye’s words .

Having won the race, Bai Ye managed to get the address of the village from Brother Cheng .

Bai Ye drove Nan Zhi to the bottom of the mountain .

Two bullet-proof sedans were parked there .

Bai Ye stopped his sports car behind the black sedan . He then walked up to the black sedan, speaking to the man in the car through the unwound windows .

Mu Sihan had already taken off his mask . His facial features looking stiff and cold under the dim murky lights . “The address?”

Bai Ye pa.s.sed the slip of paper that had the address written on it to Mu Sihan . “I got you the address . Can you give me the cheques now?”

“You’re going with me . ”

Bai Ye immediately protested, “What? I’m not going! I still have to continue my travels!”

“The cheques will only belong to you after the poison in me is gone . ”

Bai Ye replied, “You’re taking revenge on me purposefully for being friends with your son’s mother . ”

Mu Sihan nodded with a dark expression . “She even told you that she has a child . Your relationship must be really good . ”

Bai Ye hurriedly changed the topic of the conversation when he noted that the man looked like he wanted to kill him . “When are you planning to go?”

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“Tomorrow morning . ”

Bai Ye hung his head in defeat and gave an ‘okay’ sign . “Then I’ll see you tomorrow . ”

Bai Ye turned around, wanting to leave when Mu Sihan called him again . “Ask Nan Zhi to get off, Yi Fan will send her back . ”

Bai Ye was speechless . He was practically a jealous freak!

At night, Nan Zhi could not fall asleep .

Mu Sihan and Bai Ye were going to China to find the Master in the village early in the morning tomorrow . She was perplexed as to whether she wanted to follow them secretly .

Although she could not touch him intimately, she could still see him from afar!

If she did not go, she would definitely be worried and anxious . There were too many uncertain factors, and she would only be so worried that she could not rest or eat in peace .

When the sun was about to rise, Nan Zhi made the decision to silently follow them .

She requested to take leave from her boss at the broadcasting company, before she pa.s.sed Xiaojie to An Feng and bought the air ticket to fly to Ning City early in the morning .

When she reached Ning City, it was almost two in the afternoon .

She got a taxi and gave the address Brother Cheng gave Bai Ye yesterday, leaving for the village .

The village was not too far from Ning City actually . She could probably reach within two and a half hours on the taxi . However, because the village was still very conservative and did not open up to the outside, not many people knew of them .

Before they entered the village, they had to pa.s.s through a large river .

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There were no bridges across the river . When Nan Zhi arrived at the bridge, she happened to meet Mu Sihan, Bai Ye and Yi Fan .

Yi Fan was calling to get a boat over .

Seeing Nan Zhi who appeared suddenly, both Bai Ye and Yi Fan were surprised .

“I had guessed that you would come, but I didn’t think that you really would come . ” Bai Ye walked towards Nan Zhi, patting her shoulders like close friends .

Nan Zhi had planned to follow behind them silently, not expecting them to meet . She laughed awkwardly, before her eyes landed on Mu Sihan, who was standing by the side and smoking .

He was wearing a black shirt and pants, a pair of resting on his nose . his features were handsome and sharp, and no one could see any change in emotions in him .

Nan Zhi knew that he did not want to see her because he was scared of being affected .

She stood behind Bai Ye, trying her best to decrease her presence .

They waited for nearly half an hour before a fisherman’s boat arrived .

Mu Sihan and Yi Fan got on the boat first, while Nan Zhi and Bai Ye got on later .

Mu Sihan was standing at the front of the boat, while Nan Zhi stood at the back, doing her best to stay far away from him .

Bai Ye pa.s.sed Nan Zhi a bottle of water, exclaiming, “Your relationship must be tough! You’re clearly in front of each other, but you can only look at each other from afar . ”

Nan Zhi opened the bottle, drinking some water before she smiled at Bai Ye . “It’s alright . Haven’t you heard that distance creates beauty?”

Mu Sihan, who was sitting at the front of the boat, narrowed his eyes a little after seeing Nan Zhi and Bai Ye chatting and laughing .

“Yi Fan, pa.s.s me some water . ”

Yi Fan hurriedly took out a bottle from his bag . However, Mu Sihan did not take it . He merely lifted his chin, pointing towards the bottle Nan Zhi was holding .

Yi Fan immediately understood what Mu Sihan meant .

After Nan Zhi had taken a few sips of water and was about to close the cap, Yi Fan suddenly walked over and took the bottle from her .

“Miss Nan, our Young Master is thirsty . ”

Nan Zhi was about to ask Yi Fan why he took her water when his Young Master was thirsty, when she watched Yi Fan walk to the front of the boat and pa.s.sed Mu Sihan the bottle of water she had drank from .

Mu Sihan took the bottle, drinking a few mouthfuls of water directly from the bottle .

Seeing this, Bai Ye almost spat out a mouthful of blood . “He’s eating your saliva!”

Nan Zhi’s pretty face immediately flushed . She watched as Mu Sihan downed all of the water she did not finish . He threw the bottle over, hitting the back of Bai Ye’s head . “You, come sit over here . ”

Bai Ye rubbed the back of his head, sighing helplessly . “I should have known it wasn’t that easy for me to earn those two cheques . ” He had to watch the couple feed him indirect dog food in front of him, while he also had to deal with being dealt violently by the jealous freak .

Nan Zhi burst out in laughter at Bai Ye’s expression . “When I used to speak a little more to a man, he would hit that person ruthlessly without asking for an explanation . He’s already holding back with you only being hit by a bottle!”

Bai Ye huffed . “No wonder why your uncle didn’t agree to you two being together and wanted to introduce me to you . Look, I’m so much gentler and generous than him!”

With that said, another bottle was thrown towards Bai Ye .

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