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Read Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 1635 – To Take One’s Life?

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Chapter 1635: To Take One’s Life?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He seemed to have lost his youthful vibes overnight.

“Mu Yuan… ”

In terms of age, Ye Tingyun was older than Mu Yuan. Usually, he only had a working relations.h.i.+p with Mu Yuan. Mu Yuan was his big brother’s bosom friend. This time, he had also witnessed how Mu Yuan had walked step by step into a hopeless situation.

“Actually… ”

“It’s all my fault, isn’t it?” Mu Yuan said. “If I weren’t too conceited and insisted on partic.i.p.ating in this movement, I would not have been caught. Shan Ning wouldn’t have come over. Shan Ning also wouldn’t be shot by a gun and would not have taken the risk to use his family’s money to save me. Lehman also would not die. All these would not happen..”

Hence, everything was his fault.

Ye Tingyun said. “There’s no right or wrong for this matter. Shan Ning… counterattacked for self-defense. It’s only that… ”

He pursed his lips. Lehman Anderson’s life was gone like this. The Anderson family would not let this matter rest. He could not let Mu Yuan take responsibility for this life. He could not take the responsibility.

“Mu Yuan, it’s not wrong to counterattack for self-defense, but Lehman’s heart was. .h.i.t. Both the shots. .h.i.t his heart,” Ye Tingyun said calmly. “If he wanted to kill someone with one shot, it was not wrong. But the second shot also hit his heart. If I was counterattacking for self-defense, it was already a miracle to hit with one shot under such chaotic circ.u.mstances. Not to mention that he had added one more shot. It was enough to let Lehman lie down with one shot, but he added one more shot to ensure that Lehman had to die.”

Mu Yuan was indifferent for a long time.

He smiled bitterly. “You think that I don’t know?”

He was someone who had touched a gun all year round. When he supported Lehman and saw the two gunshots in his chest, he was so shocked. The first gunshot was for self-defense. The second gunshot was to kill. Didn’t he know?

But how should he talk to Shan Ning?

He got his life back. His health might not be very good within the next few years. How should he ask Shan Ning? He was not so heartless. Ye Tingyun took a deep breath. “It’s fine as long as you know.”

Ye Tingyun thought in his heart, Although he is decadent at this point, his heart seems to be clear. This is good.

It was fine as long as he did not go and take responsibility for a life for no reason as he would not be able to shoulder the responsibility.

“Shan Ning has not gotten out of danger. There are people watching him. Nothing will happen. I’ll bring you back to the hotel to rest.”

He also brought Ye Chu here. This little girl could not leave him for a moment.

He was also worried to let Ye Chu be alone in New York. Hence, he simply brought her here.

When he was in the hotel, Wei Ling kept watch.

Mu Yuan had sat on the floor for too long. When he got up, he staggered. There was a double image in front of his eyes again. It took quite a while for him to see clearly. He could still feel the effects of the remnants of those medicines in his body.

Just when he returned to the hotel, the front desk brought a package over.

“Mr. Mu Yuan, there’s a package for you.”

It was a very small package. He could not tell what it was. Mu Yuan shook the package, and it also did not make much noise. Who knew that he was staying here? Who had sent him the package? He looked at the name.

Jack Anderson.

Mu Yuan’s heart shrank. He held the package tightly. “I am going upstairs first.”

He hastily escaped into his room.

What did Jack send him?

What other things had he left at his side? Was it something he had given him? Did he send it back as he was unwilling to have anything to do with him at all? Mu Yuan’s imagination ran wild, but he did not dare to guess what exactly it was.

He did not even dare to open the package. He sat for a very long time. Finally, he gathered courage and opened the package.

It was a gun.

A European Union firearm.

Besides a gun, there was nothing else.


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