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Read Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 1761 – The Overbearing Female CEO 2

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Chapter 1761 – The Overbearing Female CEO 2

“Is it?” Alice raised her eyebrows and looked at the extremely shy sister in front of her. The corners of her lips slightly raised. “The composite image, is it the composite image of you before you were injured?”

Emma nodded her head. “Right.”

Alice was in deep thought. “MISS’s technology is so advanced. I have actually spent so many years looking for you. I can’t really understand this.”

Emma panicked and stabilized her mind. “Maybe… my memory wasn’t too good after I was injured. I also blamed him a little. I forgot about him over time. I also thought that he had forgotten about me. I did not expect him to like me for so many years.”

Alice held the cup of water and leaned backward slightly. “Emma, why didn’t you like taking photographs when you were young? You caused me to leave only a few photographs of you behind. Father’s friend even mentioned before why we did not have your photographs. Father was very embarra.s.sed.”

Emma looked sad. “After I was injured, my face was changed. I kept feeling uncomfortable in my heart…”

“Was it uncomfortable, or…” Alice sighed. “You have suffered.”

“It’s nothing, Sister. It is already in the past.”

Alice nodded her head. The past could not be recovered, but the future was in their hands. She also did not plan to feel guilty about matters in the past. There were some matters that she could not stop on time and change on time. It was different now.

“Sister, how do you feel about Ye Tingyun?” She asked Alice expectantly. “Big Brother Junchen said many good things about him. He said that he was a gentle and upright gentleman and that it was worth entrusting my life to him.”

“Gentle and upright?” Alice raised her eyebrows. “Why, do you like him?”

“He also likes me,” Emma said. “He and I have so many years of relations.h.i.+p foundation. He also hasn’t forgotten about me all along. I want to woo him. Sister… ”

Alice placed the cup of water heavily on the table. The contact between the gla.s.s made a clear clinking sound. It interrupted Emma’s words. Alice tilted her head and smiled. “You want to woo him?”

Emma was happy and perturbed. “His relations.h.i.+p with the European Ye Family is not too good. Is it really alright for me to woo him? Will our family object? Because of Mother’s matter, our relations.h.i.+p with the European Ye Family is not too good. If we get entangled with the people from the Ye Family again, I’m afraid Father will be unhappy.”

“You’ve thought too much,” Alice said softly with a little mockery. Emma, who was immersed in a young girl’s worries, did not hear it. Instead, she was joyful. “Won’t Sister object?”

“Say… Emma, he and you are not compatible.” Alice’s voice was cold. “He is older than you, and his knowledge and experience are richer than yours. There will be women… by his side. You’ve set your mind and rush into it. It will only make you sad.”

Emma heard Alice’s unhappiness. She was very sensitive since she was young. She also had many thoughts. She was used to listening to Alice and did not dare to go against her. However, she had a different opinion in her heart. If she could find a good marriage, her sister should be happy for her. Why did she stop her in every possible way? If she really married Ye Tingyun, she would break away from the Tang En family’s nightmare forever. She did not have to be on edge and did not have to worry about when she would be eternally doomed. There would always be someone protecting her.

She also did not have to see her family’s faces. It was killing two birds with one stone. Regardless of what was said, she would get Ye Tingyun. Alice frowned. “Emma, when a man likes you, it is not just establis.h.i.+ng a big building and naming it MISS. It is the little bits in life that form the liking and joy. This is the true feeling. He and you have not seen each other for more than 10 years. You have changed. He has also changed.. The person whom he liked when he was young might not necessarily be the you now.”


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