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Read Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 224 – My Sister Shu

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Chapter 224: My Sister ShuTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chen Wanwan went over to welcome them and brought them to the guest room. They were sitting in the guest room, but as the place was still under renovation, there was still a screen blocking the pair from seeing Shen Qianshu.

“Miss Lu and Mr. Yan, come on over. You graced our place with your presence.” Chen Wanwan greeted them and got someone to get them coffee.

“Sister Wanwan, this is my boyfriend Yan Jianming.”

“I’ve heard of him. A popular dude, guaranteed by high ratings and views. His reputation is very well-known,” Chen Wanwan said and smiled. “The two of you are very lovely. Do tell me if you need anything, I’ll be at your service.”

Hearing their greetings, Shen Qianshu held in her anger. She told herself, Calm down, being impulsive brings trouble.

For these two years, Yan Jianming became increasingly popular and was a new sensation. He acted in two television dramas that received high ratings and high viewer count. He was only 23 years old this year, but he had already debuted for over a decade.

Since he was eighteen, Lin Xiaojuan had been his manager.

In these past few years, Lin Xiaojuan gave up a lot and worked very hard to pave a bright future for Yan Jianming. She tried her best to make him famous, and over the years, they developed feelings for one another. Yan Jianming and Lin Xiaojuan knew each other for five years, and they were dating for three years.

Few people knew about this relations.h.i.+p between an older woman and a younger man. Other than Lin Xiaojuan’s team, only Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua knew about it.

Lin Xiaojuan sacrificed a lot for this relations.h.i.+p and bore with the pain of keeping their relations.h.i.+p a secret. She even came up with scandals, fake news, and all sorts of publications. To her, it was tormenting.

But still, she stayed and held on, believing that Yan Jianming would marry her.

Now that it was a crucial time for Yan Jianming’s career development, the thing that idols and celebrities feared the most was to fall in love, as the number of fans would decrease. Lin Xiaojuan understood that and was the silent woman behind the man, supporting him and working hard for his future.

The more she thought about it, the more the fire in her burned.

She remembered that Tong Hua had said that Aunt Xiaojuan was crying in the ‘Little Woods.’

Her Xiaojuan was crying in the ‘Little Woods’ while Yan Jianming was holding another woman in his arms, acting all sweet and loving, and he wanted to get this woman a set of customized jewelry?

F*ck your cat.

After dating for three years, he had never sent Xiaojuan any gift similar to this.

Shen Qianshu suddenly stood up and walked towards them. Yan Jianming and Lu Mengyun had their backs facing her and did not see her ferocious and angry self. A thought popped into Chen Wanwan’s mind the moment she saw the infuriated Shen Qianshu barging in:

Time to grab some popcorn.

The second thought was, d.a.m.n, I’m about to lose my client.

Shen Qianshu grabbed Yan Jianming by the collar and slapped him on the face. Yan Jianming’s face turned to the side from the hit, causing Lu Mengyun to scream. “Ah! How could you? My poor little baby, are you okay? Are you okay?”

Yan Jianming was undefended as he did not see that coming. Shen Qianshu did not feel good enough, so she slapped him again on the same side. The confused Yan Jianming finally regained his composure and yelled, “ARE YOU CRAZY, SHEN QIANSHU?!”

“That’s right, I am. If I don’t kill you today, I’m not Shen Qianshu!” Shen Qianshu kicked Yan Jianming, causing his previously standing self to fall onto the sofa. Lu Mengyun’s eyes were red as she ran towards Shen Qianshu, wanting to hit her. But Shen Qianshu pushed her away violently and said, “Sit down! This is none of your business, don’t try me!”

“Shen Qianshu, speak nicely. Who are you to hit me?” Yan Jianming touched his face as he yelled out.

Shen Qianshu scoffed and pointed at him. Just as she was about to scold him, she kicked him in the stomach, throwing him onto the sofa once again. “I would stab you to death if it was worthy of me to commit a crime over a piece of garbage.”


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