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Read Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 678 – Master Is Being Slapped In The Face

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Chapter 678: Master Is Being Slapped In The Face

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As night falls, the lights were resplendent.

Inside Rose Castle, cheering and laughter could be heard.

Ye Ling was still alive. This was a piece of good news for everyone. The chefs, gardeners, and maids were just short of crying tears of joy. Although Master had a bad temper and raged easily, he was still a… tyc.o.o.n!

Their salaries were mostly twice the normal salary of people working in the same industry.

In the garden.

Shen Qianshu was watering the flowers. This was something she had been doing frequently ever since Ye Ling was dead. Watering flowers could let her be in peace, and she was even more conscientious especially when watering this patch of b.u.t.terfly orchids. After recalling the incident that happened seven years ago, she and the gardeners even carried out research on how to cultivate black roses.

She took a bath and also had an afternoon nap.

Although the stone gambling compet.i.tion created a huge uproar and Shen Qianshu gained a lot of attention, she was not in the mood to listen to the news. She was extremely calm; her world was filled with the lovely fragrance of flowers.

The weather turned warmer, and the artificially cultivated b.u.t.terfly orchids bloomed even prettier. This batch of b.u.t.terfly orchids could sustain for half a year, and under the gardeners’ meticulous care, they were magnificent and mesmerizing. Shen Qianshu loved them a lot.

Ye Ling stood behind Shen Qianshu, watching her getting busy with the flowers. On top of the castle, there were many shadows lurking around. Everyone was hiding on the roof of the castle, excitedly crowding around and betting.

“I bet that Miss Shen will talk to Master first.”

“What a joke. Master will surely speak first.”

“No, Miss Shen has always loved Master a lot and can’t bear to see Master frown. It’d surely be Miss Shen.”

“Master has infuriated Miss Shen this time. We can’t go by the convention. It’s useless no matter how handsome he is.”

“Quiet, quiet, why do you have so much to say? Try speaking louder, and you will be dead if Master hears you.”

The security guards on top were whispering among themselves and crowded around excitedly.

Downstairs, it was total silence.

Shen Qianshu watered the flowers carefully, weeded the flower bed, and trimmed the flower branches. She wore a white maxi skirt and a bell-sleeved top. The hem of her skirt was swaying around, causing her to look breathtaking in the sea of b.u.t.terfly orchids. She was as beautiful as a painting, with a cute little cherry lip sitting on top of her white porcelain skin.

Ye Ling stood there for a long time.

The security guards on top were worried sick for him. They had a strong urge to teach him sentence by sentence on how to please the big princess.

Ye Ling stood there not moving at all.

He continued standing for half an hour.

Shen Qianshu was also really patient. As if she did not see him at all, she watered the flowers for half an hour.

“My goodness, Master looked really adorable like a sheepdog that has been abandoned!”

“What the… he’s like a husky that has been abandoned!”

“Wrong, he’s a German shepherd. German shepherds are fiercer!”

“I’m not even that focused on my own relations.h.i.+p.”

“I pity Miss Shen!”

“Shut up, if Master hears you, you will be thrown to the b.u.t.terfly orchids as fertilizer!”

Ye Ling took a deep breath and coughed a few times.

Shen Qianshu was temporarily deaf. She put down the watering can, went to the rose garden, and plucked a few roses. She trimmed them slowly and placed them into a vase at the side. There were some blue roses being cultivated in the garden, and they looked really pretty in the dark.

Ye Ling loudly coughed twice again. Shen Qianshu took the vase and walked past him.

“Are you blind?” Ye Ling asked.

Shen Qianshu still did not turn around. Ye Ling gritted his teeth and pulled her. Shen Qianshu looked up at him and tilted her head. Her gaze was blurred and distant. Her lips curved up into a courteous and distant smile. “Huh, who are you? Why are you wearing my Master’s skin?”

“Shen Qianshu!”

Shen Qianshu smiled even brighter. “Our Master has quite a bad temper. If he sees you wearing his skin, he will be really angry!”


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