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Read Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy Chapter 1026 – You’re Hurting Me!

Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy is a web novel made by 半城凡雪, Ban Cheng Fan Xue.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 1026: You’re Hurting Me!

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Without saying anything, she went straight to Mu Chenguang and sat quietly next to him.

When the song was finished, Mu Chenguang discovered someone had appeared beside him without him realizing it. It was Wan Xiaodou, his a.s.sistant who had made him so angry that he wanted to strangle her to death.

“Why did you come?” Mu Chenguang asked.

Wandou pouted her lips and said, feeling displeased, “Why can’t I?”

She had probably gotten used to quarreling with him as she could not change her tone of speech at the moment yet; she just could not face him calmly.

“You smelly rascal, you said I take lives by playing music, huh?” Mu Chenguang really did not know how to make a girl happy; he directly squeezed Wandou’s cheek and said to her beratingly, “I dare you to say it again!”

“Let go! You’re hurting me, you despicable idiot!”

He had squeezed her cheek so painfully that Wandou slapped him with her small hand.

As a result, at the same time that Mu Chenguang released her, he pa.s.sed his hand through her hair to clasp the back of her head, lowered his head and bit her on her lips viciously.

To be precise, he had kissed her twice before giving her a bite.

He let go of her. Wandou was stunned like a confused little rabbit that had been kissed. She did not react for a long time.

When she recollected her wits, she beat at his chest repeatedly with her little fists angrily. “d.a.m.n you! Give me back my first kiss! Give it back! Give it…”

Mu Chenguang was very surprised. Did he just give Wandou her first kiss?

Oh my G.o.d, this was more exciting than winning the jackpot.

“Oh, so you want it back? Here, I’ll give it back!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he seized her head once again and kissed her hard.

This time, he was going to return her kiss with lots-of-lots-of-lots-of interest paid. He was going to pay her back several times fold and see whether she was still going to complain.

In the recording booth, Xu Xiyan inadvertently looked up while she was discussing singing techniques with Huo Yunshen, and happened to see the little couple outside kissing.

It seemed that Mu Chenguang had finally gotten it; he finally knew to make the first move with a kiss.

“Hey, dear, look…”

Xu Xiyan elbowed Huo Yunshen. He looked up and saw them too. He couldn’t help but laugh, “Wanna try too?”

“What?” Xu Xiyan did not hear him clearly.

Without explaining, the man directly held her waist and clasped the back of her head and gave her a French kiss.

After they were done recording, they came out from the underwater recording studio. The sky was already darkening outside.

As the sun set, its golden afterglow sparkled on Yao Lake, rippling in wavy lines on the water.

The four enjoyed the beauty of the setting sun together. Noticing that it was getting late, Wandou said, “Mu Chenguang, should we be going back now?”

Mu Chenguang heard her calling his name and frowned. “Didn’t I warn you before? I forbid you to call me by my full name!”

“If I don’t call you by your name, what should I call you then? Mr. Mu?”

“Don’t involve my surname.”

“So, just ‘mister?’”

“That’s too distant.”

“Then what do you want me to call you? I can’t just call you ‘Guangguang!’”

Wandou didn’t know what to say. She always felt that Mu Chenguang was particularly difficult to please.

“Okay, that’s it. Call me that again!”

“No! It’s so cheesy!”

Wandou covered her face as she ran away. Mu Chenguang chased after her happily.

Seeing that the relations.h.i.+p between the two had eased, Xu Xiyan said to Huo Yunshen, “Why don’t we create more opportunities for them while the iron is still hot?”

“Hmm, sounds good.”

So the couple discussed and decided to keep them here for dinner and have them camp for the night.

Huo Yunshen made dinner. Mu Chenguang finally tasted his boss’s cooking—he even ate three bowls of rice during dinner.

“Thank you, Big Sis. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be so lucky to be able to taste his cooking.”


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