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Read Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy Chapter 1151 – No Going Back

Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy is a web novel completed by 半城凡雪, Ban Cheng Fan Xue.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 1151: No Going Back

Jing Xi wore an elegant long dress with a tail over 10 meters long. She ambled towards the throne with her head slightly down.

It was clear that she was not happy about the wedding, but it gave her a feeling of n.o.bility.

Huo Yunshen was finally able to see his wife. As she walked towards Mo Yutian in her wedding dress, he almost could not hold himself back from standing out to challenge the emperor.

If Helian Qingyu was not beside Huo Yunshen, he might’ve done so. No man in the world could watch blindly as their beloved one was being married to another man.

It was as if his heart was bleeding, and he was having trouble breathing.

Mo Yutian stared at Jing Xi on his throne, unable to hide his excitement when he saw her elegant appearance in the dress.

She’s finally going to be my wife! Mo Yutian celebrated in his mind. How would Huo Yunshen react if he was here to see this!

He waited until Jing Xi stood in front of the throne, and the pope began to host the ceremony.

After the wedding was a crowning ceremony. Mo Yutian personally put the crystal crown on Xu Xiyan’s head and bent down to try and kiss her.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were filled with blood when he saw that Mo Yutian was trying to kiss his wife, but other than cursing quietly, he could not do anything.

Xu Xiyan averted her head, and the kiss only landed next to her lips.

“Oh, my queen,” Mo Yutian said as he grabbed Xu Xiyan by her shoulder. “There’s no turning back for you. You better not anger me, you hear me?”

“I get it…”

“Very good.”

Mo Yutian brought her up to the throne and sat her down next to him.

“From today onwards, Jing Xi will be our emperor’s first queen!” the pope announced. “Let us congratulate them on their wedding and wish them a wonderful future! Long live the king and the queen!”

Everyone began to kneel in front of their ruler, except for one of Lan Ling’er’s bodyguards, who remained standing and stared at the emperor.

Helian Qingyu was afraid that Mo Yutian would notice something was off and quickly pulled Huo Yunshen down.

Even though he despised it, he had to bear the humiliation to save his wife.

After the ceremony had ended, Mo Yutian brought Xu Xiyan to patrol the city for the people to meet their new queen.

“When will we have the chance to get close to Jing Xi?” Huo Yunshen asked after Mo Yutian and Xu Xiyan had left.

“I’ll think of something when they are back from the patrol,” Lan Ling’er a.s.sured.

Since she had the power to go in and out of the palace without being inspected, it would be easy for her to sneak them in.

The patrol lasted for an hour before the emperor and his queen returned.

Xu Xiyan was sent back to her room to wait for the wedding dinner to come.

And that was the chance that Huo Yunshen was waiting for. Lan Ling’er brought all three of her guards and went to the queen’s chamber.

But the chamber was heavily guarded, and anyone who wanted to meet the queen had to have the emperor’s permission.


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