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Read Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy Chapter 1882 – Troubling Her

Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy is a web novel completed by 半城凡雪, Ban Cheng Fan Xue.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 1882: Troubling Her

The best planner then joined Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao. They explained the all-in-one service that Ye Xun had ordered.

Huo Sanyan couldn’t help but marvel at how well Ye Xun had paid attention to the details. There wasn’t anything that Huo Sanyan really had to change. It was perfect.

Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao went to a few other stores listed in the notebook. After everything was settled, Huo Sanyan treated Ning Luoxiao to lunch.

While they were eating, Huo Sanyan started to ask more about Ning Luoxiao’s love life.

“Do you have anyone you like? Or perhaps a boyfriend?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Nope, no boyfriend. I do have someone I like, though, I’m not sure if he feels the same way about me or not.”

“So, you have a crush?”


“Who is it? Is he a great person?” Huo Sanyan asked as she was starting to get intrigued.

“That person… You know who he is…”

Ever since their relations.h.i.+p got better, Ning Luoxiao was willing to share her feelings with Huo Sanyan. Having a crush was taking its toll on Ning Luoxiao, and she needed to share it with someone.

“Someone I know? Who is he?”

A lot of faces instantly flashed through Huo Sanyan’s mind. All of them were great people, but she had no idea which one was Ning Luoxiao’s crush.

It was at that time that Bai Yanchuan came into the restaurant with another person.

The moment Ning Luoxiao saw Bai Yanchuan, she quickly hid her face.

“Oh, no! He’s here…”


Huo Sanyan turned around toward where Ning Luoxiao was looking at and saw Bai Yanchuan.

So, this girl is in love with Bai Yanchuan? Interesting…

Huo Sanyan was surprised that Ning Luoxiao actually fell for a man who was famous for staying single and never having a scandal with another woman.

She even began to suspect that Bai Yanchuan was actually gay.

But since her best friend actually liked him, Huo Sanyan made up her mind to help Ning Luoxiao.

“Girl, I’m so helping you.” Huo Sanyan laughed.

Bai Yanchuan was looking for a seat when he heard someone calling his name. He turned around and noticed it was Huo Sanyan.

“Miss Huo and Miss Ning? How are you two together?” Bai Yanchuan asked in surprise, as he still recalled that they were rivals.

“Something happened, and we’re friends now,” Huo Sanyan explained. “I’m treating her to lunch now. How about you and your friend join us?”

“Oh, really? Then I’ll take you up on your offer,” Bai Yanchuan laughed.

Since the foods that Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao had ordered weren’t served yet, they switched to a larger table.

After sitting down, Bai Yanchuan introduced the ladies to his companion.

“This here is the queen of Kaidi, Miss Huo Sanyan. And the lady sitting next to her…”

“I know who she is.” Bai Yanchuan’s companion cut him off excitedly. “She’s Miss Ning. The news reporter at Mo City TV Station! I always watch the news she hosts.”

“I see you already know her.” Bai Yanchuan laughed and turned to face the ladies. “And, this is my cousin, Bai Fan.”


It was the ladies’ first time hearing someone who was actually named White Rice. [1]


[1] “Bai Fan” (白范) has the same p.r.o.nunciation as “white rice” (白饭) in Chinese.


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