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Chapter 397: Don’t You Guys Know? (6)

Old Mr. Rong nodded, clearly satisfied with her behavior. Rong Yan raised his brows and scrutinized Old Mr. Rong and Mo Xiyan.

Hasn’t Grandpa always disliked Mo Xiyan? Why did he suddenly change his mind?

Although Grandpa is old in his years and suffers from heart disease and high blood pressure, he’s usually in a good mood and wouldn’t suffer a relapse for no reason. Why did he say that he got a relapse today?

A million doubts filled Rong Yan’s mind and he nodded while being distracted. Old Mr. Rong continued to speak to him while revolving the conversation around Mo Xiyan, seemingly having seen a glimmer of hope.

He asked if she had lived well in the past few years that she was abroad, why she chose to return to China after completing her studies, and why she chose to practice in Ren’ai Hospital instead of Dawn Hospital.

Mo Xiyan was extremely grateful because Old Mr. Rong was undoubtedly giving her a chance to get into Rong Yan’s good books. She suppressed the joy and excitement in her heart, and slowly poured her heart out.

She chose to practice at Ren’ai Hospital undoubtedly because she wanted to be near Baina International so that she could be closer to Rong Yan…

She never once hid her feelings for Rong Yan and she expressed all her love and affection for him at this moment.

She needed him to reciprocate her love for him!

Rong Yan was incredibly frustrated and he wanted to call Luo Anning. As soon as he tried to whip out his mobile phone, he realized that he had already handed his blazer to Butler Zhang, and that his mobile phone was in the pocket of his blazer.

Just as he was about to get Butler Zhang to bring him his blazer, Butler Zhang walked out of the kitchen smilingly and said, “Old Master, Madam, Young Master Rong and Miss Mo, dinner is ready. Please proceed to the dining hall.”

Mo Xiyan took the initiative to help Old Mr. Rong to the dining hall and said in a bid to please him, “Grandpa, let me help you.”

Jiang Peihua glanced at Rong Yan and headed to the dining hall without saying a single word.

Rong Yan called Butler Zhang who was walking towards the dining hall. Seeing that Rong Yan was remaining still, Old Mr. Rong suddenly turned around and hollered, “Rascal, what are you waiting for? Would it kill you to have a meal with me!?!”


“In that case, what are you waiting for? Hurry and come here.”

Some were happy and some were fretting at the dining table. Rong Yan just wanted to finish the meal as soon as possible so he could look for Luo Anning.

“Rascal, it’s been a long time since we had a drink together. Why don’t you drink with me tonight?” Old Mr. Rong asked, hinting for Butler Zhang to pour some wine.

Rong Yan grabbed the gla.s.s of red wine and swirled it in his hand while taking a whiff of the scent. He smirked and said, “What’s wrong with that? No problem. Grandpa, let’s toast to each other.”

He then chugged the gla.s.s of wine.

Seeing that he had finished it to the last drop, Old Mr. Rong smiled mysteriously and nodded before taking a few sips too.

Old Mr. Rong was clearly pleased as he continued to chat with Mo Xiyan happily. Rong Yan sipped on the wine and began to down gla.s.s after gla.s.s.

After a long time, he had already finished the meal and wine. Rong Yan felt that it was time to leave.

“Grandpa, I still have something on. I’ll get going, you guys proceed… ” He then stood up and staggered, suddenly feeling giddy.


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