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Read Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1165 – He’s actually Young Sect Master (3)

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith is a web novel created by 水卿卿, Shui Qingqing.
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Chapter 1165: He’s actually Young Sect Master (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli blinked her pretty eyes, as she appeared extremely surprised with joy.

“Oh…. So it’s like this? Then this time I must really congratulate you both! I’d not expected that both your potentials to have such a huge improvement! I remember when I left, the both of you were still not core students. It’s just barely been two months and you’ve already became Celestial Light Sect’s outer disciples! Looks like… my foresight is indeed correct!”

Yu Xinyang was full of smiled, as he humbly replied, “Third Miss, you’re over praising us! You know best what quality we are! If it wasn’t because of the cultivation methods and Profound Skills which you’ve given us, and those pills which raises cultivation and cultivation speed, I’m afraid we’d not get to even become core students, not to mention the day to join Celestial Light Sect!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she shook her head, “Even if I have given you the cultivation methods and pills, but if you didn’t had enough power of comprehension to comprehend the cultivation methods, and didn’t had enough determination to continue cultivation day and night, you wouldn’t be able to achieve so much within such a short span of time? I believe in the both of you, as long as you can aid me properly, I still have plenty of better cultivation methods, Profound Armaments and pills, I will not treat you poorly.”

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang exchanged glances, as their eyes were filled with joy.

When Huang Yueli went missing, they were upset for quite a long time. Other than the relations.h.i.+p and feelings that they shared, they also felt that without Huang Yueli’s aid, it was not possible for them to gain any higher achievement in the way of cultivation.

They had not expected that Huang Yueli actually came back to life! There were hopes for their future!

Su Qingyue hurriedly asked, “That’s right, Sister Li, I haven’t had the time to ask, why did you go missing this time? Is it really like what the others were spreading, that you were being, and was heavily injured?”

Huang Yueli kept silent for a moment, and briefly explained the scenario of her death pursuit by the Of course, she didn’t mention the matter regarding the inheritance tower, but only mentioned that Murong Fei and Ling Wenbin’s colluding, trying to kill her during her way here, in the end, she managed to escape to a hidden place and hid herself as she recuperated. It was only after she recovered that she left that place, thinking to find Li Moying.

The both of them were infuriated as they listened to her story, helping her berate Ling Wenbin and Murong Fei’s shamelessness.

Huang Yueli heard them for a while before she shook her head to cut them off.

“Alright, the matter’s already happened, so there’s no meaning in saying too much. Anyway Ling Wenbin is already dead, and as for Murong Fei, since she attempted to scheme against me like this, I’d personally take my revenge sooner or later! Absolutely will not let her off easily! Only, what’s urgent now, is that I must find Li Moying as soon as possible, so what suggestions do you have towards this matter?”

Su Qingyue thought for a moment and said, Actually you need not specially look for Young Sect Master. Because I heard from the others in the Sect today mentioning that, Young Sect Master had already confirmed, that he will return to Celestial Light Sect three days later…..”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli suddenly thought of this.

Three days later… seemed to be full moon’s night!

Yes, if Li Moying was still rational enough, he should know that no matter how anxious he was, he shouldn’t be outside swaggering, and should return to the Sect.

That meant that, she only needed to wait for him in Celestial Light Sect.

Huagn Yueli nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for him in Celestial Light Sect. Do you have any way, to help me get into Celestial Light Sect?”

Yu Xinyang showed a difficult expression as he advised, “Third Miss, I feel that you better not take the risk to enter Celestial Light Sect. What if Murong Fei found out, then you’d be in danger!”


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