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Read Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 950 – Swindle by false pretences (4)

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Read WebNovel Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 950 – Swindle by false pretences (4)

Chapter 950: Swindle by false pretences (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli looked on coldly as though she was looking at a clown.

“One family? Who is one family with you? Shall I ask Li Moying personally if you belong to one family? Li Xue’er, I advise you to restrain yourself a little because the truth will be uncovered one day. Today if those people who are swindled by you were to find out that in Li Moying’s eyes, you’re not even worthy as a servant, how would they exact their revenge on you?”

Hearing that, the surrounding students looked at one another in dismay.

“Surely that can’t be true? Could it be that Li Xue’er and Senior Brother Li’s… relation is not that good?”

“If this was the truth, then won’t we be flattering Li Xue’er for nothing?”

“If only the flattery was really nothing! If Senior Brother Li were to get angry over this, then we would really had been tricked!”

The bystanders glares turned into suspiciousness and unfriendliness, making Li Xue’er start to break out into cold sweat.

Her thoughts flew quickly as she clenched her teeth and suddenly stood upright pointing at Huang Yueli and shouting, “Bai Ruoli, I’ve already taken a step back so don’t be too much! My relations.h.i.+p with Second Brother isn’t good all because of you adding on those false accusations. Did you think that you will be able to sow discord between us by doing that? I’m telling you, the both of you aren’t married yet! Who knows what changes will take place in future? As for me…. I will always be Second Brother’s sister! The same blood is flowing in our bodies so you have no chance to deviate us!”

The words she said was put in an intelligent way which was intentionally done to misled others thinking that Huang Yueli was a sister-in-law with malicious thoughts. Not seeing eye to eye with her fiancé’s sister, she would just then sow discord between the sibling’s relations.h.i.+p.

This time round, the bystanders started to have a change of heart.

That’s right, no matter how the siblings were at odds, this was also temporarily. Li Xue’er was still Senior Brother Li’s sister and was more reliable than this fiancée!

One could change a fiancée but could a sister be changed?

So it was to see that fawning on Li Xue’er…. was not wrong!

Li Xue’er saw that the public opinion had been turned around by her and using this chance to strike the iron while it was still hot, she continued, “Sister-in-law, I know that you’re jealous of my armament refining innate talent! Three days later I will be taking part in the Armament Guild’s certification to become a real Armament Master! Moreover, I will be able to gain Honor Points as a reward! I know that Sister-in-law had always wanted to obtain Honor Points to exchange for cultivation method in the fourth level of the Scripture Depository but you had not been able to do so. This however made you displeased with me but it’s not my fault…”

“Oh…. So the truth is this!”

“This Bai Ruoli is really too compet.i.tive!”

Li Xue’er not only threw a pail of dirty water over, she also reminded everyone that she was a valuable soon-to-be Armament Master. Furthermore, adding on to say that the conflict the both of them had was all because of Huang Yueli’s jealousy!

Quite a number of them started to believe her and this made Li Xue’er smile delightfully, giving Huang Yueli a challenging glance.

Huang Yueli hadn’t displayed much expression and waited for her to finish before cold sneering, “Just a first tier Armament Master who had yet to be certified and this already made you delighted to this manner! Eighteen years old and you’re still only at first tier, just based on such horrendous innate talent, in this entire lifetime, you’d probably only reach a fifth tier Armament Master standard and your ancestor’s grace would be fuming with green smoke! Do I even need to be jealous of someone of your calibre?”

“You….. You…”

Li Xue’er was infuriated by her disdainful tone as she cried out in utter discomfit, “What do you know? Do you know how important the existence of a fifth tier Armament Master is? It is a VIP which many large families are fighting to employ? How dare you even insult a valuable Armament Master!”


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