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This little boy was fair and clean, like an ice sculpture made of jade. This little face was so long that even girls would be envious of it.

“Shut up, you still have the face to say that I’ve already told you everything. You’re not allowed to reveal information about your father, so why did you call him father in public? “Forget about standing here for a year, even if it’s ten years, you should still stand properly.”

“Mom, I was forced to do this. You don’t know that all the children with me have parents to accompany them, but I only have a mom. But I know that that person has always taken care of me like a father.”

Furthermore, at that time, those children were laughing at me for not having a father, so I casually called out, who would have known that I would actually call out a real father? “

“You child, do you not know how much your father desires you to call him father? His ident.i.ty is special, I know that, he just wants to see you grow up safe and sound.

I originally thought that he ruthlessly abandoned us two, but now that I think about it, he has always been by my side protecting me the entire time. It truly made things difficult for him, but now you have truly taken his life! “

The one who spoke was naturally Leng Sanniang, his child could also be considered a freak. She only gave birth to this child after thirty years of pregnancy, so she was named Shen Shisan.

This child had gathered all of Shen Longxuan and her good points. He was already so handsome at such a young age, when he grew up, he would definitely be a peerlessly beautiful man that every woman would envy.

“Mother, then why are we standing here instead of saving Father?” Shen Shisan asked in confusion.

However, Leng Sanniang laughed coldly, “You underestimate your father. Someone like him is an unbeatable c.o.c.kroach, we are here to see when the three people who were chasing after him will die.

Logically speaking, it had already been a year. Could it be that my estimation was wrong? What kind of bottleneck did your d.a.m.n dad encounter in his cultivation? “

Shen Shisan pursed his lips, he realized that he could not see through his mother at all. Just a moment ago, she said that he had harmed his father, and now, he was calling her dead father.

The little guy might look small, but he was definitely a monster with monstrous intelligence. After coming to this world for five years, he had already become quite familiar with the entire world.

Kcha! * Kcha! *

After two successive sounds, the two mother and son finally saw Shao Cangxiao and Shao Cangda’s soul tablets shatter, and their souls immediately flew out, causing the Hall of Soul-Nurturing’s alarm clock to ring!


“How come there’s only two dead? They should both be dead?” The cultivation level of the Half-step Martial Saint Stage, was actually not enough to take care of three people at the second level of the Martial Saint Stage.

“I only killed two. Thirteen, do you think your dead dad is trash?” Leng Sanniang pulled Shen Shisan out of the Soul Nurturing Palace, and soon the people came to retrieve their souls, or else these two unlucky fellows would be sucked into the source of the Nether River and be reincarnated. If that happened, the would lose all of his cultivation, and he would lose two of his Martial Saint Stage’s fighting strength, which was a loss.

Shen Shisan was speechless, he felt that his mother’s expectations for her father was too high.

“Mom, when are we going to look for Dad?”

“What? Do you think that d.a.m.n dad of yours is that amazing?”

“No, I feel that he’s very pitiful. I want to go to his side to show my filial piety, or else I’m afraid that he won’t live for long before you curse him to death!”


The two gradually disappeared into the distance …

At the moment, Shen Longxuan’s ears were burning. He did not know why, but he suddenly thought of Leng Sanniang and his son that he had never seen before.

“If my father knew he had a grandson, he would be grinning from ear to ear.”

Shen Longxuan’s face was smiling, he was thinking in his heart, but when his expression landed in Shao Gu’s eyes, he suddenly felt his entire body becoming tense, “Could it be that he saw through my plan and wanted to kill me to silence him?”

Unexpectedly, Shen Longxuan asked: Have you been a father before?

“Huh?” “This …” Shao Cangguo was stunned. Is this because they want to exterminate my family? ” Shen Longxuan, it’s all my fault … “

“Why are you so nervous? I don’t want to kill your family. I just want to ask what it’s like to be a father. ” Shen Longxuan asked calmly.

“I didn’t expect you to have a beauty by your side, and she’s actually a chick. Let me tell you, not only do I have a son, I also have grandchildren, grandchildren, and so on.

Being a father is a kind of expectation. You want him to grow up, you want him to be fine, and you want him to be a kind of trust.

When he is well, you are happy. When he is not well, you are sometimes angry, but more worried. Sometimes you even use your violence to express your love for him.

“I feel that after having a son, there will be more of a responsibility. It’s better to use your body as a model and use your actions to guide him when you beat him or scolded him …”

The two of them were like friends who had been together for many years, and had found a common topic to discuss with each other.

Even more of it was Shen Longxuan asking for advice.

Ling Xiaoxiao who was following behind the two of them did not understand, how could the two enemies chat like friends?

He was currently completely suppressed by Shen Longxuan, and his two brothers’ Origin Tree had also been extracted by Shen Longxuan. It was just that for some reason, Shen Longxuan didn’t refine it.

This was something that the Martial Saint Stage Powerhouse did frequently, refining the enemy’s Origin Tree to raise his own cultivation. Although it felt very cruel, it was the fastest way to advance.

This was robbery.

Two days later, the two of them finally arrived at the secret base Shao Cangguo spoke of. This was a deep valley within a mountain range, and on all four sides were steep stone walls. There was only one path that one could take to enter.

He jumped down from the top of the mountain, but when he looked down, he could see clouds and mist filling the valley. As he rolled back and forth, he could actually feel the beauty of the sea of clouds.

There didn’t seem to be anything under the clouds. With his eyesight, he could see the clear waters of the river in the valley. The fish swimming within the river was clearly an embroidered mountain range.

“The secret base is right below us, we can just jump in directly!” Shao Guangzuo said.

Shen Longxuan had sealed his cultivation immediately, his sealing technique was extremely tyrannical, the runes had changed to form a formation, not only his cultivation, even the power of his flesh had been sealed.

The level 27 rune wasn’t something that an ordinary person could use. Shao Caiguo was also stunned by Shen Longxuan’s technique. He was currently an ordinary person, if he continued to jump like this, he would definitely fall to his death.

“Are you sure you want to jump straight down?” Shen Longxuan asked coldly.

He knew that this was an array formation created by the Ming Clan’s most valuable treasure. Everything he saw below was fake, as long as he jumped in, if he wasn’t Ming Clan, he would be easily killed.

This was also the first step of his revenge. Unless it was a crucial moment, he did not wish to request the Ming Clan expert that was guarding inside to help him. After all, such a shameful matter, even if he killed Shen Longxuan, the reputation of his third brother would probably be known by all the Ming Clan.

But Shen Longxuan was not an idiot, if he did not fall for it, he could only do something that would make him lose face.

“As long as you use any of the eight halls of Ming Clan, you can enter any of them. If you do not use them, you will be killed by the array formation.” Shao Guangzuo spoke the truth.

Shen Longxuan nodded, and said: “Wait a moment!”

Not far away, he took out the Origin Tree he had extracted from the Shao brothers and began to refine it.

However, he did not have the strength to take revenge. That kind of stifling feeling made his entire body tremble, and even his fingernails were clenched tightly into his flesh. Drops of blood dripped down his fists.

This is nature, I’m the only one allowed to kill, no one is allowed to kill me!

Shen Longxuan was using this method to lure out his strong enemy, so he had no idea what was going on below.


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