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Read Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 421 Better Call It Foolishness

Profound Dragon Warlord is a web novel made by Hei Ying, 黑影.
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Read WebNovel Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 421 Better Call It Foolishness

When the people of Red Gang saw this, they were immediately angered into joy. They had told the prison leader everything about Shen Longxuan selling the pills, to dare pull teeth on a tiger, this was simply courting death!

“He’s dead for sure this time. Not only will he spit out all the points he got, all the treasures on his body will also be confiscated.”

“Even at the worst, he will be grounded until his death.”

The people of Red Gang were discussing angrily, they wanted Shen Longxuan to die immediately, especially the two criminals who were in the door, they were even more frustrated.

As for the people from the Purple Cloth Gang, all of them had worried expressions. They had long since reached an agreement that no one was allowed to speak out about Shen Longxuan’s ident.i.ty, otherwise, they would be chased by everyone.

Furthermore, they had all prepared for the worst. As long as something happened to Shen Longxuan, everyone would definitely pay him out.

“Red Gang’s. If anything happens to Shen Longxuan, don’t even think about getting away with it!” Someone threatened.

Under everyone’s gazes, Shen Longxuan slowly walked to the head of the prison. Her eyes were calm, and she was staring at him indifferently.

“Shen Longxuan, are you not afraid at all?” black jailer sized up this fair and clean guy with great interest.

Shen Longxuan didn’t have the slightest bit of good impression towards the Punishment Hall’s people, and coldly said: “I’m just a condemned prisoner, what is there to be afraid of?

“How dare you, a mere death row criminal like you talk nonsense with an adult …” jailer immediately shouted.

“Hm!” “Alright, don’t scare them like this!” The head of the prison interrupted the jailer’s reprimand, then laughed heartily and said, “Shen Longxuan, the reason I called you over was to tell you that your performance has been pretty good during this period.

“Although you are a prisoner on death row, I can allow you to move freely in the prison. You should be clear about what I want!”

However, Shen Longxuan had an expression that said “I knew it since the beginning”. He turned around with a cold smile, “Sir, you don’t have to worry, what you want is exactly what I want. Wait until I save up a hundred million points …”

“What nonsense, he still wants to acc.u.mulate 100 million points. Captain, I think he’s a madman!”

“Ah, only a madman like that can do such a shocking thing. It should be said that he is a genius, but a genius is only a chess piece in my lord’s hands. Hahaha …”

The people from the two sects were shocked to see Shen Longxuan return so easily!

“Little brother, the prison warden didn’t make things difficult for you, right?”

“Yes, yes, is he going to take your pill …” “Eggs, yes, even your eggs have been confiscated?”

“Is your egg confiscated a small matter? Is he going to lock you up?”

Shen Longxuan was dumbstruck. What do you mean my eggs? He didn’t feel like he was looking down. Was the egg gone or was it just a small matter? Try to get rid of your eggs?

The people of the Purple Cloth Gang were constantly questioning him with concern, but the people of the Red Gang were listening attentively. Whether it was confiscated or locked up, it was what they had hoped for.

“What’s wrong with all of you? I didn’t do anything wrong, do you all need to?” “The head of the prison has said that I can freely enter and exit the prison. I will no longer be restricted by the prison!”

Shen Longxuan purposely raised his voice so that everyone, including the prison warden and jailer, could hear him loud and clear. Not only did the prison warden not blame him, he even nodded slightly.

“This kid isn’t bad, he actually knows how to build his own momentum!”

But when the flower fell in the ears of the Red Gang, it was different. They all had looks of disbelief, which meant that the jailer regarded Shen Longxuan highly and tacitly approved of his actions.

They all felt as if they had eaten the feces of a fly. The huge gap in their hearts made them have the impulse to crash into a wall. If it didn’t work, then they would come out in the dark.

On the other hand, the people of Purple Cloth Gang were the exact opposite.

Before the compet.i.tion had even started, Purple Cloth Gang’s aura had already completely surpa.s.sed Red Gang’s. When the compet.i.tion had begun, the results could be imagined.

One side could use the Martial Arts, but the other side could only pa.s.sively take a beating. Before one could even get close, the other side had already been beaten to the ground.

To have such an outcome, it was all thanks to Shen Longxuan. The people from Red Gang looked at Shen Longxuan, their eyes blazing with fire.

If it wasn’t Shen Longxuan, they would always fight with the people from Purple Cloth Gang in every martial compet.i.tion. They could fight however they wanted, but ever since Shen Longxuan came, they turned into people who could fight however they wanted.

Who could accept such a disparity!

This was because once a martial artist was challenged, even if they directly admitted defeat and didn’t fight, they would still have to put out 10,000 points. Of course, there was also a rule that forbade people that were three levels lower than themselves to challenge others.

The people from the Red Gang blamed all the anger they had after failing on Shen Longxuan.

“Shen Longxuan, I challenge you. Do you dare to fight!?” Finally, someone from the Red Gang could no longer resist and jumped onto the stage. A Seventh Stage of Martial King Stage martial cultivator would temper his body everyday and the strength of his fleshly body would not lose out to his cultivation level.

“Hu Lao Jiu, if you have the guts to challenge me, then bully someone weaker than you?”

“Yeah, if you dare, fight with me, and bully a newbie, could it be that your Red Gang only has this much power?

In their eyes, Shen Longxuan only had the cultivation of Fifth Stage of Martial King Stage. Even if he had the pills and could use spirit energy, he would still be smashed by Hu Lao Jiu.

Unexpectedly, Shen Longxuan flung his sleeves, put both his hands behind his back, and with the demeanor of an expert, he said: “Hmph, I am not a member of your purple and red groups. If you want to challenge me, you can, but you have to double the bet.”

“Little brother?”

“Little brother, you can’t …”

The people of Purple Cloth Gang did not expect Shen Longxuan to actually accept the challenge, and even raise the stakes.

Although they had all eaten Shen Longxuan’s medicinal pellet, they had all paid a heavy price, so many of them looked at Shen Longxuan with contempt.

The people of Red Gang were even more so, they had absolute confidence in the strength of Hu Lao Jiu, as the physical body of the Seventh Stage of Martial King Stage could definitely win against the Fifth Stage of Martial King Stage.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant and conceited as to double the bet. Could it be that you can turn the tables after your bet has been doubled?

“I really regret not being able to teach you a lesson earlier. If I don’t beat you down today, then I won’t be Hu Lao Jiu!” Hu Lao Jiu roared with laughter.

Hearing that, Shen Longxuan then swaggered onto the stage, “Hu Lao Jiu right? From now on you can change your name, I gave you one, why don’t you call it messing around!”

No one here had ever seen Shen Longxuan take action, so Shen Longxuan’s words became boasting in their ears!

“Kid, are you trying to anger me? Do you think you can find my weakness just like that? “Let me tell you, you’re thinking too much. I can defeat you in one move!”

After Hu Lao Jiu finished speaking, his body trembled. Although he didn’t have any spiritual energy, it still caused the s.p.a.ce to tremble as if there was an invisible force erupting from his body.

A wave of vicious aura exploded out, and the people below the stage were all emotionally moved. It was extremely rare to be able to temper one’s body to such a degree.

In their eyes, the person standing on the stage was not Hu Lao Jiu, but a savage Giant Beast with strong vitality.

“Kid, you have finally stabilized yourself!”

Hu Lao Jiu’s body leaned forward and jumped up like a bolt of lightning, leaving behind an afterimage on the stage. The air exploded with an explosive sound, and his momentum reached its peak in an instant.

His figure leaped high into the air as he charged forward, stomping down with a powerful stomp!


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