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Read Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 1895 – She Is A Homebody

Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire is a web novel produced by Song Xixi.
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Chapter 1895: She Is A Homebody

The people around were all looking at Mao Nana’s reaction. In the dimly lit room, everyone’s faces were filled with surprise. They all turned to look at Mao Nana who suddenly stood up. They wanted to see who dared to be so disrespectful in Second Brother’s territory.

“Everyone, continue drinking, continue drinking. Does Nana want to stand up and toast Second Brother? Hurry up and toast. What are you standing there for? Are you mesmerized by Second Brother’s handsome appearance?”

Mao Nana’s manager was a slightly feminine man with a ponytail but his dimples were very attractive. Compared to some girls, he was even more feminine and it was hard to tell that he was actually a man.

“You’re just impatient. Be patient for the toast with Second Brother. There are so many people here, why are you so anxious? You’re so nervous that I’m scared.”

“Da Liang, I am…”

“Aiyah, I got it. Come over here. I’ll pour a gla.s.s of wine for Second Brother and have a good drink with him. You scared Second Brother just now.”

Da Liang was Mao Nana’s manager. He could already see that the hand of the man called Second Brother was almost touching Mao Nana’s hips but he couldn’t do anything.

Today’s gathering was Second Brother’s own idea. It was also his idea for Da Liang to bring Mao Nana over.

Da Liang knew that Mao Nana never liked to attend these kinds of gatherings. This time, when Mao Nana wanted to wear more conservative clothes, Da Liang did not reject her. Instead, he specially found an extremely long knitted sweater for Mao Nana to cover up. However, he did not expect that in the private room, Second Brother would ask Mao Nana to take off her coat until she was only left with this long knitted dress.

“Second Brother, second brother, don’t be angry. Nana rarely attends such gatherings, she’s a homebody. Just now, she wanted to pour a gla.s.s of wine for Second Brother. Look, she even gave everyone a scare.”

Da Liang pulled Mao Nana behind him and sat on the seat that Mao Nana had just sat down on. He then poured a gla.s.s of red wine for the man who was replaced by his Second Brother.

“Oh? She scared us all.”

Second Brother’s face was full of muscles and the smile on his face was completely gone. He watched as Da Liang sat beside him and stuck to him like a follower. He took the gla.s.s of red wine from Da Liang’s hand and splashed it on Da Liang’s face.

The white suit bloomed like a flower and the red wine-stained marks was extremely obvious.

“Second Brother, you are right. You also splashed me rightfully. If you still haven’t vented your anger, I’ll pour you another cup, you can continue to pour wine on me.”

Da Liang bit his lips and squeezed his other hand that was hidden in the dark. Mao Nana was someone he had brought out from the orphanage. After so many years of nurturing her into a famous model in R City, the price she had to pay was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Da Liang could not ruin Mao Nana just because of his Second Brother. He would rather ruin himself to ensure Mao Nana’s innocence.

“Second Brother, if you’re happy, please pour another cup of wine on me. It’s just that this wine is a little expensive. If you splash it on me…”

Da Liang loosened his grip and poured himself another cup. He did not dare to look into his Second Brother’s fierce eyes. It was as if every hair on his face had become terrifying as if he had seen the messenger of h.e.l.l.

Before Da Liang could finish his sentence, Second Brother took the wine gla.s.s from his hands and poured it over his head. Da Liang’s entire face was stuck in the gla.s.s of red wine. He was like a fish that had fallen on the beach after the tide had subsided. He could only helplessly open his mouth to breathe as he watched the waves get further and further away from him.

Da Liang could even see himself in this materialistic world.

Mao Nana, who was sitting behind him, could not take it anymore. Her eyes were filled with tears. She rarely attended such events because Da Liang rarely brought her out. It was not that Mao Nana did not want to come out, but Da Liang always disagreed.

Da Liang would reject any party if it was possible but he would not let her slack off on her training.

“Da Liang, I—”

Mao Nana wanted to lean forward and say something but Da Liang quickly grabbed her hand and pressed it hard. This was too obvious.

Mao Nana still could not stand up and say anything for Da Liang.

After a gla.s.s of red wine was poured over his head, all the lights in the huge private room were turned on. Sire Nine walked in wearing a black leather jacket. He watched as his second brother spoke indecently to Da Liang. The cigar in his mouth started to smoke in the room.

“Second Brother, you’re in high spirits. How can you bully such a young newcomer?”

Sire Nine ordered his subordinates to turn on all the lights and walked straight to the sofa opposite Second Brother.

“Big Brother, why are you here? It’s such a small occasion today, yet you still called Big Brother here. I’m afraid Big Brother has something to do, so he came to look for me?”

“What can happen to me? I just haven’t seen you for a long time, so I came to see how you were doing in City R. You’re good. When I came, I saw you bullying a newbie. We’re all made by newbies. If you give him a bite to eat, you’re also giving yourself a bite to eat. If one day, this young man makes it bigger than you and me, what should we do? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll seek revenge?”

There was a hint of threat in Sire Nine’s words. Everyone who heard it felt a chill in their hearts.

Sire Nine’s meaning was very clear. The best way to bully a newbie like this, in order to prevent the newbie from seeking revenge in the future, was to make him unable to even breathe.

“Sire Nine, don’t scare me. I was just watching this young man play. I came to tease him. Who knew that he was so funny? Looks like the newbie is too young.”

Second Brother laughed out loud and could not help but let go of Da Liang. When he saw Sire Nine coming, he also forgot why he called Mao Nana over tonight. Looking at it this way, Sire Nine was still a little stronger.

Just as Mao Nana felt a trace of grat.i.tude towards Sire Nine, she saw Sire Nine reach out his hand and push a huge cake in front of Da Liang. His voice was filled with ridicule as he said, “Young man, if you eat this cake tonight, I will ask Second Brother to let you go back and not find trouble with you in the future. What do you think of this reward?”

“Do I have to eat the entire cake?”


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