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Read Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 458 – Pei Ge, you are going to be Mrs. CEO

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Chapter 458: Pei Ge, you are going to be Mrs. CEO

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Pei Ge started to have heebie-jeebies when she followed Du Wen into her ‘school’ where she would be spending most of her time from here on.

The corner of her lips twitched as she looked up at the looming villa before her.

Her initial thought was that Bauhinia Court would be an apartment, yet it was surprisingly a villa, instead!

It was a large villa, too!

“Is this where I’ll be spending most of my time?” She turned to address the a.s.sistant.

He calmly nodded and smiled. “Yes, Miss Pei; this is your new workplace.”

Hearing the teasing in his voice, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

Forget it; forget it! Besides, there’s no difference where I am. Who cares whether I’m in an apartment or a villa? It’s not my money being spent, anyway.

“Miss Pei, what are you still daydreaming there? Come in quickly. Your teachers will be here soon.” Du Wen said this to her gently when she remained standing on one spot even after he had walked up the stairs and stood outside the gates to the villa.

At his urging, she set aside her nagging thoughts and followed the man up the stairs as well.

Once the door to the villa was opened, she caught a whiff of fresh flowers and wood.

“It smells so good here!” She inhaled deeply.

Hearing her remark, the a.s.sistant said with a smile, “Miss Pei, this villa’s interior decor is very interesting; I believe you will like it here.”

She did not take his words to heart, thinking, This is just another villa; at most, it’ll have a better look than others.

Her disregard was quickly discarded, however, and she was soon in full agreement with the man.

There was no other reason for it except that this villa’s interior was just really… very interesting!

It was no wonder she smelled flowers and trees when she entered the place. That was because… this villa was surrounded by a large acreage of trees and plants.

The renovation, color, and style of the villa were designed to mimic the environment inside a forest.

If not timber, gra.s.s covered the floor; cobblestones marked the walkways.

Countless leafy plants grew everywhere on the ground and in the surroundings, and flowers of different colors bloomed in the gra.s.s field.

There was of course furniture in the furnished living room, albeit 80 percent of this was made of wood.

The most interesting touch was that big tree with a swing in the middle of the living room. It looked very comfortable and gave one the urge to sit on the swing with a book in hand.

“Wow!” She marveled at this nature concept of the room.

Simply being in this place could improve a person’s mood!

The further she explored, the more she liked this villa.

The a.s.sistant was right; she would love to live here.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Entering one of the rooms, she was stunned to find a brightly lit s.p.a.ce with transparent gla.s.s walls.

Never in her wildest imagination would she think that a small creek could be fitted inside a villa!

While this was much smaller than a real waterfall and creek, she was still completely blown away.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp!”

The sound of birds chirping and water flowing and the smell of fresh flowers and trees caused her to immerse herself fully into this villa’s environment.

However, the following scene dashed her buoyant mood.

She, who had a heart full of expectations, returned to reality when she followed the a.s.sistant to the second floor!

“Miss Pei, this dance studio is where you’ll be learning basic social dances.

“… This kitchen is where you’ll be improving your cooking skills.

“… Is where you’ll be taught social etiquette.

“… Is where you will be learning how to engage high-profile people in a talk.

“… Is the fas.h.i.+on room…

“This is…”

By the time the a.s.sistant finished showing her around, the smile on her face had already turned lopsided!

She felt very exasperated at the sight of all those well-equipped ‘cla.s.srooms’.

“… Must I learn all that stuff you just mentioned?” Only after a long while did she pull herself together – enough to shoot him a disbelieving look.

“That’s right, Miss Pei. You must learn all that.” He smilingly nodded at first but, as if remembering something, quickly recanted his answer. “No…”

When she heard him say ‘no’, her initially listless eyes brightened up as she thought to herself, Indeed, I’m not required to learn this much stuff!

However, the next part of his answer caused her to feel even worse.

“No, I should say that this is all the stuff you will learn for now. More courses will be added in the near future.” He eyed her with a touch of pity.

“Aye, Miss Pei, as our boss’s lady, it’s a must that you learn these things! Just look on the bright side; not many women are given this privilege to learn all this stuff even if they want to.”

“Gos.h.!.+ No way in h.e.l.l! If I have to learn this much, what time will I have left to rest, then?!” She rubbed her temples, feeling stressed out.

“Don’t worry, Miss Pei; we hired an expert to organize your study schedule. It may seem that your schedule is crammed with stuff to learn, but it is actually arranged in a way that will give you enough rest every day.” He smiled comfortingly at her.

“… Your boss must be deliberately giving me a hard time!” She glared at the a.s.sistant.

That annoying fellow’s sleeves must be full of tricks again! That’s why he has someone arranged so many courses for me!

“Miss Pei, you must be joking. How can you entertain such thought about our boss? If you must know; our boss put lots of effort into inviting all those well-known people to teach you! Don’t wrong our boss!” His smile was replaced by a disapprovingly look.

“Besides, learning all this stuff will be helpful to you. Once you acquire the required set of skills, do you think you’ll still be considered as an average person?

“Miss Pei, I advise that you not let your imagination run wild and cherish this golden opportunity. Such chances are hard to come by even if people go looking, so I sincerely want you to take what those mentors teach you seriously, for they are professional in their respective fields.”

He found her quite likeable, especially since she was his big boss’s beloved woman, so he was more than willing to advise her.

“… Aye, I got it. Thank you, a.s.sistant Du.” She was not silly to the point of not realizing that he was speaking sincerely. As such, she nodded helplessly.

Aiii. Why do I feel that I’m back to preparing for my college exam?


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