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Read Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 74 – I will not haggle with a pregnant woman.

Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire is a web novel produced by Song Xixi.
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Read WebNovel Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 74 – I will not haggle with a pregnant woman.

Chapter 74: I will not haggle with a pregnant woman.

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“The CEO got a woman pregnant…”

Pei Ge felt a headache coming on from the woman’s words. Just as Pei Ge moved to interrogate the woman on who was spreading such rumors, her next words caused Pei Ge to stop in her tracks.

“How did you know?”

“Aye! I got off work pretty late yesterday and happened to see a pregnant woman look for our CEO Ji and ask him to take responsibility!”

“Is that true?! That’s some big news!”

“Of course! How would I dare spread rumors about our big boss? It’s all true! This is definitely an honest and accurate account. There are others who witnessed it last night, too!”

“My gosh… Then, there’s really going to be a good show this time!”

“That’s right; that’s right. I bet that that woman will show up again today!”

“I thought that our CEO is someone who cherishes his chast.i.ty and is a good man. To think that—”

“Puh! You’re really thinking too much. How would a person like our CEO not have any women around him?”

“Oh, right. Does our CEO have a fiancée?”

“I don’t know…”

The two women’s conversation caused Pei Ge to feel as though her spirit had left her body. Even after the two got off the elevator, Pei Ge still did not regain her senses. She stood on the same spot despite the elevator traveling up and down numerous times, causing many employees to look at her oddly.

Ding! The elevator landed on the first floor again.

“Pei Ge? Pei Ge, what are you standing dazedly in the elevator for?” Pan Xinlei’s sight was greeted by a dazedly standing Pei Ge the moment she got in the elevator.

Pan Xinlei tapped her a few times on the shoulder before Pei Ge finally regained her senses.

“What are you thinking so deeply about that you’ve totally retreated into your own world?” Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge perplexedly.

Pei Ge had a stiff smile on her lips when she replied, “Nothing much.”

Pan Xinlei could tell that Pei Ge had something on her mind, yet she chose not to voice this observation out and to not pursue the matter with her.

Ding! Pei Ge alighted from the elevator with Pan Xinlei. After going their separate ways, Pei Ge walked into the Planning Department’s office in a muddle-headed state.

“Pei Ge, why are you so late today?”

“Pei Ge, good morning!”

Even though she was in a sullen mood and her mind was all jumbled up, Pei Ge still returned her colleagues’ greetings with a stiff smile.

“Morning!” Pei Ge walked to her desk and also greeted Bi Zheng with fake cheeriness.

Bi Zheng raised his head to look at Pei Ge, who still had a stiff smile on her lips, and coolly commented, “Don’t smile if you don’t want to. You look ugly like that.”

“…” Pei Ge went silent at this for a while although she was not angry at Bi Zheng’s remark.

With the mood she was in now, she indeed did not feel like smiling at all.

“Oh.” Pei Ge retracted her stiff smile and sat on her seat.

While waiting for the computer to power up, Pei Ge stared at her reflection on its black screen and fell into a daze again.

‘The CEO got a woman pregnant…’ ‘The CEO got a woman pregnant…’ ‘The CEO got a woman pregnant…’ The same sentence endlessly looped itself in Pei Ge’s mind and her palms that were originally placed flat on the table balled up tightly.

Bang! A sudden loud sound frightened quite a few colleagues who were sipping their coffee leisurely.

“That’s really too much!” An angry roar followed the loud banging on the table.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He indeed isn’t a good person!

The employees of the Planning Department looked at Pei Ge’s direction with curiosity.

Pei Ge only realized what she had done when she noticed her colleagues’ gazes on her.

“Pei Ge, wha – what’s wrong?” one of the female colleagues carefully asked her. Pei Ge’s expression just now was really frightening, after all.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and replied apologetically, “Sorry, sorry. I saw a news article and got affected by it.”

All the employees readily accepted Pei Ge’s explanation and returned back to their work with a look of enlightenment.

Everyone was aware of how Pei Ge would easily be affected by what she read, so none of them suspected that she was lying.

Pei Ge sighed deeply in relief when everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention away from her. Pressing her lips tightly together, she started loudly cursing Ji Ziming inwardly.

Oaf! Stupid lowlife! Pervert! Jerk! Go die; go die; go die! She, who did not know how to curse at someone, used all the swear words she could think of.

Every time she recalled the words she had heard in the elevator, she would have the urge to rush up to Ji Ziming and give him a few hard slaps.

Indeed, the old saying always holds true; one cannot judge a book by its cover!

Ji Ziming, that annoying fellow, is just a beast in human clothing. He looks like a normal human being, yet he does not know how to behave like one!

I originally thought that he is a nice person, but now…

Hur hur! His private life is actually this messy!

“Hey, what are you thinking about? The mouse wire is going to be pulled apart if you keep that up,” Bi Zheng calmly said as he peered at Pei Ge, who was sitting beside him.

Pei Ge turned her head swiftly at Bi Zheng’s voice. “Why do you care?! This is my mouse!”

“Yes, it’s your mouse, but it’s producing a loud noise. It’s distracting me.” Bi Zheng said this with a straight face.

Pei Ge was usually tolerant of Bi Zheng’s behavior. However, as she was in a very bad mood right now, she did not have the patience to spare for him. Hence, all of Pei Ge’s acc.u.mulated displeasure at Bi Zheng burst out this instant.

“Are you even a man?! Always nagging and haggling. ‘You can’t do this’. ‘Not that, either’—I’ve never seen a fussier man than you! Oh, no. I’ve actually never seen a fussier woman than you as well!”

Bi Zheng did not react at all to her words, as though the person Pei Ge was speaking about had nothing to do with him.

“I really don’t want to say this about you, but your name is really very appropriate. ‘Bi Zheng’ sounds like ‘must fight’, and you really do fight for everything! When will you ever not fight for something?! You’re already a working adult, yet you’re still acting like a primary school student! Drawing out specific lines to circle your territory every day. Seriously…”

Pei Ge spat at Bi Zheng for so long that her throat had gone parched. Bi Zheng, who had a calm expression on his face through all this, finally spoke up, “Are you done talking?”

“… I think I’m done.” Pei Ge’s urge to continue bellowing was instantly extinguished by Bi Zheng’s calm question.

“Are you feeling better now?” Bi Zheng continued staring at Pei Ge with a straight face.

“… I’m sorry.” Pei Ge sheepishly stared at Bi Zheng’s stoic face now that she had calmed down.

I really shouldn’t have flared up at an innocent person…

“It’s fine; I won’t haggle with a pregnant woman.”

“Pwuh!” Pei Ge felt as though blood were clogging up her throat. “You! How did you know that?!”

She was really about to break down now! Never in her wildest dream did she think that a third person would find out about her pregnancy!


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