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Read Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 871 – Having an intimate time with a ‘mysterious’ man.

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Read WebNovel Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 871 – Having an intimate time with a ‘mysterious’ man.

Chapter 871: Having an intimate time with a ‘mysterious’ man.

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

If one asked who was the happiest today, the answer would be Ji Ziming!

Not only was today the day he got engaged to Pei Ge, he could also ‘abduct’ her home openly from today onward.

Zhang Manhua had just given her consensus for her daughter to stay with him.

Almost immediately after the engagement party ended, he sent some men to the apartment where the mother-daughter pair lived to pack up his fiancée’s luggage.

As for one of the newly engaged couple…


Pei Ge removed her bathrobe to reveal a s.e.xy bikini as she submerged herself in the hot spring.

“So comfortable!”

Feeling at ease, she let out a slight exclamation as she thoroughly enjoyed herself in the hot spring.

She closed her eyes to enjoy the comfort and relaxation the hot spring afforded her.

“Why are my mom and Ji Ziming’s not here yet?”

She opened her eyes the same instant she realized that the two had not appeared.

As she looked at the empty bamboo forest surrounding the hot spring, she got this feeling of déjà vu .

The semi-outdoor hot spring was hidden in the middle of the lush greenery.

Behind the pebbled walkway stood a small and simple two-story villa.

Everything here appeared peaceful and otherworldly, but she felt somewhat familiar with it.

However, not before long, she let out a comfortable moan and quickly forgot about the matter.

Who cares whether this place looks familiar or not? All hot springs look the same! Nothing else is more important than me enjoying the hot spring!

Since I’m not sure when both mothers will come, why don’t I just lie down and take a nap?

As she thought of this, she proceeded to sleep, alleviated by the hot spring.

Shwaaa! Shwaaa! Shwaaa!

There was silence except for the rustling of the bamboo leaves when the wind blew.

Clouds drifted across a clear blue sky as the sun shone on the greenery of the almost spa.r.s.e bamboo. Everything looked so peaceful and calm.

Amid this scenic view was a woman in a white bikini. She was lying in the hot spring like a mermaid.

Her long hair was like seaweed as it spread itself on the hot spring.

The warm steam rising from the hot spring wet the eyelashes and skin of this white mermaid. The water beads glittered like diamonds as the sun shone on them, making the woman’s body glisten.

The woman’s twin peaks, which could be vaguely seen in this humid air, were like two white bunnies as they undulated with her chest.

This was a captivating scenery.

It was apparent that no single man, who had seen this portrait of a beauty, would be able to control his desires.

Swash… swash…

All of a sudden, another sound resonated in the quiet place.

Tak… tak…

Wooden shoes sounded faintly as they scrunched against the pebbles.

As the footsteps drew nearer to the misty hot spring, a tall figure came into view.Read the next chapter on our

In deep sleep, the woman was not alerted to the presence of this person.

The man in a black bathrobe was dumbstruck at the sight of her here.

He gazed at her silently, as if afraid of disturbing her sleep.

The man’s eyes deepened.

After some time, he removed his bathrobe.


That black bathrobe was thrown on to the floor haphazardly.

Upon removing it, his mesmerizing and slender figure was revealed.

His body seemed to be sculpted by the G.o.d himself.

Although possessing muscles, they were neither bulging nor exaggerated like those of the muscle builders. Still, his body was enough to capture the hearts of women.

As the man walked into this pool the sleeping beauty was in, his lips curled up into a smile.

Shwaaa! Shwaaa!

The splas.h.i.+ng of water could not wake the woman from her slumber.

She merely blinked her eyes and smacked her lips as if dreaming of a mouth-watering dish.

Seeing her cute behavior, the man could not resist dipping his head on her rosy face, which was warmed by steam.

“Pei Ge…”

The man’s face was soon glued to hers; their nose tips and forehead touched that even their breathing interlocked.

Who knew that even this could not get the sleeping mermaid to wake up?

“…” He felt a bit depressed and amused at the same time.

He lifted his hand and lightly squeezed her pinkish cheek.

“Mhm! Pudding, stop playing! Let me sleep!”

It seemed that she had mistaken him for her chubby cat.

Lifting her hand, she slapped his hand away.

The man did not know whether to laugh or cry this time.

However, before he could recover from this, he was struck dumb by something else.

The woman’s casual slap unexpectedly caused her twin peaks to ‘see the light of day once more’!

These twin peaks were initially hidden underwater; now, they were partially above water and moved along the rippling of it.

With this seductive view laid before his eyes, how could he resist?

The man’s lips curled in an evil yet charming way as his black eyes filled with flirtation.

He dipped his head and looked at the woman, whose eyes remained shut before he leaned over and planted kisses forehead…

Eyes… nose… lips… earlobes… collar bone…

The woman’s eyelashes fluttered like b.u.t.terfly wings as his kisses moved downward.

The moment his cold lips reached her *****, the woma in deep sleep…



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