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Chapter 1438: Cut the Dao Paragon (1)

Su Ming did not give up on the matter of meeting at the rendezvous spot with Seven Moons Sect so that he could increase his level of cultivation and his Dao Spirit’s aura by being the first to activate the altars. After all, Great Dao Paragons from the seven sects and twelve clans could enter the first layer. If he made a spectacle of himself, it would be difficult for him to not draw attention to himself.

And with Su Ming’s ident.i.ty, if he attracted too much attention in the first layer, he would run into dangers threatening his life. If he met a Great Dao Paragon, the dangers they posed would be especially great to Su Ming.

Which was why while the route Su Ming took seemed to be ever changing, he was still rushing to the gathering spot of Seven Moons Sect based on the guidelines provided in the jade slip. However, he would paid attention to his surroundings on the way to keep a lookout for altars that had yet to be activated.

When twelve hours were gone, it was one-sixth of the seventy-two hours provided to them in the first layer. As Su Ming charged forward, including the initial two he activated, he had already performed the initial activation for seven altars.

This number was already very high for a cultivator, but Su Ming seldom fought against others. He only did it to get the altars, and his eyes would shine with a cold glare at that time.

As he charged forward, he would occasionally check his jade slip. The spot where he was located was no longer far away from the rendezvous spot of Seven Moons Sect. He could reach it in about four hours.

Moments later, however, Su Ming suddenly came to a swift halt. His gaze fell on a sunken landmark. It was an altar which had yet to be activated, but when Su Ming saw it, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

About twelve hours had pa.s.sed, and while there were still altars which had yet to be activated in the first layer of the shattered dimension, there weren’t many of them, and most of those were in rather obscure places. The altar before Su Ming, however, was in a very obvious place, and it was impossible for no one to have found it till then.

Su Ming swept his gaze past the area, but he only stopped for a moment before he turned his head around Instead, he charged forward, intending to leave. That place was clearly a trap.

At the instant Su Ming was about to leave, a cold chuckle came from the altar. A figure dressed in a Daoist robe appeared from behind it. The man’s gaze was like lightning, and when looked coldly at Su Ming, he took a step forward and closed in on him in an instant.

“Since you saw my altar, it won’t be so easy for you leave.”

A dark and cold voice echoed in the air, and a presence belonging to Dao Paragons was instantly released by the figure in the Daoist robe. The weather changed, the ground trembled, and that powerful presence instantly covered a circular area of ten thousand lis. The expression of the cultivators in the area changed the moment they noticed it, and they quickly fled.

Su Ming frowned. The presence belonging to Dao Paragons made him scowl, and he wanted to swiftly leave the area with the Feng Shui compa.s.s, but a thought appeared in his head at that moment, and he gave up on the idea. Instead, he turned around and cast a cold glare at the approaching figure.

It was an old man with an aquiline nose. The Daoist robe he wore was in black and white, the colors of the Yin Yang sign. It did not belong to One Dao Sect or Asura Clan… but Dualism Sect!

“I wonder, what business do you have with me, senior?” Su Ming asked flatly, and the incoming old man laughed coldly.

Just as he was about to speak, he swept his gaze past Su Ming’s body and was suddenly stunned. Su Ming chose that moment to bring his right hand up, and the s.p.a.ce Whip immediately replaced the sky, turning it dark. At the same time, the shadow of the whip closed in on the old man before descending on him.

A loud bang shot up into the air. When Su Ming cracked the whip, he did not move back, but instead charged forward. Another loud bang followed after, causing the ground to tremble. Su Ming fell back, and blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. Once he landed on the ground, he lifted his head and clenched his right fist to throw a punch at the billowing dust before him.

Su Ming’s will and his power in Dao Spirit Realm were gathered in that punch. The moment he threw it forward, the old man in the Daoist robe roared in anger from the dust fog. He instantly moved away.

He looked rather dishevelled, since his robes had already been torn to reveal a red whip mark. His eyes were red, and there was a faint hint of absent-mindedness in them. At that moment, he seemed to have forcefully suppressed that absent-minded state. A large amount of white fog surrounded him before it turned into a huge centipede in the air. That centipede was entirely white, and with a ferocious look, it charged towards Su Ming, crashing straight into his punch.

Booming sounds surged into the sky, and Su Ming coughed up blood. He moved back, and the white centipede shuddered. It became slightly duller, but it still charged towards Su Ming with killing intent. That was the power of a Dao Paragon. It was still something that Su Ming could not hope to win against, but if a Dao Paragon wanted to kill him, it would not be easy for them to do so.

The moment the centipede closed in on him, a fierce glare appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he said flatly, “White Five.”

The instant he said that name, a white figure appeared in front of him at an indescribable speed and crashed straight into the incoming centipede of fog.

Booming sounds shook the sky and earth, and the centipede of fog instantly crumbled to pieces. The old man’s expression changed, and a grave look appeared in his eyes. He stared straight at the huge white dog which had appeared in front of Su Ming.

The white dog was also glaring at the old man with a fierce look. He knew this person, and they were even briefly acquainted to him in the past, but right then, White Five just felt livid. After all, if Su Ming died, the five of them would all die with him. There was no way for them to run away from it.

Right then, forget that White Five had been acquainted with the old man before, even if they were from the same sect, White Five would still attack him without hesitation. It opened its mouth wide and let out a howl before it charged forth, straight at the old man.

“What is this Spirit Beast?!”

The old man’s pupils shrank, and his heart trembled. He could tell that the white dog had the power of a Dao Paragon, and it left him in a state of disbelief. Such Spirit Beasts were incredibly rare in Ancient Zang, but in the blink of an eye, he found an answer to his own question. With Seven Moons Sect’s power, it was not impossible for them to obtain such a Spirit Beast for the third prince.

“No matter what, an animal is just an animal!”

The old man laughed coldly. When he lifted his right hand, a layer of frost appeared under his feet. It soon cracked, as if numerous centipedes had appeared under his feet.

White Five barked then, and a huge bronze cauldron appeared around him. It had numerous pictures of various fierce creatures. The next moment, the pictures on the cauldron came to life. They filled the sky and charged at the old man, whose pupils had shrank even more and who was slightly shocked.

At that moment, Su Ming spoke faintly.

“White One.”

When he said that name, a ray of white light came charging in from behind the old man. At the moment he noticed it, the old man was stunned to his feet.

‘He-he has one more?! And it’s also a Dao Paragon?!’

The old man’s heart let out a thump, and he immediately wanted to retreat. The desire to escape had arisen in him right then.

When White One and White Five charged at him, Su Ming’s gaze was full of powerful killing intent. He could already sense that White Three (the second one) and White Four were not far from him. They would close in on them around ten breaths later. Only White Three (the first one) was slightly further away.


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