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Time pa.s.sed by without Su Ming’s knowledge. He sat within the cave, having completely forgotten everything. He had even forgotten his goal of entering Freezing Sky Clan. The only thin in his mind was chasing his memories with an empty mind.

That nostalgia spread out from his eyes and turned into a smile on his lips, but at the same time, there was also grief.

He could not differentiate what sort of emotions were within him at that moment. Su Ming’s right hand drew on his body and brought out the outlines of Dark Mountain: all the plants in his memories, the familiar houses, and the familiar fences.

“My Berserker Mark, My Soul…” Su Ming mumbled.

His right index finger dripped with viscous blood as he drew on his body.

Dark Mountain, the tribe, the forest, the houses… and the bonfires that seemed to be burning. All of these were beautiful moments. However, the tribe was void of people, there was only desolation within.

Days pa.s.sed by, and the blood picture of Dark Mountain and the tribe gradually grew complete. The red fog and clouds tumbled outside and within Su Ming’s body as they continued to surge into the picture.

Eventually, all the power of Transcendence in his body completely turned into red fog. Once it fused with his Berserker Mark, the Mark that covered half of his body seemed to have gained a soul and looked alive.

The mountain, plants, houses, and everything on it was clearly shown on Su Ming’s body, forming a gigantic picture that turned into his Mark!

A Mark of his home!

At that moment, Su Ming did not know that this sort of complicated Mark was incredibly rare in the Berserker Tribe. It did not belong to any of the three sky, earth, and world categories of the nine alterations. If Tian Xie Zi had not left, he would see it, and he would definitely be shocked.

Due to the complexity of Su Ming’s Mark, it would either be categorized as a mixed Mark and the Berserker would find it hard to increase his power, ending as a joke, or he would increase his power, and once he did so, the power that would explode from him would be shocking.

After a few days, Su Ming’s right index finger stopped for a moment. His eyes opened once again. He lifted his right hand slowly, and the power of Transcendence surged forth inside him with an explosive force. As it spread through his entire body, the true presence of Transcendence burst forth from within him.

That presence far surpa.s.sed all those within the Blood Solidification Realm. It even created an intimidating presence that could overpower all those in the Blood Solidification Realm. Su Ming’s hair moved without wind. While he sat, the red fog on his entire body gradually disappeared. The only thing left was the Mark of Home that filled his entire upper body!

On his face, the Mark showed Dark Mountain, while on his chest was his tribe. The tribe spread out on his chest, and around it were the plants. That Mark was incredibly clear.

“Transcended Berserkers do not train blood veins. They only train their Marks… The Mark is their strength, and through the Berserker Blood in their veins, they can display remarkable abilities…” Su Ming mumbled.

Everything he knew about Transcendence was told to him by his elder over the years since he was young.

“There are four stages in the Transcendence Realm… It’s divided into the early stage, middle stage, later stage, and the great completion of the Transcendence Realm. Breaking into the Bone Sacrifice Realm through great completion is much harder than reaching the Transcendence Realm through the Blood Solidification Realm.”

Su Ming lifted his right hand and touched the Mark on his face.

“There are many people in the Transcendence Realm who can’t enter the Bone Sacrifice Realm their whole lives. They can’t refine their Berserker Bone and can only fade away in time, leaving the world with regret.”

Su Ming lifted his head and his eyes sparkled brightly. His Berserker Mark shone with a red flare as if it was moving on his body. A power that was clearly only at the early stage of Transcendence but could already stun those in the middle and later stages of Transcendence by bursting forth from Su Ming’s body.

The cave trembled. Even the mountains around the cave shook. They let out m.u.f.fled rumbling sounds and a large amount of dust scattered into the air, turning into a ring that rolled outwards from the mountain.

‘Transcending with 999 blood veins… Right now, the power I have…’ Su Ming lifted his right hand and clenched it slowly before him. ‘I wonder what is the difference between me and those in the later stage of the Transcendence Realm..?’

He took a deep breath. The moment he unclenched his right hand, a bell chime immediately reverberated around him, and an ancient bell about the size of his palm appeared in his hand!

This bell was Han Mountain Bell!

As he looked at this bell, a cold smirk appeared on Su Ming’s lips.

‘Si Ma Xin, with my current level power and this treasure, I wonder just what is the difference between us…’

Su Ming swung his arm, and once he put away the ancient bell, his body swayed forward, and the door to the cave instantly shattered. As it turned into a countless amount of debris that tumbled backward, Su Ming walked out calmly.

Behind him, the small virescent sword let out a joyful sword whistle. It surrounded Su Ming and eventually crawled into the center of his brows with a flash, hiding in the form of a sword mark.

He Feng was trembling. He followed behind Su Ming like a servant with extreme anxiety. He had witnessed every moment of Su Ming’s Transcendence. As of now, his reverence towards Su Ming had reached its peak.

Su Ming stepped on air and walked towards the sky from the ground. He stood there, but did not circulate his power intentionally. His power seemed to have lost its weight and he seemed to have become one with the sky. He could rise into the sky at will.

The wind in midair was very strong. It could be heard moaning as it blew past. It moved Su Ming’s hair and made the green robes he wore once again dance in the air.

His destination was Han Mountain City located in the distance.

Su Ming’s expression was calm as he lifted his right hand to touch the center of his brows.

“Some parts are still missing in my Berserker Mark…” he mumbled. The moment he finished drawing his Mark based on his home, he understood that his Mark was incomplete.

“I can repair my Mark during Transcendence, when my Mark is complete, then I will have attained great completion in the Transcendence Realm!”

Su Ming lowered his right hand from the center of his brows. The Dark Mountain Mark on his face gradually disappeared along with the Mark of Home under his clothes.

Unless they used their full power, then those who had Transcended would not easily reveal their Berserker Marks.

‘There’s no need to hurry for my Berserker Mark. Right now, I need to enter Freezing Sky Clan and get the map back home!’

Light flashed through Su Ming’s eyes briefly before they turned calm once again. He turned around and cast a glance at He Feng.

He Feng immediately shuddered when Su Ming looked at him. He instinctively put on a flattering look on his face and quickly bowed before he spoke loudly.

“Master, congratulations on Transcending and drawing your Berserker Mark. Master, you were born to be extraordinary, you are a bright and handsome man with shocking potential. With just a glance, I can tell that you’re different from the others, you’ll definitely rise up above others in the future, and with one…”

He Feng was not used to saying all these things. Some of his words did not manage to convey his thoughts, but it was still clear that his fear towards Su Ming at that moment was completely different from before.

The difference in their power caused a form of subjugation that made He Feng suppress all his inner thoughts. When he saw Su Ming frowning as he spoke, He Feng immediately stopped speaking and put on a moved expression. He was about to use another method to get into Su Ming’s good books when Su Ming’s words traveled into his ears.

“That’s enough. Come back.”

He Feng immediately nodded. The moved look on his face instantly changed to that of worship. His body turned into a wisp of green smoke that crawled into Su Ming’s body and disappeared. However, Su Ming did not know that there were currently all sorts of emotions welled up in He Feng’s heart.

Those emotions were not due to Su Ming becoming stronger, but due to himself.

‘He Feng, have you forgotten how to be flexible, even though you learned it since you were young? It’s just flattery. It’s not difficult. I can definitely get used to this. When I make this boy happy, then it’ll be easier to negotiate’.

He Feng made a decision in his mind.

‘But this boy’s power is too high now. His changes over the years are just too great. Ha… I’m to blame for making the wrong judgment. If I knew that his power would be so abnormal, then I wouldn’t have bothered him…’

He Feng was a little worried as he stayed in Su Ming’s body.

‘I have to improve our relationship. I can’t just rely on flattery. He’s becoming increasingly more intelligent. Before long, I’ll no longer be useful to him. He won’t be so kind as to let me go so easily either… especially when his power continues growing stronger. He’ll know sooner or later that Spirit Bodies like mine will increase the power of enchanted Vessels if we’re placed into them and refined within.’

Once He Feng thought about that, he was immediately terrified.

‘I don’t have any other choice. I have to change my plans and make him know how useful I am…’

As He Feng was thinking, Su Ming turned into a long arc in the air and charged towards his destination, Han Mountain City.

He had already made all preparations. What was left was for him to return to Han Mountain City and enter Freezing Sky Clan.

‘There are few who have seen how I look like in Han Mountain City. Even if I Transcended there, I still managed to hide my face, I never once revealed myself.

‘But there should be some who recognized me as Mo Su from Tranquil East Tribe, but that’s not a problem.

‘Han Cang Zi once said that Freezing Sky Clan will only take Han Fei Zi in as a disciple this time… then if I want to get in, I’ll have to follow my previous plan. I have to show off and shock them!’

Su Ming’s expression was calm. Transcending in Han Mountain was in truth just part of the plan to create a chance for him to enter Freezing Sky Clan.

As he was mulling over his thoughts, He Feng’s respectful voice suddenly appeared in his ears.

“Master, I have another cave abode…”

Su Ming continued charging forth. He did not bother about He Feng.

“Um, Master, I’ve already decided to offer this cave abode to you as a present congratulating you for Transcending… There’s not much in the cave abode, just some stone coins. I obtained them using various methods in the past…”

Su Ming continued ignoring him. His speed increased as he looked in the direction where Han Mountain City laid.

He Feng waited for a while, when he saw that Su Ming was still not tempted, he laughed bitterly and gritted his teeth.

“Master, it’s not just one cave abode. I have two… there’re stone coins hidden within the cave abodes…

“Three! Master, I have three!

“Four… Master, I only have four cave abodes left…”

As He Feng continued speaking, he became increasingly more anxious.

“Where is it?” Su Ming asked unhurriedly while continuing to move forward.

When he heard this question, He Feng felt a burden lift up from his shoulders. However, he could not help but feel his heart aching in pain, yet he had to improve their relationship. He had to get into Su Ming’s good books, hence he quickly spilled out the locations.

‘Once he sees the stone coins, he’ll definitely be shocked and ask me where I found them. When that time comes, it’ll be my turn to show him how useful I am.’

As He Feng thought about it, he gradually became satisfied.


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