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That sound could not be heard by everyone. Besides Su Ming, who was momentarily stunned when he heard the sound, only Tian Xie Zi could hear it among all the people in the area. The others did not have the right to hear it. Their power was not enough!

Yet even if they could not hear it, an incredibly powerful oppressive presence burst forth from the five fingered Dark Mountain that appeared in the air, spreading out a mighty pressure that suffocated others.

This pressure far surpa.s.sed that which had descended upon Puqiang Mountain earlier. In the face of this pressure, the Berserker Marks formed from the Seven Images Movement Art from Lake of Colors Tribe crashed into the five fingered Dark Mountain with a loud bang.

The booming sound reverberated in all directions, and the child shuddered. The fishing line in his hands instantly snapped, and as he trembled, he flew sideways as if he was swept away by a typhoon before he disappeared without a trace.

The golden fish that had turned into a creature that looked like a dragon and a snake let out a shrill cry the instant it crashed into the five fingered Dark Mountain. Its body cracked inch by inch and eventually shattered.

The layers of stream water that were charging forth to strangle him looked as if they were boiling and turned into white mist that spread outwards in all directions before completely dissipating. Even the gourd suffered many cracks, and with a loud boom, it turned into an innumerable amount of shards that disappeared without a trace.

Eventually, even that girl who had turned into a phoenix could not withstand the might that appeared once the five fingered Dark Mountain materialized. It twisted once again and turned into a wisp of black smoke that scattered into the air.

The moment Dark Mountain appeared, the Berserker Ill.u.s.tration from Lake of Colors Tribe completely shattered. The strange sights in the sky vanished and returned to normal. Only the five fingered Dark Mountain remained aloft in the sky, making all those who saw it feel shaken to the core and want to bow down to worship it.

Blood trickled out from the corners of Yan Luan’s mouth. With a pale face, she retreated hastily. The six Transcended Berserkers from Lake of Colors Tribe around Su Ming were also in a pathetic state. Their faces were filled with terror as they escaped.

Right till the end, Su Ming had not made any moves to attack, he had only defended himself. At the moment the crowd retreated, a frosty glint appeared in his eyes.

He took a step forward. His specialty was speed to begin with, and now that he had Transcended, his speed had increased by several fold. Even if he was in the sky, with just one single movement, he turned into a long arc and charged towards one of the six.

That person was an old man. There was terror on his face as he retreated. Su Ming was still far away when he looked over, but a strong sense of danger filled his entire body soon after. Before he could react, a cold fingertip landed on the center of his brows.

With a boom, that old man coughed out a mouthful of blood and tumbled backwards grievously wounded.

Su Ming did not kill him, or else he would definitely be dead!

He retrieved his finger and took another step forward. The instant a shadow of him appeared when he dashed forward, a middle aged woman in the distance let out a m.u.f.fled groan. The b.l.o.o.d.y mark left behind by a fingertip appeared at the center of her brows.

Yan Luan was terrified and began to deeply regret her decision. She had absolutely not expected that Su Ming would be so powerful. His strength did not just stem from his level of cultivation alone, but also that Mountain Mark of his that threw her into disbelief.

In her eyes, this was an ordinary Mountain Mark. So how could it have such shocking power?!

Another pained cry landed in her ears. It was from another fleeing Transcended Berserker from Lake of Colors Tribe, and the sound appeared when Su Ming’s finger tapped the center of his brows.

Yan Luan retreated hastily, but before she could withdraw much further, another shrill cry rang out. Her heart trembled. She knew that this was not the moment for any sort of hesitation. The moment that cry came, Yan Luan bit her tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

She lifted both of her arms and flung them forward.

“Lake of Colors Statue of the G.o.d of Berserkers, please come forth!”

There was a sharp quality in Yan Luan’s voice. At that moment, she might still look breathtakingly beautiful, but the color of her face had already changed.

The instant she cried out, the entire Lake of Colors Mountain trembled with a loud rumble. A large amount of red fog appeared out of nowhere and turned into a gigantic face. The face was that of a woman’s.

At the same time Lake of Colors’ statue of the G.o.d of Berserkers appeared, Su Ming had left a b.l.o.o.d.y print on the center of the brows of the last person with his right hand, grievously wounding him. Only then did he turn around and look at the gigantic face behind Yan Luan. He lifted his foot and walked on thin air towards her.

At that moment, the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan on Lake of Colors Tribe had a drastic change of expression on their faces. They stared at Su Ming, and even though they were trying their hardest to remain calm, there was a storm raging within their hearts.

“What is that Mark?!”

“By the looks of it, it’s a Mountain Mark, but Mountain Marks are simply one of the many types of World Marks. There’s no way that it could have such incredible power!”

On Puqiang Mountain, the Elder and the slim man looked at each other before taking in a sharp breath. Shock appeared on their faces. They suddenly felt fortunate. If Su Ming had used the complete Mountain Mark before, when he was fighting against them, then they… would definitely have been unable to withstand it.

“Dark… It’s name is Dark…” the Elder of Puqiang Tribe mumbled.

Tranquil East Mountain still remained silent. It was as if they had predicted this in the first place so not even a single cry of surprise rose from there.

Instead, cries of surprise broke out within Han Mountain City. When all the people in the city saw what was happening, they felt shaken, especially the people who had been drinking within Su Ming in the inn. They were incredibly excited.

Compared to this excited crowd, when Yan Luan saw Su Ming looking at her and walking towards her, she felt as if a loud boom had rang out in her head. Her face was pale and bloodless. As she retreated hastily, she lifted her hand and pointed behind her, towards the gigantic face hovering above Lake of Colors Mountain.

Immediately, that woman’s face moved with incredible speed towards Yan Luan. It pa.s.sed through her body and charged towards Su Ming.

Su Ming remained calm, but his footsteps faltered for a brief moment. In his eyes, that gigantic face that pa.s.sed through Yan Luan’s body had opened her eyes, and the moment she did so, the face changed.

The face turned into one that Su Ming was familiar with, a face that was carved into his soul. That face was filled with wild beauty – Bai Ling’s face.

With a soft sigh, right at the moment that gigantic face closed in on him, the Dark Mountain behind Su Ming appeared once again and with a loud bang, it crashed into the woman’s face.

Layers of ripples spread out. Su Ming’s Mountain Mark dissipated, and along with it the woman’s face.

Su Ming walked forth amidst the ripples. His expression was flat as he moved towards Yan Luan.

“You lost!” Yan Luan screamed out as she retreated. “The rules are that you can only use one move for all Transcended Berserkers! You used one move just now, and if you attack again, then you lose!”

Yan Luan landed on Lake of Colors Mountain. The moment she landed, blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth. There was terror in her eyes as she looked at Su Ming. Yet even if she was terrified, the pride in her soul did not disappear due to her escape.

“If you attack, you lose. If you don’t attack, you will also lose, because I, Yan Luan, have not lost!”

Yan Luan breathed rapidly where she stood at the top of Lake of Colors Mountain. Standing not too far away from her was the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan, along with Han Fei Zi.

Su Ming walked on thin air as he moved forward to land on Lake of Colors Mountain. He landed on the mountain that he had never traversed before, and the moment he did so, the entire Lake of Colors Mountain fell deathly still.

All the gazes were trained on Su Ming’s body. Han Fei Zi was staring at him. The man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan beside her were also doing the same thing.

And so was Yan Luan.

Su Ming looked at Yan Luan and at her beautiful face. He still remembered that he had once fought briefly with this woman in the isolation grounds of Han Mountain’s ancestor.

Su Ming did not reply to Yan Luan’s words. He simply walked forward.

Yan Luan did not know why, but when Su Ming walked towards her, she felt reverence growing within her, the same reverence that appeared when she was before her Elder. This had nothing to do with their power. It was an indescribable feeling. She instinctively retreated, then gritted her teeth to force herself not to move. However, an enchanting look appeared in her eyes before she cast a glance towards the man from Freezing Sky Clan.

As Su Ming walked towards Yan Luan, the man from Freezing Sky Clan took a step forward and shouted at him in a cold voice, “You lost! You’ve failed to obtain the right to enter Freezing Sky Clan! Stand back now!”

Su Ming did not bother with the man. He approached Yan Luan until he was right before her. As he looked at the pale face before him, Yan Luan too, stared at him. There was a delicate look in her eyes, one that would make others pity her.

“How dare you?!”

A cold glare appeared in the eyes of the man from Freezing Sky Clan. He was just about to lift his foot and walk over when Su Ming turned his head around and looked at him coldly.

“You talk too much!”

The man’s legs shuddered and a bang resounded in his head. To him, Su Ming’s gaze was like sharp arrows that pierced through his eyes and straight into his mind, turning into the four words in his body that swept through his will like thunder, causing him to snap out of his daze as he trembled.

Yan Luan trembled. She took a deep breath and forced herself to remain calm, but the man before her was like a mountain, causing her to feel as if she was suffocating when he moved in closer proximity to her.

“What a breathtakingly beautiful face…” Su Ming looked at Yan Luan and whispered softly after a long while. He lifted his right hand and caressed Yan Luan’s face gently.

“Do you really not want to yield?” Su Ming asked softly, and a smile appeared on his face. The Branding Art seeped into Yan Luan’s body through his hand.

Yan Luan trembled viciously. That tremor was not due to her body, but because of her heart. A dazed look appeared in her eyes. That dazed look rarely appeared on her, and that sort of bafflement that was born due to a man had never happened to her before.

An indescribable feeling blossomed within her, as if it was forcefully pushed onto her, not allowing her to refuse.

“I… yield… Let me… go…”

Yan Luan bit her lip and a conflicted look appeared in her eyes. Within her bafflement, terror grew.

Su Ming looked at Yan Luan and averted his gaze after a moment. He turned around and looked at the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan.

“All the Transcended Berserkers in this place have admitted defeat besides the two of you. Are you two included in the challenge?” Su Ming asked calmly.

Under his gaze, the man’s face turned pale. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but did not manage to speak.

“Sir, your power is great. We are no match to you. You have obtained the right to enter Freezing Sky Clan. However…” The person who spoke was the woman beside him.

The woman looked at Su Ming and her pupils shrank, though it was barely noticeable.

“However, you have only obtained the right to enter the school. You still have to go through a series of tests.”

“What are the tests?” Su Ming asked flatly.

“The first test isn’t exactly a test. We’re just testing your ident.i.ty. The rules to join Freezing Sky Clan have changed. We won’t receive anyone who has just become a new addition in a tribe.

“That is why, sir, you have failed the first test,” the woman smiled and said softly. There was still a hint of contempt in her eyes.

She was not afraid that Su Ming will get angry. She had Freezing Sky Clan behind her. If he dared to harm a disciple of Freezing Sky Clan, then there would be no place for him to stay in the Land of South Morning.

“Sir, you have extraordinary powers. Perhaps you should have come earlier when Freezing Sky Clan took in disciples, else you might fail the tests even after you’ve obtained the right.”

The woman continued smiling as she spoke languidly.

“I don’t remember there being a rule like this before.”

Su Ming frowned and gave the woman a look.

“There wasn’t. But my word is law for the enrolment this time. If I want the rules to change, then they will.”

The woman’s smile remained, and a hint of arrogance appeared alongside the contempt on her face.

Su Ming fell silent for a moment before he glared at the woman coldly.

“Then will Mo Su be able to pa.s.s the test?”

As Su Ming spoke, he brought the black mask that had shocked the entire Han Mountain from his bosom with his right hand and put it on his face.

The instant he placed the mask on his face, Su Ming’s entire presence changed abruptly. The presence akin to that of a mountain turned into a strange atmosphere, and it looked as if there was black fog seeping out of his body that surrounded the area, causing Lake of Colors Tribe to instantly be cast in a gloomy air.

“Han Fei Zi, it’s been a long while.”

With the mask on, Su Ming’s voice turned hoa.r.s.e. That hoa.r.s.e voice spread in all directions. It was Mo Su’s voice!

The moment Su Ming wore that mask, Han Fei Zi shuddered and stared at Su Ming with a dumbfounded expression. Her breathing grew rapid.

Yan Luan almost cried out in surprise. She had not expected that the man before her, the man that she was forced to beg to release her would be… would be the same person she had met in the isolation grounds of Han Mountain’s ancestor, and the same person who she had taken a fancy to and wanted to take as her mate!

“You… you…”

Yan Luan instinctively took a few steps back and a look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

The entire Han Mountain City burst into excitement at that very instant. The uproar reverberated through the air. The person that countless people had been searching for, the Mo Su who was known to be the most mysterious of all Transcended Berserkers now appeared among them in this manner. This shock was enough to throw them all off balance.

“My G.o.d… He’s actually Mo Su?!”

“No wonder Tranquil East Tribe lost. This person was previously a guest in Tranquil East Tribe. He’s… He’s actually Mo Su!”

“Mo Su, whose actions have shocked all those within the hidden grounds of Han Mountain and whose face had never been seen, is him?!”

Nan Tian was completely stunned where he stood in Han Mountain City. He stared at Su Ming on Lake of Colors Mountain and found himself speechless even after a long minute, because right at that moment, a theory that made him shudder began growing within him.

“I’ve been in Han Mountain City for many years. Will this ident.i.ty be enough?”

Su Ming turned and looked towards the woman from Freezing Sky Clan.


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