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Zhang Hou’s spell soon attracted the giant-eyed rat but wind path, Zhang Hou smartly weaved in and out of the cluttered cars in the intersection. The rat tried to use its claws to swipe at Zhang Hou but the cars and wind path kept getting on its way!

“Monkey! Be careful!” shouted Mo Fan who had climbed on top of the bus, noticing a bent figure hiding behind another bus with billboard.

Zhang Hou kept moving as fast as he could as one giant rat chasing him tightly, giving him no time to keep track or notice a second giant-eyed rat! Mo Fan who kept track of the flowing magic dust found the cunningly hiding giant-eyed rat! These magic beasts has been living in the strong prey on the weak kind of environment until recently and hunting humans for food is relatively easier and more comfortable. An inexperienced mage could be easily fooled to lower their guards and struck down just like Zhang Ying Lu the wind element student mage not keeping her wind path ready at all times….

“Look it’s rearing up its head!” said Zhou Min who also noticed the giant-eyed rat hiding behind another bus and hurriedly told Mo Fan who took a look and had a terrible feeling.

A giant-eyed rat’s ability isn’t just its bites and claws but its terrible scarlet beam that shoot out from its eye that could easily pierce through human body! And right at this moment it is locking its eye precisely onto Zhang Hou!

Mo Fan was extremely anxious before Xue Mu Shen’s spell was invoked and strands of milky white light quickly materialize into an explosion of hot bright light in front of that rat’s eye.

The light was so bright and hot, it melted the billboard bus’ paint like fire melting candles away and the students quickly closed and shielded their eyes but could still feel the burning glare on their eyes.

The explosion of shining light right in front of that giant-eyed rat gave it pain as if a two-edged blade pierce into its widened eye and the rat’s pupil burned up and is rapidly spreading to the rest of its eye!

The scarlet beam it was about to released imploded on its own eye, completely burning its eye as it squeak in pain, and Zhang Hou who had been attracting the first rat’s attention finally notice the other rat hiding behind another bus and quickly change his direction, pulling away from the pursuit if the rat and return back to the group.

“Teacher Xue! Thanks for the a.s.sist!” said Zhang Hou panting.

The blinding flash gave everyone enough time to start casting their spells and throw it out on the rats! Mo Fan was first among them to complete his spellcast and sent his , giving no quarters to the rat that kill Zhang Ying Lu to dodge the spell and the spell impressively explode in a burst of flames right on its eye!

Beep Beeep Beeeeeep~~~

The explosion sets off many of the cars’ piercing alarm as Mo Fan’s fire spell broke many of the cars’ windows!

The giant-eyed rat was thrown into a tea shop before it finally rolled to a stop, its fur was all burnt out, its flesh charred and one could see its broken bones and flesh! Xue Mu Shen turned to see the charred rat and back at Mo Fan, his eyes flashing with pleasant surprise!

“This d.a.m.n beast! I’m going to skin it!!” said Zhang Hou and w.a.n.g Pang with anger.

Previously this rat killed their cla.s.smates who will go into magic university in just a scant few days! When a cla.s.smate of two years was killed in front of their eyes, who wouldn’t be filled with anger!?

“Stop, it’s not dead yet!” yelled Mo Fan suddenly.

w.a.n.g Pang was about to reach the rat to vent his anger before the almost dead looking rat suddenly sprang up with its teeth towards w.a.n.g Pang to rip him apart and w.a.n.g Pang quickly rolled aside in reflex! Its sharp teeth quickly bore down on w.a.n.g Pang, biting a chunk off his shoulder in blood as everyone who saw it gasped!

“d.a.m.n beast go to h.e.l.l!” said Xu Zhao Ting in anger as arcs of lightning wriggled like a whip and streaks towards this cunning rat’s eye! The crazily streaking lightning whip hits the rat’s eye as lightning courses through its body continuously, preventing it from moving an inch, painfully growling in its place!

w.a.n.g Pang stumbled back to the bus, blood flowing down his shoulders, his fear filled face was extremely pale. Xu Zhao Ting, Zhou Min and Zhang Shu Hua continuously bombarded the rat with their magic, the paralyzed rat could merely receive the spells and turned to pulp. This time the giant-eyed rat couldn’t be dead enough but the group did not relax their vigilance.

Is this a real magic beast!>

Just a moment negligence resulted in death, even if they’re mages they would also be killed!

“Fortunately… You reminded him, otherwise he will also have the same fate as Zhang Yin Lu” said Xu Zhao Ting to Mo Fan as Xue Mu Shen also heavily nodded, even he did not expect that the so called vanguard squad made of the strongest students would come out with a death and an injured in their first battle with magic beasts in the city!

“Mo Fan you seem to understand these magic beasts better, you lead the squad, I and He Yu will work on our defense, but He Yu… although it’s too much to say about this time but you have seen how Zhang Ying Lu was killed, squatting and crying on the ground won’t bring her back! Anyway, if we happen to fight those magic beasts again, you will need to cast your water defense spells or all 9 of our lives will be in jeopardy and the remaining 4000 behind us will also lose their direction!” said Xue Mu Shen to the scared He Yu very seriously.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… I can’t finish the spell cast in time… I…” said He Yu with a face filled with tears, she was so afraid and in fear that she will end up like Zhang Ying Lu!

“Do the best you can… as long as you can understand that just a successful cast of water shield could possibly safe a life, I believe that you can do it” said Xue Mu Shen.


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