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Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms is a web novel completed by XOMatsumaeohana.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Mist Kingdom Castle, Central Library.

“General Teo, General Teo.”

“I’m on the second floor, row J,” Teo called out. Soon a familiar soldier appeared, he was part of the general knights, “What is it? Did I not order anyone not to disturb me?”

“You received a letter from the Queen.”

At the mention from the Queen’s letter, Teo quickly climbed down from the ladder then.

“Leave,” Teo instructed.

“Y—yes sir.” The soldier quickly left. Teo heard him mutter scary and sighed. He suppose this is normal already.

Teo put the book down on the desk and turned his attention to the letter.

Dear Teo

As you said, it is difficult to leave in our current position, and I’ll take up your suggestion to remain for a few days.

But I noticed that Miley is becoming more reckless. Even after she found out what her actions caused last time, she has not learned her lesson.

Her escape methods have increased a great deal too. To deal with this, I a.s.signed her the perfect guard! But it seems like Miley is already at her limit after a few days.

Then again, I do know that Lan can occasionally go overboard. I hope the situation settles down before we return.

Your Queen Lyn

Teo clenched the letter in his hands. The only words that remained fixed in his mind were the words ‘guard’, ‘Lan’ and ‘limit.’ That man again. Teo recalled the conversation they had right after the jousting tournament.


After the joust.


Teo didn’t say a word and polished his blade.

“Then, if I were to take madam Miley as my wife, would you approve?”


That d.a.m.ned man, he’s already made a move. Judging from the contents of the Queen’s letter, Miley is getting increasingly restless. That child is a fast learner, so she should understand that Lan has hidden intentions. Yet she probably doesn’t understand the sincerity of one’s feelings too. He may act in that manner, but even Teo could see through him. Someone who genuinely loves Miley? Should he let this pa.s.s?


Mist Kingdom, Town. Manor.

Lyn chuckled hearing Allen’s frustrated sigh.

“I apologize about this, but once she is like this. She won’t let go.”

It surprised her when she heard a frantic knock at the door earlier, and Miley hugged her, the moment she opened it. Since then the girl didn’t let her go, Lyn combed the girl’s hair with her hands, “Did something happen?” she kindly asked.


“Did someone scare you?”

Seeing Miley freeze, she deeply sighed. He’s going too overboard; she ought to talk to him again later. Lyn gave him the order to watch over Miley, not to scare her like this. But it appears he can’t control himself.

By now General Teo must have received that letter. It must frustrate him knowing he can’t do anything without directing suspicion. Lyn chuckled. Well, she hasn’t seen him so worked up in a long time.

How foolish, trying to hide it from her. She already understands full well, how important this girl is to him.

“Queen Lyn.”


“About the joust tournament, for saving me.. Thank you very much.” Miley said quietly it, but Lyn heard her. Both Miley and Teo are alike.


Miley’s room, east side of the mansion 6:00 PM

When Miley woke up, she discovered that she was no longer in the place from earlier but her chambers. The Queen’s cloak wrapped around her. How careless, this is valuable. Miley knew how it contained magic properties; she carefully removed it and stood up. She walked over to the window and saw the orange-lit skies. Tonight will be her chance to escape. Her request, it ended up approved because master saw through her. Miley still isn’t satisfied. The battle flags are now raised, but once again the Queen is not sending her to the battlefield. The Queen sent so many people after the announcement, but not her, how come?

Is the Queen underestimating her? And yet, she recalled the warmth of the Queen’s hand earlier. It can’t be that even now she can still feel the woman’s overflowing kindness when she patted her hair. Was the Queen treating her like a child again? Perhaps. But that doesn’t matter, right now there’s something she has to do. She has to prove that she’s useful.



10:00 PM, Outside the mansion.

It was easier than she thought, slipping out of the manor. All the guards must be guarding the Queen’s side. She spotted no on the way out, even the ones usually on patrol. How strange, it’s far too quiet. Miley hesitated as she looked back at the wall she climbed. Should she go back? Miley’s getting a bad feeling from this. Miley shook her head; she won’t get another chance like this. While she wants to question the lack of security, she can save that for later.

Miley followed the path out back; the trail leads to the forest. Walking alone at night during the woods, felt eerie and unnatural. However, her eyes have long adjusted to the dark. Still, exactly where does she go from here? Leave the town? Doing that is easy. Yet, to go to the battlefield so unprepared like this would be wrong. She can’t return to the mansion, so once she has left the forest, she ought to find a weapons shop.

She felt an eerie presence and shuddered. All right, she should have at least brought a candle with her. She considered using magic as a light source. But realized that it would attract too much attention. As Miley thought this, someone clasped their hand against their mouth. Someone? An enemy?

“You’re too easy to trick.”


“The guards not patrolling in that area was strange, you ought to have reported it… How clumsy, my dear.”

Miley wasn’t frightened before, but now she was. The owner of the voice is frightening; she would rather it was a random person.

She stomped on his foot, and he let go.

“My dear, you’re so violent, but I suppose that is like you.”

Yes, it was this man again — the fourth knight.

Lan held a lantern in his hands, so despite the darkness, she made out his clear colored eyes. Eyes that she could not read, “What are you doing here?” Miley questioned. Or rather, the words he said now.

“Is it not obvious? Allow me to accompany you.”



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