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Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms is a Webnovel created by XOMatsumaeohana.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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After that match, there was a mixture of reactions from the remaining opponents. There were those who saw it as a fluke, those who believed that she was cheating. But there were just as many who commented that Miley lived up to her reputation. Many who commented that the Queen has a good eye choosing people. Teo who stood on the sidelines watching exhaled deeply. While these tournaments are relatively peaceful, just in case anything happened. They stationed him to guard and monitor, thus he didn’t sit with the Queen and instead stood in the partic.i.p.ants waiting arena. His gaze fell on his disciple Miley. Yes, she was doing relatively well, and yet..the winner of this tournament will most likely end up…being…

“Good work General Teo.” A voice from behind him said.

He turned and spotted the 4th knight, the man’s match was next as Miley finished up her solo match. He nodded. To begin with, he was a man with little words.

“I see you are very concerned about Madam Miley, even though she has been winning all her matches.”

Teo is not phased despite sensing a hidden meaning behind the 4th knight’s words.

“She’s a child. Is it not natural to be concerned about her?”

Even though he trained her himself. He also agreed with the Queen. Miley is still a child, instead of spending time-fighting on the battlefield, she ought to spend her youth wisely. Since they live in times where there is peace. Why does one need to draw a blade at such a young age?

Lan chuckled, “That factor aside. It is natural you would worry…” He brushed past him, “Since she is your dear disciple.”

!!! His eyes go wide, alarmed, and he turned to the 4th Knight.

“Relax, were all subjects of the Queen. I won’t leak your secret.”


“Queen Lyn.”

“The Queen is not aware. She thinks you’re only looking out for her as a guardian.”

“… Do not say a word.” Teo replied coldly.

Lan smiled, “Now that’s what I’m curious about. Why hide it, General Teo?”

“4th knight, you’re overstepping your boundaries.”

“I see. Then I’ll back away, for now.”

Teo clenched his fist and watched the fourth knight walk away. He is only hiding it, to prevent the Queen from worrying unnecessarily about him. Yes, just like back then. He doesn’t want her to pull that expression anymore. He won’t make any more mistakes. He understands full well that a person such as himself ought to remain sidelined. That’s why his age factor aside, he declined the position to be her head knight. Sure enough, it was a wise move, a month later, the Queen found him. Her current first knight.


“Miley is out there having all the fun, are you sure you did not wish to join? Accompanying me must be dull.” Lyn commented.

Pupilliam shook her head, “It’s my honor to serve you.”

Besides, the one who wants to fight is you, Queen. Pupillam exhaled deeply. Well, it would be a lie if she said she wasn’t interested. It has been quite some time before she last took part in a tournament. Yet, “My Queen, drink tea and eat something light.” she said, as she finished placing food on the mini table.

“Thank you Pupilliam.”

Serving this person, being by her side truly is what she wants. If it was the past her, she would not have had such thoughts. But that has changed.

“I hope your thank you isn’t a bribe and I find you’ve snuck off later.”

“Gah, I won’t do that.”

“I’m not sure your highness. You’ve been impatiently conjuring up magic b.a.l.l.s for the past two hours.” Pupillam pointed to the woman’s palm. Lyn sighed and stopped, causing the trails of mist to vanish.

“Caught.” Lyn trailed off, “What’s wrong with sparing after the tournament? It’s not like I’m taking part.”

“With all due respect your highness my Queen. You have a lot of greetings to attend to right after the joust…”


It bore Miley. The tournament.

Bored is the most suited word that described her present situation. No matter how many matches she won, she couldn’t get the thrill from it. How boring… Advisor Pupillam probably a.s.sumed that this tournament would help relieve her of her blood l.u.s.t. But Miley knocked down her next opponent and waited for her next one with a tired look on her face. This is becoming all too repet.i.tive. Did none of the surrounding kingdoms think to send a decent representative?

While she wanted to get at least one decent match from this, it turned out it won’t be happening. She may as well finish up the tournament quickly, so she can make her request to the Queen. With that goal in mind, Miley looked up. Her next opponent had stepped out. Unlike her other opponents, she noticed there was something different about him. His flashy clothes aside, she can sense it. Blood l.u.s.t. Miley gripped the lance in her hands and her lips curved to a smile. Finally, a challenge.

“The next match is between the mist Kingdoms Madam Miley and the lightning kingdoms Sir Eugene.”



A few minutes later.

Miley noticed that there was something different from him, the moment he stepped out. But that something she was unsure of. Master Teo always told her that no matter how strong a person is, there will always be someone stronger. That one gains more from losing a lot than winning. But master Teo, what if the opponent has an unbelievable power that one doesn’t recognize? They do not prohibit magic in the tournament, and she also used it to leap a few times during the group matches. However, her gaze landed on her opponent, a turquoise light covered him. It wrapped around his armor.

What is that? A barrier? But it has attacks powers… Miley placed her hand on the wound she sustained on her head, and muttered, “I won’t lose.” She won’t. She has to make that request to the Queen. For the sake of everything, she’s held, dear.

This will be, the only chance she can make the request.


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