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Chapter 133: Came to Attack Again

For the sake of confirming with his own eyes that Princess Jiahui was alright, not long later, He Lianying came to attack the city again. He gazed for a long while at Princess Jiahui who was standing on the wall as always.

Suddenly, he smiled. His smile was filled with joy and relief.

Princess Jiahui looked at He Lianying with surprise. This man, this demon-like man, can also smile this way? The twisted and cruel man she knew would never have smiled this way.

What was he smiling about? Could it be that he’s gone crazy from disappointment upon finding out that she wasn’t dead?

Princess Jiahui touched the whip at her waist and coldly commanded, “Release the arrows.”

Duan Xinghui watched her. Princess Jiahui seemed even more dignified and n.o.ble now, and there was a slight feeling as if she had gone through a rebirth. She no longer gave off the cold indifference from before, but when she pursed her lips, she gave off more of a regal presence.

Her aura had changed again. Duan Xinghui felt completely muddled by Princess Jiahui’s many changes. Before, Princess Jiahui would look at him with an icy cold gaze. She seemed capable of seeing through everything that was hidden in his heart and her gaze always contained scorn and ridicule.

The current Princess Jiahui had looked at him with a strange gaze that contained a bit of relief and gladness. Following that, she simply looked at him as if he was a stranger.

Duan Xinghui: …

His heart seemed to crack. As he gazed at Jiahui’s back, he felt like he had lost something important forever. His heart felt uncomfortably empty.

This battle continued until the start of spring. When the snow started to melt, He Lianying led what was left of his troops back to the plains. Before he left, he looked back at Princess Jiahui one last time with a lingering gaze.

Princess Jiahui laughed scornfully. She was no longer that pitiful woman from her dream. She would forever be the most respected Princess Jiahui of Great Yong.

They returned to court in triumph. When Princess Jiahui saw Li Wen, she couldn’t help but tear up. In this world, Imperial Older Brother was the only family she had left.

Li Wen actually gazed at Princess Jiahui with grat.i.tude. After quite a while, he asked, “You’ve changed again?”

“What?” Princess Jiahui was confused.

Li Wen gave the decree allowing Princess Jiahui to be buried in the imperial tomb after a hundred years and forever enjoy the worship of the people. This was an extremely great honor. No princess in history had ever received such an honor.

Although the princess was the emperor’s younger sister, she was still a woman, and once she got married she would belong to another family. The idea of giving a woman an honor like this was making all the ministers restless.

Li Wen didn’t say anything and directly sent the ministers that opposed it the most to the border.

Those who enjoyed the luxurious life of the capital and kept making criticisms without ever contributing anything themselves were also sent to the border.

Following that, when it was time to evaluate military merit and bestow rewards, when it was Duan Xinghui’s turn, Li Wen looked towards Princess Jiahui. Princess Jiahui said mildly, “Just bestow based on his achievements. Imperial Older Brother doesn’t need to worry about this sister-subject.”

When Duan Xinghui found out that he had been promoted to a formal second rank general, his feelings were very mixed. He looked towards Princess Jiahui who was sitting at the front of the large hall and his emotions became even more complicated.

Duan Xinghui practically moved at turtle speed as he headed back to his residence. He didn’t feel any rush at all and his heart felt inexplicably heavy. He couldn’t deny it any longer, he felt great regret.


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