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Chapter 222: Forced Jump

They were still going to continue? Ning Shu followed the uncle downstairs with a crying expression on her face. When they got to a story that was only fifteen meters high, the school doctor uncle looked towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu hastily shook her head. It was too high.

The school doctor uncle’s face was expressionless, but his shone with eerie light. Ning Shu lowered her head, too scared to look. Fudge, the uncle seriously looked twisted!

Following that, the uncle brought Ning Shu to a story that was only ten meters high before looking towards her. Ning Shu endured the pressure and shook her head. It was still a little high.

Afterwards, they got to a story that was only five meters above the ground. The school doctor uncle’s lips were pressed together tightly as he lifted his chin in an aristocratic manner and looked at Ning Shu. There was an oppressive aura surrounding him. If she indicated that it was too high again, he’d probably explode.

“How’s this height?” asked the school doctor uncle in a very cold tone.

Ning Shu poked her head out to take a look. She really wanted to ask, could they go to the second floor?

However, since the uncle was nearly glaring, she stiffly nodded. Before she could even react, the uncle had kicked her off the building.

Oh my G.o.d!! Ning Shu was inwardly screaming as the wind whistled in her ears. Mommy, I’m scared!

With a thud, she fell face-first into the garden. Lifting her head, she spat out the dirt that got into her mouth. Her life was seriously so sad.

“Daisy, hurry up and get up here.” The uncle’s voice appeared like that of an evil demon’s.

Ning Shu got up and started checking for injuries. After inspecting, she didn’t find any place that seemed injured. Wait, if she wasn’t injured, didn’t that mean they were going to continue with this!?

“Girl, get up here.” The uncle called for her again.

Only then did Ning Shu slowly walk over in preparation to climb the stairs. However, the uncle said, “Don’t climb the stairs, jump up.”

Ning Shu: Oh my fuuuck~~

He wasn’t going to let her off until he pressured her to death, was he?

Ning Shu tilted her head back and met the uncle’s gaze, then silently shifted her gaze away to start looking for something to help her jump up.

She chose a large tree that wasn’t far from the building and rapidly climbed onto it. Then she squatted and jumped towards where the uncle was.

She was just giving a casual try, but unexpected, she actually succeeded. As Ning Shu flew towards the uncle, she reached out and hugged him as they crashed to the ground. Ning Shu was on top of the uncle and her hand was on his chest so she could feel the pulsing of his heart.

The school doctor uncle’s expression was indifferent as he pressed his gun against Ning Shu’s forehead. Ning Shu immediately got off him and helped him up in a fawning manner.

The school doctor uncle glanced at her, then started patting the dust off his clothes with a disgusted expression. He looked completely p.i.s.sed.

It was OCD in addition with mysophobia. Uncle, you’re completely beyond saving.


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