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Chapter 810: Falling in Love was Easy But

On one hand there was his mother, on the other hand this was the woman he loved. However, the old madame had already put the reason very clearly. The child was currently very weak. The old madame was doing this to help.

The old madame was already quite old. Looking after a child at this age was already very tiring for her, but Mingzhu still insisting on arguing with her. An You didn’t know what to do at all.

An You was seriously at the end of his wits from Mingzhu’s tormenting behavior and he rarely went to Mingzhu’s courtyard anymore. He was always avoiding Mingzhu in fear that they would end up fighting again.

He didn’t know what to do with Mingzhu when all she did was cry all the time.

An entire month after the childbirth, Mingzhu ended up even more pitifully lovely than before. She seemed so delicate that she couldn’t even take a gust of wind and her face was deathly pale without a single trace of blood.

Ning Shu honestly felt that a single slightly strong gust of wind would probably be able to blow Mingzhu away.

Why torment oneself this way?

Why insist on seeking out pain?

In any case, Ning Shu couldn’t understand what these female leads were thinking. Life was already so hard, so why insist on making it even harder for yourself?

The doctor diagnosed that Li Nianlei had become pregnant. The old madame was overjoyed, this would be her first great grandchild. Ning Shu was also very happy. She felt like she had truly gotten old. She had already become a grandmother.

When Mingzhu heard this news, tears instantly gushed out because she remembered her daughter again.

During this entire month, she had cried all the time, which caused her eyes to always be hazy with tears. Now, sometimes tears would flow out uncontrollably and whenever it was just slightly windy, her eyes would feel uncomfortable.

It had already been two months since Mingzhu had gone through childbirth, but Mingzhu and An You didn’t interact at all. Mingzhu who had been immersed in the matter of her daughter this entire time finally snapped out of it and gently clung to An You.

Mingzhu had been creating a ruckus this entire time, so when she suddenly stopped, An You was also very happy. When affection rose to a certain point, they naturally started getting intimate.

An You had been drinking medicine for almost a year, but he was still very fast. He came very fast, causing Mingzhu’s body to completely stiffen.

Mingzhu angrily pushed An You away, then flipped around so her back faced An You. An You rubbed his forehead in frustration. What exactly was wrong with his body?

An You felt like his dignity had severely been trampled on when Mingzhu showed such clear disdain for him.

Both of them couldn’t quite face each other. An You put on his clothes and left, while Mingzhu started silently crying again.

The next day, when Ning Shu saw An You’s yellow and vexed face and Mingzhu’s face which was filled with silent blame, she just laughed. Then she started talking to Li Nianlei, ignoring this couple that had gotten into a fight on the bed.

The old madame exhorted Li Nianlei about the things to pay attention to during this period of pregnancy and Li Nianlei nodded with a smile.

This was the harmonious scene An You saw when he first walked in, but it seemed to have nothing to do with him. When he walked in, his family only glanced briefly at him before returning to their own conversations.

No one paid any attention to him. An You felt helpless and angry.

Ning Shu saw that Mingzhu and An You didn’t look at each other at all this time. Mingzhu’s face was filled with exhaustion and there was a faint trace of numbness.

That was why falling in love was easy but staying in love wasn’t. Love was fragile and changed easily. Just a tiny setback was enough to make love change.

After breakfast, Ning Shu returned to her own courtyard, then she heard 2333’s voice.

“Ding, task complete. Leaving task world.”

Ning Shu smiled slightly. She was finally leaving this world.

Her head spun, and when she opened her eyes again, she was already back in the system s.p.a.ce. She lay down on the bed to sleep first.

After waking up, she once again trained for a while until her soul had solidified before picking up the flowerpot to give the bonsai some water. As she looked at the drops of water slowly roll down the green leaves, she felt her heart gradually calm.


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