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Chapter 82
Chapter 82: Apocalypse: My Tyrant Brother (1)

Translator: Guy Gone BadAfter saying goodbye to Ji Yue, right when Xia Liang landed on the ground, a white light flashed by . Then she returned to the pure white immortal world .

She stood in the center quietly, having some kind of complicated feelings .

Different from the previous missions which she finished cleanly, she found that she couldn’t calm down so easily after the recent missions . Something special had changed or emerged in her heart…

Xia Liang frowned, like he didn’t like such change and found it inexplicable .

Shaking her head, she said coldly, “9957, next mission . ”

Advertis.e.m.e.nt “Liang, don’t you want to take some rest Are you sure you are going to jump to the next mission directly? Maybe we can talk about it first…Alright . Fine! Fine!” 9957 shut up as it saw Xia Liang’s determined look while it was checking the progress bar hidden in the core of the system .

Wow! The progress bar was speeding up . Haha! Great!


“Alright . Alright! You can read your next mission on your Light Brain now, Liang . ”

Xia Liang nodded and opened her Light Brain . She scanned her own data first, especially her points now .

Points: 50 .

Xia Liang felt great pain in the a.s.s when she saw her points . She lost too much on the mission in the cultivation world . The last mission was a success but it only earned her 25 points because of no other hidden rewards .

So in next world, she would make as many points as she could .

[Mission Object]: Xia Min

[Mission Background]: in another parallel universe, an army launched a genetic transformation plan called “Super Human” to achieve a substantial increase in human physical strength, intelligence, as well as the reaction force by transforming human genes . At the research center in S city, type 1 potion of genetic transformation had been successfully developed . The scientists were excited with the result and named it “New World”! However, this “New World” was not the new world they had imagined .

After New World emerged, it mutated unexpectedly and quickly became a formidable, highly contagious virus, the Red Mist .

Once Red Mist got into human body, it constantly generated in the eyeb.a.l.l.s . At first eyes turned red and the infected people had photophobia and thirst for water . In the end, one’s eyeb.a.l.l.s exploded and the virus invaded the brain . At this time the infected people would lose both the eyes and mind control while gain great strength . One would become a walking dead chasing after flesh and blood .

The virus first spread throughout in S city .

The end of the world was coming .

In the beginning of the virus outbreak in S city, ten members from a travel a.s.sociation were hiking on a remote mountain at the suburban S city . They not only escaped from the virus, but also produced an unexpected antibody after they accidentally ate a kind of rare mushroom .

Xia Min, the mission object, was one of the ten members .

Xia Min was a 20-years-old soph.o.m.ore student in a university of S city and a member of the Archery Club of the university . She had a cold and calm personality but deep inside she was cruel and fierce .

In the original world, before S city was destroyed, Xia Min successfully escaped, and later opened the gene lock, finally became the leader of human beings .

And one of the original ten unexpectedly was reborn, which disrupted all of these! With the golden finger of rebirth, he/she killed Xia Min who was supposed to be the savior of mankind, and stole everything from Xia Min . However, as this person had no leadership ability, under his/her guidance, human world soon came to an end .

[Mission Objective]:

1 . a.s.sist Xia Min to escape from S city and find out who was the reborn one . If you succeed, you will get 100 points . If Xia Min died, you fail . And you will be deducted 50 points .

2 . You will get 10 points for each person you save except for Xia Min .


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