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Read Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 86: Apocalypse: My Tyrant Brother (5)

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As soon as Xia Min walked out of the tent, he heard someone calling his name  in a low voice.

He looked back and vaguely saw that Liu Letian was waving at him under the moonlight.

“What?” Xia Min walked to him and asked

“Of course I got something to talk to you.” Liu Letian rolled his eyes, “Since the emergency light was broken by your sister, we need to make some light. We discussed about it and plan to make a fire. But there are no tree branches nearby. We need to go collect some.”

Without getting any response from Xia Min, Fan Xiaoyu who was standing next to Liu Letian said impatiently, “Letian and I are planning to collect some branches. Are you coming with us or not?”

“Who came up with such an idea?” asked Xia Min without answering their question directly.

“It’s me.” Fan Xiaoyu pointed at himself and then complained, “Those stupid a.s.sholes only know to yell and shout at each other when it comes to a trouble. They didn’t care about solutions at all. Captain Sun is not a reliable person who can take up responsibilities. We can’t count on him. Now we can only count on ourselves.” Said Fan Xiaoyu meaningfully as he patted Xia Min’s shoulder.

 “Xia Min, you are not the oldest one among us but I see something in you. You are brave, skilled, and clam. Your only flaw is your troublemaker sister. Otherwise, I will take you as my captain. Come on, are you coming or not?”

“Fan, what are you going to do?” At this time, a low female voice was heard.

“Xinrui. We are going to collect some branches to make fire. Are you coming with us?” asked Fan Xiaoyu as he recognized the girl.

“No, it’s too dangerous.” Zhao Xinrui shook her head as she pushed up her thick, “What if we ran into the monsters if we go too far? I should better not go.”

“It’s also not safe to stay here. With so many of us gather together, the monster will find us following our smell.” Said Fan Xiaoyu. He sounded pushier as he looked at Xia Min again, “Xia Min, your sister broke the emergency light. You have to take the responsibility. You must come with us.”

“Stupid plan. You are asking for death.” Xia Min shook his head and refused. “If you go out, you can’t guarantee that you will find branches immediately. But danger would come at any minute!”

“My brother is right! ” Xia Liang walked upward, nodded and said approvingly, “You can’t go out.”

“It’s not your place to speak.” Liu Letian was outraged the minute he saw Xia Liang.

“You are the one who should go out and collect branches. You broke the emergency light and put all of us in danger. Now you should compensate us a light source.”

“We don’t need to go out to collect branches. We can burn our tents and sleeping bags.” Said Xia Liang reasonably, pointing at the tents.

“Where should we sleep if we burn the tents and sleeping bags?” retorted Fan Xiaoyu, “you are deliberately making troubles for us!”

“Tell me. Which is more important, our lives or sleeping?” asked Xia Liang, “Besides, we can make it back to the town by tomorrow. We won’t need tents by then.”

Fan Xiaoyu didn’t know what to argue and he even thought Xia that Liang’s plan was doable.

 “Liang is right. Burning tents is a good choice.” Agreed Zhao Xinrui while nodding approvingly aside.

“Good idea.” Agreed Xia Min too while casting a glance at Xia Liang.

As no one disagreed, Xia Liang started to act immediately. She turned to her brother and asked, “Do you have a knife? I will cut my sleeping bag first to make fire.”

“Why will still you cut your sleeping bag? You can burn it as a whole.” Asked Liu Letian.

“It’s still a long time before dawn. The fire doesn’t have to be strong but has to last long enough. So we should cut tents and sleeping bags into pieces. So…” Xia Liang turned around to explain to Liu Letian while she was stretching her hand to her brother for a knife.

But her hand was held before she finished her sentence.

The warm body temperature was transmitted through the palm, kind of comfortable.

Xia Liang looked back and saw Xia Min holding her hand. She was confused, “Brother?”


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