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Read Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered? Chapter 56: A Dejected Prince With A Cold Outside And Tender Inside (12)

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Read WebNovel Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered? Chapter 56: A Dejected Prince With A Cold Outside And Tender Inside (12)

Ah Zhao’s stomach growls after that.

She is quite ashamed of herself and wants to cover up her face.

A flash of amus.e.m.e.nt Zhao Yin’s eyes, but his face is still cold: “Now that we end up in this place, you don’t get to choose anything any more. If you starve yourself to sickness, there is only me who’s going to take care of you.”

Ah Zhao: “…”

Her affection to him never lasts longer than three seconds.

Nothing good comes out of that man and his mouth!

Ah Zhao suddenly misses Xiao Yan from the last world.

That obedient and caring kid. He was so adorable!

She glares at Zhao Yin, lowers her head and starts to eat.

Zhao Yin looks at his Princess, whose head is down. From his angle, he can only see the dark top of her head.

How strange. He thinks to himself.

It never occurred to him that one day he would boil water for a woman himself just for her to eat her meal.

She abandoned a life of extravagance and followed my steps into the cold palace. Of course I should treat her a little bit better. Zhao Yin thinks.

There is no reason other than that.

Zhao Yin bends down and picks up the cloth thrown away earlier by Ah Zhao.

When Ah Zhao finishes the two buns, she sees Zhao Yin carrying lots of different stuff to the backyard.

With his clothes covered by dust and his hair bun messed up, his forehead is wet with sweat.

At the moment, whoever sees him won’t recognize him as Prince Yan who was once secretly called “Prince Jade” by ladies in the capital of Yan dynasty.

Ah Zhao thinks for a second and washes the tableware then puts them in order. After that, she goes to the inner chamber of Palace of Happiness.

Seeing that Ah Zhao is there, Zhao Yin looks at his hands, which are covered with dust, and wants to hide them away from her instinctively.

He doesn’t want Ah Zhao to see how embarra.s.sing he is.

Ah Zhao bursts into a laughter: “Look at us now. There’s nothing to be embarra.s.sed about.”

Qin Zhao is a natural beauty and right now she is at her prime, so she has a special kind of beauty even without those flashy clothes and jewelry.

Zhao Yin is struck dumb by how she looks. He has never seen Qin-shi laughing heartily like that.

Now it’s Ah Zhao’s turn to feel awkward. She stops laughing and turns her eyes to another direction: “What are you looking at, your Highness?”

You. You are beautiful to look at. Zhao Yin says to himself.

But that is not for a reserved and honorable Prince to say out loud.

Zhao Yin returns to himself and says coolly: “I’m no longer Prince Yan. Don’t call me that any more, Princess.”

Ah Zhao readily accepts his advice: “Zhao Yin.”

She looks at the chamber which is half empty and asks: “What can I do to help?”

Zhao Yin looks at her slender and fair hands instinctively and gives her a cold shoulder: “Don’t worry about this chamber. You are too slow to help anyway. Find somewhere clean and air the quilt sent by the Imperial Household Department.”

Ah Zhao: “…”

On her way out, she complains to the system angrily: “This male lead is not friendly at all.”

The system agrees with her: “Yeah. Host, you are so beautiful and cute, the male lead doesn’t have any tender or protective feelings for you!”

Ah Zhao is touched and says: “Cotton candy, you are the best.”

The system says shyly: “Cotton candy like Ah Zhao very, very much.”

Ah Zhao says in alarm: “But you are a system. Nothing is going to happen between us.”

The system: “…”

It goes off-line in anger and leaves Ah Zhao a grim view of its back.


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