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Read Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered? Chapter 72

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Chapter 72
Chapter 72: A Dejected Prince with a Cold Outside and Tender Inside (28)

Translator: asa.s.sinIt never occurs to Ah Zhao that anyone could ever be that outright shameless .

She has no expression on her face: “But I’m not joking . ”

After a second, she snorts again: “Zhao Yin, I have no ulterior motives towards you . ”

Zhao Yin laughs slightly: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t at the moment . I believe you will have it sooner or later . ”

Ah Zhao: “ . . . ”

Where is your dignity?

Where is your reserved manner?

Why don’t you learn about a prince’s upright and respectful style?

Advertis.e.m.e.ntPerhaps her dislike for his is too obvious, Zhao Yin feels a little embarra.s.sed .

He thinks to himself a little grudgingly yet happily: My princess is so stubborn to admit she likes me while she does .

He feels embarra.s.sed to expose her so he has no choice but to play this game with her .

After all a princess like this is indeed lovely .

Besides, he hasn’t got even with her for what happened just now .

He reaches out one hand with his finger on Ah Zhao’s lips:

“You are not allowed to kiss, hug any other man or act like a spoiled child in front of any other man or say you like any other man . Do you understand that?”

Ah Zhao glares at him: “What man? It’s my father!”

“Not even your father!” Zhao Yin is quite tough on this .

Ah Zhao: “You are unbelievable!”

Zhao Yin says thoughtfully: “Princess, you remind me something by saying that . ”

Ah Zhao: “ . . . ” It doesn’t sound right to her .

Then she sees Zhao Yin raises his lips: “I don’t have to be reasonable with my princess . ”

All the remaining words disappears between their touching lips .

Ah Zhao widens her eyes . Where does he learn that from? Kissing her whenever she doesn’t agree with him?

Zhao Yin bites her lips, not quite satisfied: “Close your eyes . ”

Ah Zhao moans because of the pain and feels everything goes dark before her with her eyes covered by a hand .

Zhao Yin has tasted all of his princess . He almost loses his reason because of the raging fire of desire .

But at least he remembers what this place is . If something really happens here, it would be too unfair to her .

He let go of her reluctantly and couldn’t help but bite her swollen under lip again, looking at it turn moist because of him with satisfaction .

Ah Zhao groans while leaning on him with her body all soft, her eyes all watery and her cheeks all red which makes it hard for Zhao Yin to hold himself back .

Zhao Yin only feels the fire of desire burning up from his lower abdomen and he couldn’t control it any longer .

He says between his teeth in regret by Ah Zhao’s ear: “After I get out of here . . . ”

Ah Zhao is a bit slow at the moment and when she hears that from him she makes a sound of “Hum?”, not knowing what he really means .

Seeing her like that, Zhao Yin takes a deep breath and releases her from his embrace . He goes to the back yard since he needs some cold water to calm himself down .

Zhao Yin hands the letter of account to the guard of Palace of Happiness .

The guard dare not to hold it back and asks to see His Majesty at once .

At the Palace of Heaven and Earth .

Emperor Huizong looks at the two thin papers in his hand, his heart full of sadness which he couldn’t put into words .

Eunuch An waits by Emperor Huizong’s side quietly for at least an hour before he finally hearing a sigh from Emperor Huizong .

“As far as the Ah You I know of, there’s no way that he has written all of this fulsome talk . I bet it’s the girl of Prince Beiding’s Manor who taught him this . ”

Though His Majesty sounds like he dislikes the letter but Eunuch An recognizes the comfort in his tone .

Eunuch An keeps it to himself and pretends that he doesn’t see how His Majesty reads that letter again and again for at least seven to eight times .

He secretly thinks that His Majesty must have memorized it by doing that .


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