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Tomorrow came. He came out of the room when the sun was already high up outside.

He was not the least bit surprised when he headed downstairs only to see so many people joining him and Ye Xinya for breakfast. Usually, it was only the two of them, or sometimes only him if she was summoned by her mother or grandfather. Now though, he could see a lot of unfamiliar faces.

‘What else should happen after the incident and shocking revelation yesterday?’

A mirthless grin surfaced from his face, annoyed at the reason which forced him to reveal one of his cards in that party.

Now he really thought he did great by hypnotizing those two to stand there more until the party was over. He did something overboard and dishonest? Well, his soul received a bit of a backlash, but after he reasoned to the remnant that he was just being honest to himself, it eventually stopped.

His cousins’ childish but extremely ill-intent actions got into his nerves, so of course, he punished them more. And he didn’t regret it, especially now that he was starting to feel the nasty effects.

The villainess’ relatives, certainly only here as a result of the revelation, were not a good bunch. After all, when she got framed, involved in a scandal, and then made to blacken, they were the first ones to cut off relations.h.i.+ps with her and even took advantage of everything to hit on her family branch just so they could take over the Ye family. There was a lot he didn’t understand but he was sure that the villainess blackened and suffered until she went crazy. Since these bunch had a part on it, why would he be glad to see them?

‘Way to ruin a good morning. Great.’ He sarcastically told himself.

Ye Xinya saw the kind of expression he wore on his face and became very embarra.s.sed. She hung her face down for a moment to hide the redness of her cheeks, understanding what he was feeling. There was a smile hanging on his lips. But look at the glint in his eyes.

‘I can’t blame him. Who wouldn’t be displeased after seeing the current situation? He might even be thinking everyone here is a gold-digger or user?’

She remembered what he said about utilitarianism.

When he was just a tutor in name whose origins appeared humble due to the brandless belongings he brought in a month ago, n.o.body from the household bothered even glancing at him. No, in their mind, he might even be only a tiny weeny higher than a family servant because he was still one of their in-house ’employees’.

But now, see what happened after they heard of his ties with James Zuckerberg… As they saw an opportunity to use him, here they were, flocking at the dining hall, even with a very wide smile plastered on their faces the moment they saw him. Such weirdness. She suspected if it were not for being warned by her grandfather not to disturb him in his sleep, these people might even knock on his door to ‘chat’ with him yesterday evening.

Why were there people who only thought of using others for their own benefits? Why were there people who only befriend people at the top?

Despite the thoughts swirling in her head, the meal proceeded in a weirdly peaceful manner. It was lively since there were many people chatting, and in every topic, they were involving Jiang Li.

She had witnessed it yesterday, but the liar was better than her in making acquaintances and joining conversations. Whether it be politics, business, fas.h.i.+on, weather, or events, no matter the topic, he could easily chime in and insert a few sentences to express his opinion.

In fact, he seemed too well-informed that in no time, he left everyone in awe since, without their notice, he had already become the center of attention and the one leading the conversation. It was certainly not a feat that everyone could manage.

Ye Xinya couldn’t help but sulk inside whenever she heard them praising him and commenting that he was very knowledgeable and that she was very lucky to have him as his tutor.

‘If you only all know how this annoying guy is teaching me… Which tutor dumps workbooks after workbooks to their students after making them self-study? When he teaches, it’s mostly him giving me logic questions or infuriating and poisonous chicken soup for the soul.’

Why does she suddenly want to strangle him?

She patted her chest and repeatedly told herself to calm down.

Time flew by quickly. Although Jiang Li did not truly like the people who dined with him, it was still quite easy for him to pretend he noticed and minded nothing. Getting led around the nose was one thing though. As if all these people, whose total age barely equates to his real one could one-up him just like that?

And thus, the breakfast surprisingly ended well, with n.o.body saying bad stuff to Jiang Li or requesting for any business-related favor or asking his relations.h.i.+p with Ye Xinya.

Of course, it was because he was great at steering the discussion to somewhere advantageous to him. And there was also the fact that at least the people in the place knew they had to be acquainted with him first, better if considered close friends or conversation partners, before asking for some favors.

“Sir, I plan to bring Ye Xinya with me to learn with me abroad. Are you willing to part with her for a few years?”

This was what Jiang Li told Grandfather Ye when late afternoon came and he got questioned about yesterday’s matter.

The old man with him right now was the current patriarch of the Ye family, somebody already in his mid-sixties whose hair was full of white yet with a back that was still ramrod straight. This person straightforwardly said they planned to cancel the talk with the Hans if he fancied Ye Xinya.

Jiang Li was surprised, not by the directness of the words, but the concern in the wrinkled eyes as he spoke about this sensitive matter.

Even as the old man replied to his question, that glint of worry did not go away.

“Xinya is now the only descendant of my first son, how will you guarantee that nothing untoward will happen to her if she goes with you?”

Jiang Li casually looked around the verandah to check for unwanted eyes and ears. There was no one nearby. He studied the face of the aged patriarch before saying in a serious tone. “Mr. Ye, I have to be honest. I actually value her brain very much. She is a real genius who can easily get into Harvard and pa.s.s the Mensa IQ screening. My father will definitely welcome talents like her.”

“So you’re only after her intelligence? Are you only here to headhunt for a future a.s.set to your dad’s company?” Dumbfounded, then offended, the old man asked in a sharp tone.

Why were they making this talk if this person merely wanted to poach a possible future pillar of his family? While a part of him was hoping for some benefits, he wouldn’t really compromise his granddaughter’s happiness for somebody who would only use her. And thus, the glare he threw at Jiang Li was like blade too, dying to dice his body into pieces. 

How unfortunate though that the target was oblivious to the deadly stares. The boy did not see it since he was then walking towards the column to his right side. Only after picking up something hidden on a potted flower there did he turn around to reply in an impa.s.sive manner. “Oh. Is that what I meant earlier? Nevermind then.  I was just kidding. The real answer is no.” 

While putting strength in his hand, he grumbled in his mind, ‘You kidding me? That dude’s doorstep is full of people camping out to beg him to hire them. Why would he care for a little girl with no qualifications and experience? Once we’re there, it’s me who’s gonna look after her.’

When he asked this, his main intention was to try if he could bring the villainess away from trouble. But there was also the part that he knew this was the safest and easiest solution to her problems in her own family.

After all, even though she was quite different from the rest of the incarnations, it was still a fact that she was his wife for two lifetimes. He couldn’t allow her to come into harm.

The eyes of the older one briefly landed on the black round device that his granddaughter’s tutor crushed into bits and pieces using one hand. What kind of person could easily locate bugging devices and even had enough physical strength to pinch an electronic device into fragments.

‘My granddaughter liked a dangerous person.’ Grandfather Ye groaned and suddenly felt wary in his heart.

On the other hand, Jiang Li laughingly continued, “Mr. Ye, please don’t be offended by my previous actions and statements. It’s just a joke. With something like those around, there’s no way I can make a fool out of myself and broadcast who I fancy. What if it is aired in some local channels? Imagine the embarra.s.sment for me and her.”

 “… Shouldn’t you be guarding her special talent instead?” After recovering from speechlessness, the villainess’ grandfather gave the boy a weird look.

At this point, he unknowingly stopped treating the other like a greenhorn yet to know how the world revolves. He had seen it earlier. The little guy had a way with words and talent in infuriating people.

Why couldn’t he just tell him outright that he was offended by the items he asked his men to scatter around? How did her granddaughter stand him?

Meanwhile, the boy shook his head and stared at him with his clear brown eyes. “Mr. Ye, allow me now to explain. Please think about it. What will happen to her once she’s officially branded as a sweetheart of James Zuckerberg’s son? Given her age and lack of awareness of the bigger world out there, could she withstand all the comments and expectations that will be thrown at her?”

“Don’t look much at my standing. I can’t do a thing since I hold no sway in my father’s company. Even if I have, it doesn’t mean I can control the media. If you can risk her getting affected by those, I can’t. Even if those involved think there’s no problem with the differences in statuses and that they could withstand the world’s opinion, time would prove them that once a battle gets too tiring, they will just cave in and not fight.”

“Anyway, let’s not talk about useless things. I’m still more curious about how you’ll answer my first question.”

The elderly person looked at him for some time before sighing again. Hearing Jiang Li’s retort, he felt like he aged a lot. The reply earlier was just a test, but indeed, he merely worried for nothing upon discovering that the boy was more mature than anyone else. What did this person eat to grow up like this?

Remembering the real matter, he ended up nodding. “Fine then. I give you my consent. Please take care of Xinya once you’re there.”

“Sure. And I’m certain she will be delighted once she heard you’re okay with her going abroad. You should know, she looks stressed about your clan’s circ.u.mstances, always on-guard that her mom will suddenly make her cross-dress again.”

He got silence and glare as responses. But Jiang Li was lost in his thoughts so he once again did not notice. The word ‘cross-dress’ earlier reminded him of her times in the school… And speaking for school…

Eyes pinned at the beautiful rockeries and pond beyond the verandah, he subconsciously blurted out, “Sir. Do you know? There used to be an odd disciplinary school that existed deep into the forest in the south. It’s a place where kids and teenagers too attached to internet and gaming devices are sent for a so-called rehabilitation. Is Mr. Ye aware of its existence and the people behind it?”

Seated on his white cus.h.i.+oned rocking chair, the old man closed his eyes and hummed in an inquisitive tone. “Hmm?”

Jiang Li wondered if he was truly not aware, at least of the last part or if he was just faking it.

Nonetheless, before leaving that place upon catching sight of Ye Xinya entering the gate, he told the patriarch, “Whether Sir is aware or not, let me offer a piece of advice. Stay away from the Jings and sort out your fourth son. That stupid school might be gone for real, but for a long time, it has done countless young people harm. Now, somebody with both power and brain is making a move against those who built and ran it.”

As the boy walked down the path leading to the usual tutorial place, a stand-alone gazebo in the wide garden, the old man froze a bit then looked heavenward.  Afterward, he began rocking his chair again.


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