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Mo Fang remained in a daze as her fingers that went numb from trembling scrolled through the phone.

 “… Is it because I always want to chase Zheng Xiang out of the entertainment industry for a barely acceptable reason, that Heaven is punis.h.i.+ng me…?” That was what she asked herself after seeing the latest news reports and the articles that were dominating the hot searches today.

Surprisingly, all the news had the same content and subject.

Mo Fang. Liu De. Adultery.

There were so many speculations and interpretations circulating on the internet and all of these would have been easy to dismiss or refute as lies… Yeah, if not for being backed by more than a hundred pictures…

Finished… Everything was over now… She was done for.

Tears ran down her eyes as the white phone slipped from her hands. Not caring for her broken phone that had rolled over somewhere, she slumped on the floor and hugged her knees and buried her face in it.

There was simply no chance to wash away the bad reputation stuck to her name and ident.i.ty. She would not be able to restore her good image even if she jumped a thousand times in the yellow river.

What had gone wrong? Why did it happen to her?

All she wanted was to rise in ranks and social status and obtain wealth. There were many more women who used disgusting methods and engaged in hidden rules to climb up. Why was she the one who unluckily got embroiled in another scandal?

The woman began to sob loudly. Her thoughts were all over the place, blaming whatever and whoever she could think of. She blamed Liu De. She blamed Dreamer. The publis.h.i.+ng houses and websites…. Everything else, apart from herself.

Just a week ago, she was still fantasizing that she was a blessed person as somebody who managed to go back in time. She met a few mishaps and was late to realize her reality, but those were only challenges that she had to go through so she could be like a phoenix undergoing a rebirth.

Her plan was to use their secrets to play the high ranking people in the entertainment circle that she knew. If there were also good stuff that she would be happening or appearing in the future, she would make sure to be the one to get those before others.

One instance was how yesterday, a fas.h.i.+on model that she knew would meet a terrible accident in the airport was saved by her, thus gaining the goodwill of that person who was destined to be a supermodel and influential spokesperson.

Her memory was getting clearer and clearer each pa.s.sing day, something which she attributed to her gaining cheat powers or characteristics after freeing herself from Liu De’s influence.

Wasn’t she supposed to be destined for greatness? She would soar in power, wealth, and influence, and then regain her husband.

Mo Fang cried more the more she thought her current circ.u.mstances and compared it with what she was envisioning.

The woman who thought she was a protagonist after realizing she had her memories of the future to rely on was. .h.i.t by setbacks after setbacks.

When her head cleared a bit, instead of reflecting that it was ultimately her who caused everything to be so bad for her, she thought of the woman she met in front of the Starlight building. Right, it was her.

Fury emerged from her teary eyes. “IT must be her! She wants Zheng Xiang for herself she wants to destroy me!”

She looked for the phone that she threw away. But when she couldn’t find it, she simply headed inside the bedroom and opened her laptop. As she waited for the home screen to load, she rummaged through her belongings for the folder that was thrown at her by that scriptwriter.

Mo Fang checked through her browser, the pictures, and screenshots of messages that had already spread on the internet. Madness was creeping from her eyes. When she did a comparison, even though many from those she found online were not in the folder, and that the angles were sometimes different or blurred, in her mind, it was already cemented that Selena Tang was the culprit behind everything.

Muddleheaded and lost in her bouts of laughing and crying, she roared within the place.

“That b*tch! I’ll kill her!”

“I will kill her! I’ll make her pay for this!”

Liu De’s situation was no different from Mo Fang. He was once again the b.u.t.t of jokes and the topics of conversation online and offline.

But while he was also reduced to tears like the reborn woman, he was at least being sheltered by his kind lady manager who let him stay in her house. Although, in actuality, the manager who felt a bit betrayed only that to help him avoid the reporters and nasty people waiting outside his house.

Still, at least, he got someone to comfort him when the rest of his friends and the girls he was closed with turned their backs at him.

“Thank you, Manager Ding,” he said when he had calmed down.

He immediately tidied himself since he finally realized that it was embarra.s.sing for a grown man like him to cry in front of a woman, especially since the reason was that he got dragged into a scandal, a s*x scandal with his other woman. It was truly shameful and made him worried. ‘What if Ding Xue thought I cried because I saw my body being shared with the whole world?’

The woman was indeed very kind and had been taking care of him since last year. Deep within, she was feeling some insecurity and anger too, but because she truly loved the man, she temporarily ignored the suffocating feeling and provided the place and care he needed.

To all of this, Liu De was very thankful.

The male lead fixed himself and took a bath. He stayed long inside. No more crying shamefully like a wimpy kid. But reflecting on what had happened to him in just a month.

He communicated with the system and asked what was going on. And maybe because the unluckiness of its host was also starting to affect it, it was forced to reveal that there was another person interfering with the fate of this world.

Liu De’s system cooperated and gave full details to him. However, it only managed to detect the anomalies within Mo Fang and not Jiang Li.

At the end of their conversation, the male lead regretted entangling with that woman. Indeed, she was the reason why his fortune changed. It was her who kept digging pits for him.

Now, what was it this time?

The man contemplated deeply and considered all the angles possible. There were many people who probably would want revenge against him. But if he would narrow it to those related to Mo Fang, then only one person came in mind.

Blue haired. Used to be a producer. But had returned as a singer under Starlight, another giant entertainment company apart from Dreamer. 

He had always known it. Zheng Xiang, Mo Fang’s ex-husband came back for revenge!

Liu De felt thankful to the system which provided him the clues and gave him an idea of what had gone wrong.

With a decision in mind, he came out of the bathroom and get dressed. After that, he fished out his phone from his manager’s bag and dialed the number of an acquaintance in a relatively big newspaper publis.h.i.+ng company.

After waiting for five minutes, the call did not go through…

The same happened when he tried to call his other acquaintances. The situation was pretty delicate, so no one wanted to a.s.sociate themselves with a d.a.m.n wife-stealer.

‘None of you want to talk to me?’ The male lead gritted his teeth. He painfully closed his eyes and almost pounded a fist against the table, if not for remembering that this was not his house.

A full minute pa.s.sed before he opened his eyes. There was a strange glint that could be seen from it. Self-mockery, for he had fallen this low. It was almost the same as when he first transmigrated. Yet mixed with it was madness.  

‘Fine. If none from the publis.h.i.+ng houses and newspapers wants to hear me out, I’ll simply hire a water army. I can afford the cost since I’ve yet to truly fall into poverty.’

Confident of his plan and his bank account, the man stopped going through his phonebook for people who would not answer him anyway.


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