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Jiang finally finished eating. He lifted his head just in time to see her incredulous expression. In reality, most men had a bigger appet.i.te and eating capacity than women. It was almost a universal truth. So there must be another reason why she was dumbfounded at him. For example, his speed of eating. 

Not that it mattered much. With his stomach satisfied, he stood up and paid for the meal.

After that, though he badly wanted to go back to the dorms and sleep, he walked back to the table first.

His expression was unreadable when he asked, “Hey. Miss Manager. What gets into the head of someone as prim and proper as you to be out this late at night?”

The woman raised her head and showed him a smile. In front of her, the white bowl was also already empty, her hands unhurriedly putting down her chopsticks on its right side.

“I’m a regular here. Boss Chen used to be our family’s gardener. A father figure to me. So I’m usually here to show support.”

He stared dubiously at him, eyes seemingly saying, ‘Showing support at midnight? I didn’t know people can have this kind of hobby.’

Na Yu pointed to the sole car parked nearby. “My female driver is inside, waiting for me to come back. If someone dares to do anything to me, she’ll storm out and – ” Playfully, the girl made a cutthroat gesture.

Jiang Li narrowed his eyes at her. In his mind, this person was smart, but was a weak-willed pushover. Why was she weird today? 

A second later, he threw the thought to the back of his mind. Putting aside that gesture which he felt should not come from her, since she had a bodyguard nearby, then there should be nothing to worry about. Feng Ru was also hung up on her. He felt dumb for forgetting the fact that people who would try to harm her would surely be killed by the villainess before they could get near her. 

Feeling tired and a bit drowsy, he said, “Oh. Good then. Thought you are stupidly wandering around at midnight alone. I’m glad it’s not the case. Bye then.”

“Wait!” Ignoring the others dining there, Na Yu called loudly as she saw him wave at her and walk away. 

Jiang Li was looking at his phone and checking for the time when he saw someone running past him. In a blink, Na Yu was blocking his path. Seeing this, he just gave her a brief glance then casually changed direction and continued walking. 

Unfortunately, after two steps, he found her blocking him again.

He frowned but didn’t say anything, only quietly deciding, ‘… diagonally run to the right side then.’

“You shall not pa.s.s!” She yelled at him. A second later, the girl was once again in front, arms extended sideward.

He looked at her and sneered, then went the other way. 

They were at the middle of the street but since it was midnight, there were less vehicles to worry about. Actually behind him was an intersection. The noodle stall and the other peddlers were situated at the lot next to it. Most of the vehicles were going the other lane. In other words, they were safe to play at the middle since they were the only ones in that lane.

“Hey, why do you keep running away from me?”

Jiang Li’s face was emotionless. “Miss, the correct phrase is going home, not running away. And just to remind you, this road is not yours.” 

“Then I’m declaring this whole street is mine!” She laughed then ran to his intended direction, stopping there with her spread arms serving as a blockade.

‘… I thought she’s quite normal when we are at the stall. Who the heck is this childish creature?’

Realizing that many eyes were already directed at them and that she would not stop obstructing him, his face turned darker than the night, eyes almost bloodshot. Feng Ru from the sides felt uncomfortable seeing him easily lower the temperature around him. 

“… What do you think are you doing?” 

“Let us talk!” Since her head was a bit hazy, the cold glare she was getting from the good-looking guy in front did not achieve any effect on her. In fact, she didn’t see them looking so cold and even thought that those black orbs looked so hypnotic.

Jiang Li questioned the spectating spirit floating next to her, ‘Please tell me. Is she drunk? Has a split-personality disorder? Or high in something?’

Feng Ru looked uncomfortable, but nodded. He scowled. How would he know which of the mentioned three she was confirming? 

“Miss Na. It’s really late and while I have some morning, I’m sure you also have something course-related course to do. Let’s just continue this discussion tomorrow.” 

The woman did not look away from his eyes when she shook her head. Jiang Li watched her with a grimace, waiting for what she would say next. However, to his surprise, she just stood there for almost a minute.

What does she really want? The villainess knew a thing or two but was not saying anything since she was a.s.suming he had abilities like hers. Such a d.a.m.nable misunderstanding.

Because she kept shaking her head like a child, though a vein was already threatening to burst out of his forehead, he patiently asked, “Fine. What is it then, Miss Na?”

The slightly red-faced woman frowned and pouted, “As I said, let’s have a talk! n.o.body’s answering my phone so since I b.u.mped into you, maybe this is a work of fate.”

He was looking up wis.h.i.+ng for a translator when she suddenly added, “Accompany me to drink..”

“… What?” Jiang Li wanted to pretend he didn’t hear anything, but the pretty girl with flowing black hair played by the wind had a serious and expectant look on her eyes.

“Drink…” Her face was flushed when she angrily repeated.
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“Did you forget that I’m a guy and you’re a girl? There should be a limit to being naive and defenseless.” He was suppressing the stuffiness in his chest as he asked that. He couldn’t believe a woman could be this crazy when under the influence of alcohol. They could actually transform!

The girl lowered her head like a sad puppy. “I really just want someone to speak my troubles with. I feel like if I kept everything bottled up, then sooner or later…”

“… Miss, let’s not mention that we’re barely acquainted, if you haven’t realized yet, it’s past midnight. You should go home and sleep.”

‘Who can sleep plagued with pain, worries, nightmares, bad thoughts, and all sorts of negative things in her head and heart…?’ she thought, remembering the most recent trouble forcing her on the edge.

Jiang Li didn’t know this. He only knew he was so tired and had received no answer. A bit annoyed, he turned around, planning to just ask her irresponsible driver to send her back. 

When Na Yu saw where he was going, she recovered from her dazed state and subconsciously started to go after him. Unfortunately, by that time, he had already arrived next to the car, checking whoever was inside…

After some time, she saw Jiang Li frowning and ma.s.saging his forehead. While suspiciously glancing at her, he asked, “… Who the heck are you?”

She was silent for a while, seemingly not understanding his question. Moments later, she suddenly broke into a non-stop giggling. In a high-pitched voice and drunkard-like tone, she answered,

“Oh. Hi, sorry for the late greetings. I am… the ever so lonely and brokenhearted Na Yu! President of the Depressed People Club! The suicidal girl who went viral for almost jumping off a building! h.e.l.lo, He Chen, our handsome vocalist who is also my Vice President and sole club member!” She began babbling incomprehensible stuff like he was only a vice president since he hadn’t attempted the unthinkable yet.

Alright. So this one was still Na Yu, not her unknown twin or doppelganger. The d.a.m.n girl was really disoriented and probably also delusional. Headache was starting to get into him. 

“…Why did you lie to me that you’re with your bodyguard?”

“Uhhh, I didn’t!” She denied with matching gestures. Actually, she even looked offended. “I am no liar! I didn’t lie. Don’t ever accuse me of being anything like that. I’m with my bodyguard. In my imagination I have a female bodyguard who looks exactly like me! Beautiful, pale-skinned and has a slim figure.”

Na Yu’s showing him so many side that he could not stop himself anymore from looking at her like she was an alien. With her red cap on her head, she was indeed cute as she giggled. However, something was just very off about her.

“… Just go home.”

“Don’t interrupt me! Let me continue where I left off. So I’m saying she’s just as pretty and has a nice height and body. I bet she’s also smart and has a superb memory. But she’s quiet and fierce and can easily scare a grown man, even a policeman! Hey, I’m telling the truth! She’s inside me and will only surface whenever I’m in danger or if I want to die!”


Two beings were rendered momentarily speechless by what she said.


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