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None of them knew, while the year of courts.h.i.+p after the breakup was real, the two getting back together was only in Tang Lan’s imagination, a ploy to show off. And if chance would be given, to make the one she truly loved drowning in jealousy.

Tao Ping pouted. “You’re so lucky You’re not only successful in your hidden career, you also have a colorful love life.”

Laughingly, Tang Lan said, “Don’t worry, Sis Ping. I believe in fate and that everyone has a fated person meant for him or her. I’m sure yours will arrive at the most ideal moment and place. Given our current age now, it’s just a matter of time. Believe me. The wait will be worth it once ‘he’ arrives in your life.”

‘Sure. Easy for you to say, b*tch! Why don’t you hand over my husband He Chen to me?’ The fat woman resentfully thought to herself.

“What a sweet mouth you have there. I bet this is how your writing won you so many readers and awards.” Jiang Rou put down her phone and giggled.

The female lead’s cousin suddenly tilted her head, looking at the entrance’s direction. “I think I saw a person who looks like He Chen entering.”

Tang Lan’s heart jumped, head automatically swinging to the right. He Chen was indeed there, walking towards them.

For a moment, Tang Lan forgot about her heart hurting from being broken into pieces by Gu Feng’s indifference earlier. In her eyes, there was only the singer’s calm and unreadable face glittering a bit with silver as light fell upon his flawless skin. His walking posture was so unlike what she could recall in mind.

When did he become so elegant in both movements and look? Why does he seemed like an old rich’s heir instead of some poor villagers’ son?

‘Is he really He Chen?’

“He Chen!!! It’s Pesticide’s He Chen!” The fat girl’s fists pounding the table in extreme excitement woke her up from her stupor.

‘I must have him coordinate with me.’ She stood up and strode forward to intercept him, her eyes gleaming with alarm and determination. Behind her, the girls were cooing, ‘Aaahh, He Chen’s really with Little Lan. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?! I can’t take it anymore! I wanna die!’ The nervous Tang Lan ignored those loud and dramatic voices.

“You’re here…” Her voice trailed off weakly after receiving a glare from him. Actually, she didn’t know if it was only her imagination, but she felt like there was also another person glaring daggers at her from an unknown corner.

Jiang Li looked behind Tang Lan and noticed three people watching them. His eyes briefly scanned the place to search his favorite toys before his lips curled into a captivating smile. A captivating smile with subtle hint of sarcasm and danger.

“Just to make me come here, you told my mom to request this to me and make her believe we have gotten back together?”

‘Wanting to use me so desperately, eh?’

Jiang Li made up his mind to teach this d.a.m.nable female lead a lesson real good tonight. While it was easy for him to just deny Mother He’s request given that he was not truly his mother, it didn’t sit well with him that Tang Lan bothered his family just for this freakin’ reason. Just who does she think she was?

Tang Lan ignored his glare and his question. She approached him so she could whisper, “He Chen, just do me a favor and I’ll let you be my boyfriend again.”

She said this in a hurry, but since there was a smile on her face, those who saw them so close like this squealed in either excitement or jealousy. Two beautiful people being in such an intimate distance. Of course, they did not only elicit gazes from Tang Lan’s table.

He Chen was a celebrity.

Many from the onlookers recognized him but hesitated to approach since the man was seemingly having a private conversation with a woman. They made themselves content of watching his literally s.h.i.+ning face from the distance. Not few thought, it was for the best since if even his presence there could make girls faint, what more if he allowed them to get close and have his autograph?

Amidst everyone’s curious and envious glances, Tang Lan maintained her smile even though deep inside she disliked not seeing any other reaction from him. She hated being made nervous like this before a crowd.

Wasn’t he supposed to jump in joy right now for being given another chance?

He didn’t reply. Instead he only smiled politely at her companions, rendering each of them furiously blus.h.i.+ng.

He then looked at the female lead, doing his best to hide his distaste and disdain. “You want me to join you ladies for a late dinner, right?”

Tang Lan braved linking arms with He Chen under the scrutinizing eyes of her friends. “Yes. Just for tonight. Don’t say anything inappropriate, or else, the deal is off!”

‘Where did she get this borderless arrogance?’ Jiang Li threw her a freezing glance. Laughing with suppressed craziness, he replied, “… I hope you’ll enjoy tonight’s dinner with ‘us’… Remember it’s you who ask for it.”

The woman suddenly had a bad premonition when her ex smiled with undisguised sarcasm and rage in it. Five breathtaking people emerged from the entrance – four boys and one girl. Minus the last one, all the boys looked at her with murderous intent and made her hold her breath for a while, her pupils dilating.

‘Oh no! It’s his d.a.m.nable circle of friends!”

“HEY, TANG LAN!!!” Rascal Su’s thunderous voice rang throughout the whole floor, echoing a deadly tune to the female lead’s ears.
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“Aaahh!!! It’s Pesticide! That hot band that just officially debuted a few hours ago!”

“It’s my baby-faced hubby!!!”

“I saw the handsome face and heard the melodious voice of their pianist… Alright, I can’t ever marry and rest in peace now…”

“I knew it!!! That d.a.m.nably hot guy with is my husband! He Chen!!!”

She could no longer pay attention to the fanatics’ shriekings and screams, too dumbfounded by the five people that were now behind He Chen.

Tang Lan clenched her fists and robotically turned her head to her ex’ devilishly handsome face. “You!!! Why are they here?!”

“I think it’s my manager who got worried about me. So she brought my gang along. Anyway, we coincidentally need to celebrate and them being here is just a coincidence. There is no problem with that, right?”

‘Tang Lan, this is no problem compare to what you’ll experience later… Even a pig has a bottom line, witch!’

Cheng Du was the oldest and most perceptive of them all, so when he saw the table which had a girl resembling Tang Lan, he immediately realized what’s happening and brought the others there.

Rascal Su arrogantly strode over and loudly hit the table with his palm , “Tang Lan, how dare you only invite Brother He? What are we, his bros, in your eyes, huh? Are you mistaking us for bunnies that you can bully or not give a d.a.m.n for? As punishment, we’ll be sharing this table with you!”

The dazed Jiang Rou blinked repeatedly at Su Xuefeng. “N-No problem. P-please join us for dinner. I-It’s on me.”

“Yes, yes. It’s definitely no problem!” Tang Ya seconded.

When the female lead swept her eyes around, she cursed under her breath. The late supper had yet to start, yet she already felt so humiliated so much that she wanted to kill herself and He Chen.

Why did he have to bring these crazy bunch? Cheng Du and the rest knew their real inside story. But the difference between them and He Chen was that He Chen could be led around the nose while they wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n about keeping her face! All of them were obviously angry at her and would be more than willing to kill her social life before so many people!

“He Chen, made them to away!!!” She hysterically ordered to her ex in between gritted teeth, acting like a real girlfriend throwing tantrums. 

‘Send them away? Impossible!’

The man ignored like her like how she conveniently ignored his question about his involvement of Mother He earlier….


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