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The dark room and the laptop before Tang Lan were real. It was also true that she had started a live stream using a fake account.

However, her seeing He Chen getting defiled by an old hag and this scene being broadcasted to the world were just a product of her imagination. Proof was how the live stream was only showing a pure black screen. There was no rising male star singer there nor a known middle aged female CEO. Whatever she saw in her screen never happened since He Chen, or rather, Jiang Li never stayed that long in that accursed room and immediately left after he had Feng Ru possessed his body.

‘d.a.m.n, I’m so angry!’ Jiang Li was trembling in rage when he regained his senses alongside the pain and the drug’s aftereffects.

‘I promise this will be the last time I will suffer from a f*ckin’ date rape drug. I also promise to teach that old hag a proper lesson after I’m done with the b*tch!’

Even though Feng Ru beat up the fat woman for him and manipulated his body to escape from there, the anger in his heart didn’t diminish one bit. This was the reason why when the police, his bandmates and his manager were busy searching for him in the hotel’s vicinity, Jiang Li commuted to appear to where Tang Lan was hiding.

The house was locked from inside, but with the villainess by his side, there was no door nor gate to obstruct him. 

Three minutes later… They finally located their target. 

Feng Ru who had somehow become non-existing to the guy’s eyes after seeing his ex: Weird. Where did he get the drugs and syringes? Is this his real ghost powers?

Since the villainess didn’t get what was going on, she only watched as the red-eyed Jiang Li smiled eerily and sneaked injecting Tang Lan with hallucinogens one shot after another. The sight was just so weird since the place was dark and the two humans in the place kept laughing crazily like there was no tomorrow. It was also odd how the one with glazed eyes laughing at a pure black screen seemed to be too cut off from the world to notice the other human being standing behind her.

One more thing, every time Tang Lan reached out to her cup to moisten her throat that went thirsty from laughing too much, she would down the drink that Jiang Li poured for her then went back to laughing.

Blood were gus.h.i.+ng forth from her mouth. But she seemed to be not feeling it at all.

Reality was different, of course. From somebody else’s point of view, she obviously could. After all, her other hand went to clutch her stomach which means somehow she could feel some pain there, yet her brain that became trapped in a very vivid hallucinations couldn’t properly coordinate with her body. 

‘Someone… is coming.’ Feng Ru suddenly said. 

“Oh?” After directly pouring out the liquor from the bottle and replacing it with another strong smelling liquid Jiang Li had gotten from somewhere in the house, he laboriously walked out of the dark room, holding onto anything on the way to not end up stumbling. Before completely disappearing into the dark corridor, he took one last glance at the hallucinating woman who reached out to the bottle to chug on it. 
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The man sneered. 

The liquid Tang Lan drunk was only bleach. But according to professionals, even just a little sip of it could kill a person. Within fifteen to thirty minutes of ingesting it, the stomach and gastrointestinal tract would start bleeding from the bleach that was sitting there. The process, normally, would be painful to go through. 

But what if there something stimulating the brain and distorting its perception so much the pain couldn’t get through it? Well, that was actually not the important thing.

‘The only requirement is for her not to die crazily while harboring great resentment, right?’ he mused.

Unlike Na Yu, his brain was quite an average one. However, once he remembered something important, he would then become very a.n.a.lytical of it. When he recalled the requirement and heard Tang Lan’s mental health’ status, he began contemplating.

What if Tang Lan dies happily laughing like this? Still insane, but with no great resentment? 

He suspected the world would still be safe! 

Jiang Li subconsciously looked up once outside the female lead’s rented house. It was amusing how the darkness outside suddenly become more tolerable.

‘The male lead is surely somewhere near, most likely tied on a chair and is in need of rescue. But even if I want to alert the police, I would only be able to do that once I borrow a phone.’

‘Uhh, Gu Feng can suffer for some time then.’

Jiang Li this time had no problem leaving the leads to fate’s hand since he wanted to see how it would save someone doomed to end up with an eroded stomach. Despite this though, his craving for home and rest was many times more than this. This was why when he sense he could no longer hold on, he borrowed a phone from somebody and texted Na Yu to fetch him…


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