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Read Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 116

Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home is a Webnovel completed by Tang Chuan, 唐川.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 116


Cao Kefei could feel herself drifting in and out of consciousness, like she was in some kind of strange limbo, teetering between existence and non-existence . The pain and tightness in her chest were now gone . Not only that, but she also felt strangely good . Her cheeks felt warm, and there was something solid and strong supporting her back . Am I dead?

Light entered her eyes when she opened them . She blinked, and eventually, Mengfan’s worried expression came into view . Oh, so I’m not dead yet… Cao Kefei shook her head until the ringing in her ears subsided .

“Kefei…? Kefei?” Mengfan said . “Are you still in pain?”

Cao Kefei coughed a few times . Her throat felt a little dry, like she’d been screaming for a long time . Someone patted her back . Cao Kefei found herself leaning into the warm touch .

“M- Mengfan?” Cao Kefei said, clearing her throat again . “What happened?”

“You scared the c.r.a.p out of me is what happened,” Mengfan said . “You had a heart attack and we couldn’t find your meds . “

That’s because I don’t have any left . She’d stopped refilling her meds ever since her doctor told her she could stop taking them .

“Uh-huh…” Cao Kefei said . “And then?”

Mengfan was suddenly blushing like a school girl . “A-And then… h-he…” Mengfan cleared her throat . “Li Yundong resuscitated you . He saved your life . “

Mengfan pointed at something behind and above Cao Kefei’s head . Cao Kefei turned and realized that she’d been leaning against Li Yundong’s thighs all this time .

“Oh… Thank you,” Cao Kefei said with a smile, which turned into a frown a second later when Li Yundong refused to meet her eyes . He was also blushing heavily . Seconds later, she realized that he wasn’t the only one blushing—everyone in her office was blushing and giving her strange looks . A few men were even leering at her .

“Um… Mengfan…” Cao Kefei said, dropping her voice into a whisper . “What’s going on? Why is everyone looking at me like that…?”

Surely n.o.body would blush when someone just had a heart attack?

“Mengfan…” Cao Kefei nudged her friend when she didn’t answer right away .

“Um… You… You had… You had an o.r.g.a.s.m . “

A what?! Cao Kefei gasped . Good G.o.d! Was Mengfan trying to give her another heart attack? Cao Kefei could feel her cheeks burning . She shot Mengfan a pleading look . Please…Please tell me it’s a joke…

Sensing her discomfort, Mengfan quickly took charge . “Alright, everyone! President Cao is okay now! So get back to work! Xiao Zhang!”

“Yes, President Yin?”

“Head down to the security booth and get an update from the head of security . I wanna know the perp’s deal . “

“Right away, president . “

“Xiao Li!” Mengfan said . “Make sure everyone gets back to work . I don’t want anybody slacking off!”

A second later, Mengfan was right beside Cao Kefei again . “Hey . Are you feeling okay? Do you need to go to the hospital? There’s an ambulance on the way . “

Cao Kefei exhaled and felt around her chest for a while . When she realized that her blouse was unb.u.t.toned, she blushed again . But other than her mortification and a wounded pride, she felt surprisingly well . It was strange .

Cao Kefei shook her head . “I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel fine right now . Just tired . ” She stole a glance at Li Yundong who was still standing behind her . What on earth did he do to me? An o.r.g.a.s.m? How the h.e.l.l did that happen? Oh G.o.d, don’t tell me he had s.e.x with me in front of everyone?! Cao Kefei quickly glanced down at her legs and was relieved to find that her skirt was still in place .

Cao Kefei groaned into her hands . “Ugh… I think I need to lie down . “

Mengfan touched her shoulder . “Come on . Let’s get you settled on the sofa . ” Mengfan rose to her feet . “Can you stand?”

Cao Kefei nodded . “I think so . “

“Help me lift her up?” Mengfan said to Li Yundong .

A second later, Cao Kefei felt an upward force under her armpits . Before she knew it, she was up on her feet and Mengfan was there supporting her on her left side . Li Yundong walked around from behind her and grabbed her right arm .

Once they got her settled on the couch, Li Yundong left the office for a moment and then returned with a gla.s.s of water .

“Here, President Cao,” he said .

Cao Kefei took the gla.s.s gratefully . “Thank you…”

Li Yundong nodded casually, but President Cao stared at him intently .

“Not just for the water, but for saving my life as well . ” And, apparently, for giving me an o.r.g.a.s.m .

Li Yundong smiled . “No thanks necessary, Ma’am . ” Then, he turned towards Mengfan, who’d been watching their exchange quietly . “President Yin, is there anything else I can help you with? If not, I think I’ll take my leave . “

“Nothing . ” Mengfan cleared her throat . “I mean there’s nothing else for you to do here . Thank you for everything you’ve done . Oh wait . Before you go, the police want to take your statement . “

Li Yundong nodded . “Alright then . ” Then, he looked at Cao Kefei . “You take care of yourself, President Cao . “

Cao Kefei nodded weakly and stared at him until he walked out of her office .

“Are you waiting for the water to evaporate from the gla.s.s, Kefei?” Mengfan’s tone was colored in amus.e.m.e.nt .

Cao Kefei tore her gaze away from the door and glanced at the gla.s.s she was holding . She hadn’t taken a single sip yet . She blushed and finished the water in a few gulps . Mengfan took the empty gla.s.s from her and set it on the coffee table .

“I can call him back here if you want…” Mengfan said teasingly .

Cao Kefei covered her face and groaned . “Oh, G.o.d . . . Mengfan… Here I am, going through perhaps the most humiliating experience in my life, and you’re there making fun of me!”

Mengfan burst into laughter . However, the laughter quickly subsided . Mengfan pried one of Cao Kefei’s hands away from her face . Cao Kefei glanced up and saw Mengfan’s sober expression .

“It was mortifying, yes,” Mengfan said . “But you were also lucky . Your heart stopped . And I’m sure you would’ve died if Li Yundong hadn’t done what he did . “

Cao Kefei stared at her friend for a moment . Then, she covered her face and groaned . “How am I supposed to face everyone at work from now on?”

Mengfan pulled her hands away from her face once again . “Hey…” she said in a soothing tone . “What’s important is that you’re alive, okay? I’m sure people will forget all about your… ahem… pretty soon . You just have to give it time . “

Easy for you to say… It wasn’t you who got off right in front of everyone .

“What on G.o.d’s green earth did he do to me?” Cao Kefei said . “How did I… How did he…”

Surprisingly, Mengfan looked about as confused as Cao Kefei felt even though she had witnessed the whole thing .

“I have no idea…” Mengfan said, her eyes glazing over .

“Did he . . . Did he touch me down there?” Cao Kefei stole a glance at Mengfan who appeared to be deep in thought .

Mengfan shook her head . “No, he didn’t . All he did was pressed down on a few spots on your head, like he was giving you a head ma.s.sage…”

“What? He got me off by giving me a head ma.s.sage? Come on! You’re messing with me!”

“No! I’m not messing with you! That really was all he did! I swear to G.o.d!”

“But… But I’ve never heard of a woman getting off just from a head ma.s.sage! Is that even possible?”

Mengfan sighed . “When I couldn’t revive you with CPR, he told me to get you into a meditative posture and keep your body upright . Then he started doing this weird posture with his fingers and pressing them onto your head . Next thing I know, your face no longer looked pale and you were breathing again . And near the end of it, you started twitching and moaning like you were having s.e.x . “

Cao Kefei groaned . “I can’t believe this…”

“Yeah? Guess that makes two of us,” Mengfan muttered .

Silence stretched between them . About a minute later, Cao Kefei stared at Mengfan with narrowed eyes . “Spill it, Yin Mengfan . Where the h.e.l.l did you find a guy like that?”

Mengfan rubbed her temples and kicked off her heels . Then, she settled herself comfortably in the sofa . “I’ve already told you . A friend of mine, Zhou Qin, recommended him to me . “

Cao Kefei’s eyes went wide . “Zhou Qin? You mean Zhou Keqiang’s daughter?”

Mengfan smiled . “Mmm-hmm . The very same . “

Cao Kefei pondered her friend’s words for a moment . “Zhou Qin and Li Yundong… Are they an item?”

Mengfan smirked . “Nah . I don’t think they are . “

Cao Kefei glared at her friend . “Don’t give me that look . I was just… curious . “

Mengfan’s smirk widened . “Yeah . Keep telling yourself that . “

“Shut up…” Cao Kefei mumbled .

“Besides, haven’t you heard? Zhou Qin is engaged . “

Cao Kefei’s gaze snapped to Mengfan . “Seriously?”

Mengfan nodded . “Yeah . She’s engaged to He Shao . “

Cao Kefei curled her lips . “A political marriage . How typical . “

Mengfan chuckled, then nudged Cao Kefei with her feet . “So . How about it? You were flirting with him earlier, right? Are you interested in him? Age is just a figure, you know?”

Cao Kefei blushed, and then shot her a glare . “Shut up! Who says I’m interested in him?”

“Oh . Then I suppose you won’t be too disappointed to know that he’s already seeing someone…”

Cao Kefei’s raised her head so quickly that she might’ve torn a neck muscle . Mengfan—that smug b.i.t.c.h—was smirking at her .

“Not interested, huh?”

Realizing that she had walked right into that one, Cao Kefei looked away . After a while, Mengfan nudged her again .

“Hey . All jokes aside, are you really okay? You gave me quite the scare, you know?”

Cao Kefei sighed and stared up at the ceiling . “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before…”

Mengfan burst into laughter .

Cao Kefei glared at her friend . “Tsk! I wasn’t talking about… about… that . “

Mengfan covered her mouth with a hand . “Sorry . Sorry . I just couldn’t help it . ” Seconds later, Mengfan cleared her throat . “Yep . Go on . “

“It’s hard to describe… But I think I felt lighter in here . ” Cao Kefei rubbed her chest with a hand . “It’s like a weight has been lifted off my chest . “

“At first, I thought Zhou Qin was exaggerating when she told me that he’s a powerful person . ” Mengfan held Cao Kefei’s gaze . “She told me that he’s the closest thing to a superhero in real life . And I’m starting to believe her . The stuff he did today was mind-blowing…”

Cao Kefei nudged her friend . “So you gonna hire him?”

Mengfan looked back at her as though she’d grown two heads . “You’re joking right? Of course I’m gonna hire him! I’d be an idiot to throw away a talent like him . “

“Dang . I thought I could snag him up for myself if you aren’t hiring him . “

“You wish . ” Mengfan snorted . “With Li Yundong as my employee, I don’t think I even need a security team . “

“Hey… Mengfan…”

Mengfan gave her a sidelong glance, then narrowed her eyes . “What? What are you planning?”

“You know my company has been running into a lot of trouble lately, right?” Cao Kefei smiled fawningly . “Why don’t you let me borrow him for a few days?”

Mengfan’s eyes narrowed to slits .

“Come on… Won’t you help out a friend in need?”

Mengfan suddenly smirked . “Hmm… You see, one of my firm’s commercials ran into some problems during its screening… so…”

Cao Kefei laughed . “Fine… Consider it done . “

“Alright then, President Cao . It seems like we have a deal . Li Yundong will be your employee for two days . “


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