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Chapter 327

No Peace in the World from Now On

Just as the young man with a cap was in a daze, two other young men dressed like ordinary people suddenly came over . They were the two tourists who had originally gone straight down the mountain .

The two young men approached and asked with concern, “Senior fellow apprentice, are you all right?”

The man with the cap was pale, and his forehead was slick with a cold sweat . He replied shakily, “I’m fine . “

One of the men next to him asked, “Senior fellow apprentice, have you found out whether this guy has studied the Heavenly Jindan Technique?”

“I didn’t explicitly test it, but this man’s Zhenqi is so dense . I’ve never seen such pure Zhenqi in someone at such a young age, except for my father and a few sect leaders! Even if this man hasn’t practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique, he is also a master . No wonder he could handle the Great Six alone . I thought that this matter was simply rumor, but now it turns out to be true!” the senior apprentice replied .

Another person comforted him, “Senior fellow apprentice, you don’t have to be too discouraged . You haven’t used the powerful magical weapon or talismans that Master gave you yet . If we really try to settle the score, you may beat him . “

The man with the cap glared at him and said, “I chose to go fist-to-fist with him because I thought the Fan of Seven Treasures would be overkill! My father refused to pa.s.s the Sanhuang Sword to me . How can I match his magical power? Just with a few talismans? Humph, don’t speak such rot! I don’t know who helped that guy get the Heavenly Jindan Technique . It was so tempting that I chose to fight him with my fists . It was humiliating!”

“Senior brother, Li Yundong alone defeated the the Great Six, plus Yu Yang Zhenren and Zhenren Zi Yuan from Zhengyi Sect . If he hadn’t practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique, how could he be so powerful? And now the cultivation world is spreading news of this wide and fire,” one of his junior brothers said .

The man with the cap spat hatefully and stamped his feet, saying, “Fortunately, I was cautious . I only said that I was not satisfied with him . If he had known that my goal is the Heavenly Jindan Technique, I am afraid things would have been difficult to deal with today! Let’s not talk about it! I have lost this battle, but I’ll find a way to pay him back later! Let’s go!”

One of the junior fellow apprentices smiled sinisterly and said, “Senior Brother, you don’t have to be angry . Now that news of this matter has been spread, I think there will be more and more people coming to trouble him in the future . He will eventually get tired of dealing with it, and then you can . . . “

Before he could finish his words, a playful smile appeared on his Senior Brother’s face . The three of them burst out laughing together .

Meanwhile, in the Taoist temple, Li Yundong and the others dismissed the group of tourists, and then Li Yundong called Cao Yi, Su Chan, and Zhou Qin into his room .

Li Yundong asked Cao Yi, “Did tourists also come to see Fox Zen School in the past?”

Cao Yi sighed and said, “Of course . Back then, there were probably more than a hundred people in Fox Zen School . If we hadn’t taken money from tourists, we wouldn’t have survived at all . However, our Taoist temple has never been prosperous, and very few tourists came to visit . The number of today’s tourists is much greater than before . “

Li Yundong nodded . He thought for a while before saying, “I interrogated the person who caused trouble just now . He’s from Blue Cave Sect . “

“Blue Cave Sect?” Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and Cao Yi all asked simultaneously .

Zhou Qin had never heard of this sect . She seemed curious, while Su Chan and Cao Yi were surprised . Cao Yi frowned and asked, “Isn’t it a Sichuan sect? What are they doing here? Are they also trying to get involved in this mess with the the Great Six?”

Su Chan snorted and said, “Then they are too late! The Great Six have already been sent running by Yundong!”

Cao Yi shook her head and said, “Although the leader tried his best to turn the tide and make the Great Six retreat alone, news of this matter must have spread all over the cultivation world . Although the Great Six have retreated, there must be many people who remain unconvinced . It is hard to know whether or not some people will be angry and come to cause trouble . “

Li Yundong nodded and said, “Yes, the guy from just now is the son of the leader of Blue Cave Sect . He said that I defeated Zi Yuan and was thus the top master of the younger generation, but he wasn’t convinced, so he came to challenge me . He says he will become the top master if he can defeat me . “

After Li Yundong had finished speaking, the three women in the room looked disdainful and all sneered at the same time . Zhou Qin didn’t say anything, her mouth a thin line, but Su Chan snorted and said, “What’s the meaning of this sneak attack? Even he wins the battle, it won’t be glorious!”

Cao Yi sneered and said, “Is this a so-called decent sect? The descendants of these leaders are getting worse and worse!”

Li Yundong sighed softly and said, “If their goal is me, I should have nothing to be afraid of and nothing to worry about . I have pa.s.sed through divine punishment . What’s there for me to fear? However, I am afraid that they will make plans to attack you guys, and you will then have no chance to protect yourselves . “

Looking desperately ashamed, Cao Yi said, “Alas, as an elder of the Fox Zen School, I can’t even protect myself . I am really sorry . “

Zhou Qin also looked sad . She bit her lip, frowned, and remained silent . Only Su Chan smiled and tugged on Li Yundong’s arm, saying, “You can teach us and turn all of us into masters . Wouldn’t that be best? Then when the time comes, you won’t need to do anything . If anyone dares to provoke us, we will help you get rid of them! Just tell us what needs to be done!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “You’re right . It’s true that you have to become stronger . I can protect you for a while, but not forever . When we return to Tiannan, I will teach you the Heavenly Jindan Technique . “

As soon as he said this, Cao Yi suddenly opened her eyes wide and said in a shocked tone, “You . . . you really have the Heavenly Jindan Technique?”

Li Yundong was stunned . “How did you know that I really have it?”

Cao Yi seemed to come to her senses and said with a smile, “Last time I saw you settle a score with the people of the Great Six . When you took three steps, your figure became stronger by three steps . We discussed in private what kind of cultivation method you’re using and all agreed that what you cultivated was the long-lost Heavenly Jindan Technique Technique . However, we never really believed that our guess would be correct . “

Only then did Li Yundong come to a realization . He smiled and said, “Speaking of that, I learned it from your Fox Zen School . ” As he spoke, he told the whole story of the process of learning the Heavenly Jindan Technique . Then, he said, “Now that I’ve taught you this set of techniques, it can be considered that my debt to the descendants of Mystical Silver Fox has been repaid . “

Cao Yi was stunned for a long time, but eventually shook her head and sighed . “Everything in the world is really a karma cycle!”

Li Yundong nodded to Cao Yi and said, “You don’t have to get emotional . Go back first, pack your things, and then you can bring the juniors to Tiannan with me . We can’t live here anymore . At present, Fox Zen School is suffering from both internal and external problems . I can’t handle it all alone . You, Liu Yuehong, and Zhuang Yating, please stick together in the future . . . “

He turned to look at Zhou Qin and Su Chan . “In the future, you two must follow me closely!”

Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and Cao Yi answered in unison, “Yes!”

Li Yundong nodded and waved his hand, saying, “Off with you . Pack up quickly, and then we will go back to Tiannan . “

The three of them nodded and left . Before long, everyone from Fox Zen School had been made aware that they were about to leave the sect . For a moment, their hearts were filled with sadness at the thought of leaving their homeland . At the same time, they were also filled with antic.i.p.ation for their new life . They began to chatter and whisper to each other .

Li Yundong led the way down the mountain . Su Chan and Zhou Qin had no luggage at all, so they stayed by Li Yundong’s side . Cao Yi, Liu Yuehong, and Zhuang Yating, the only three seniors of Fox Zen School, followed Li Yundong down the mountain, looking back reluctantly .

Some of the foxes were upset, sobbing to themselves quietly . Su Chan was very sad to hear their cries . She followed Li Yundong to the foot of the mountain and pulled on his arm, then looked back at the towering mountain and asked, “Yundong, must we leave? Can we come back again?”

Li Yundong also looked back at the Tianlong Mountain, then said in a low voice, “One great man once said that if we stay in this mountain, we will all lose our lives . Leaving this place, we can survive and will be able to keep this mountain . Right now, we are too weak to protect it properly . If we stay here, we will only be handing the enemy a chance to break through . When we are stronger, we will come back, and it will all be open and above board!”

Su Chan nodded vigorously . “Okay! I will become stronger too!”

Zhou Qin glanced at Li Yundong and remembered Li Yundong’s oath in her heart . She thought to herself, “Master, I will help you make this a reality!”

Li Yundong and his group of more than a dozen of people took the train from Dongwu to Tiannan . Every woman in the group was gorgeous . Li Yundong was the only man amongst them, and the male travelers on the road were so envious that their eyes reddened .

With so many beautiful women appearing together, the group was naturally extremely eye-catching . There were countless men who sidled up to them to try their luck along the way . Only Zhou Qin’s face was as cold as frost, so not many men dared to hit on her . Cao Yi and the other Head of Fox Zen School also had high statuses and did not look around, so there were not many men who came to hit on them either .

However, the little foxes, led by Su Chan, were so naive and lively that they couldn’t have kept straight faces even if they wanted to . Naturally, they were unceasingly hara.s.sed by the male pa.s.sengers, and it was not easy for them to get off the train . The group of little foxes rushed off the train as quickly as they could, as if they were escaping jail cells . They looked around excitedly and whispered to each other about what their new home would look like .

At this time, Su Chan was obviously being regarded as the leader by the little foxes . She put her hands on her hips and proudly explained the process of how she and Li Yundong would look for a house together and find a good environment for their new home . However, when she said that her room was s.p.a.cious, bright, and could accommodate a lot of people, the young girl suddenly noticed a problem: the three bedrooms and two living rooms were indeed very s.p.a.cious when accommodating two people, but now there were more than a dozen . Even if Zhou Qin had a place to live, how could they arrange to house more than a dozen people from the Fox Zen School?

For a moment, Su Chan felt a little dizzy . She quickly shook off the little foxes, ran to Li Yundong and pulled him aside . She nervously said, “Yundong, our house is not big enough . How can we live with so many people?”

Li Yundong couldn’t help but smile bitterly . “I’m also worried about this problem . I originally wanted to find a place for them to live in separately, but even after looking for a while, I came up empty . We have to let them squeeze into our home for a few nights . Besides, we are all cultivators . It’s not a big deal for us to sleep on the ground for one or two nights . “

Su Chan thought for a while and suddenly had an idea . She said with a cheeky smile, “Then I want to sleep with you!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Aren’t you afraid that your fellow disciples will laugh at you?”

Su Chan looked up at him and made a face . “I’m not afraid . You are the leader . How could they dare to laugh at me? I’ll teach them a lesson if they do!”

Li Yundong laughed and nodded at the little girl’s nose, scolding her with a smile, “Look at you, this is how the hidden rules of the world come to be!”

The two of them were busy talking and laughing when they suddenly heard a noise coming from not far away . They turned their heads and saw several male pa.s.sengers with suitcases who had been looking at the beautiful women from the Fox Zen School with their heads tilted when suddenly they were knocked down by each other .

Li Yundong’s heart skipped a beat and he felt as if his head was about to explode . He thought to himself, “Su Chan was involved in the human world once and many people paid attention to her . The last time a group of foxes from the Fox Zen School went down the mountain, they almost ended up blocking the streets of Tiannan . This time, they have come down rightfully . I’m afraid that the world will not be at peace from now on! What a mess . . . “


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