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Read Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 370 Night Visit to Mount Gezao!

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Chapter 370 Night Visit to Mount Gezao!

Li Yundong intercepted the woman and took a look, only to find that it was Su Chan.

“It’s so late, what are you flying out for?” he asked.

Su Chan also had a look of surprise on her face. She looked at Li Yundong and then at Zi Yuan before asking curiously, “Yundong, what are you and sister Zi Yuan doing out so late?”

Li Yundong coughed immediately and said, “I asked you first. Answer me first.”

Su Chan rolled her eyes and glanced at the two of them. Although she was confused, she did not take it too seriously. “I just saw a man flying out of a residence. I thought it was strange, so I followed him out. I didn’t expect to see you here,” she said.

Li Yundong didn’t take it to heart and said, “Maybe it was a Shibo or a little disciple of Fox Zen School going out to play?”

“Su Chan, did you see clearly who the person was?” Zi Yuan asked.

Su Chan thought for a moment and said, “It seems to have been Shibo Cao Yi, or maybe Shibo Zhuang Yating. Their figures look similar and I can’t tell them apart too well.”

Zi Yuan paused for a moment, then said decisively, “Where was she flying out to? Let’s chase her quickly!”

Su Chan didn’t think too much about it. She pointed in a direction and said, “She was flying that way.”

Zi Yuan turned to Li Yundong and said, “Let’s go and have a look!”

Li Yundong was confused. “What’s the point of chasing her?”

Zi Yuan wouldn’t explain. She dragged him over and said, “You’ll know once we’ve caught up with her!”

Seeing the two of them flying off quickly, Su Chan also turned into a flash of blue light and gave chase with them.

The little girl followed them and muttered in her heart, “What’s wrong with sister Zi Yuan? Why does she look like she’s going toe to toe with a formidable enemy? However, I don’t know whether the person in front of me is Shibo Cao Yi or Zhuang Yating. It’s so late. What is she even doing out?”

Su Chan flew quickly at the head of the trio, leading the way. Li Yundong asked in confusion, “How did you see someone flying out? It’s so late, why weren’t you asleep? What were you doing?”

Su Chan stuck out her tongue and said with embarra.s.sment, “Last time, you said that I didn’t cook well, so I went to the kitchen to practice my skills in secret. I wanted to ask Shibo Cao Yi to help me, but when I went into her room, I didn’t see her there. When I was about to leave, I saw a figure flying past the window. Out of curiosity, I went to catch up with her, but I hadn’t expected to meet you.”

Li Yundong’s heart skipped a beat. He turned his head and looked at Zi Yuan. He was thinking about something but did not deign to ask any more questions.

After the three of them had given chase for a while, Su Chan pointed to the front suddenly and said, “Look, over there!”

Li Yundong and Zi Yuan looked into the distance at the same time. They saw an extremely weak blue flash in the distant night and Zi Yuan and Li Yundong immediately became alert. “After it!”

The three people focused on their target and kept hanging behind her far away. After flying for nearly two hours like this, Zi Yuan suddenly said, “Something’s off here. Why do I feel that we have returned to the grounds of Jiangxi again?”

“Jiangxi?” Li Yundong asked. “We’re not going back to Mount Longhu, are we?”

At this time, Su Chan craned her neck and asked curiously, “Again? Why did you say ‘again’? Yundong, when did you go to Mount Longhu?”

Li Yundong gave a hollow laugh and quickly changed the topic. “We’ll talk about it later. It’s important for us to keep an eye on that person.”

While the three of them were busy talking, they saw a flash of blue light in the distance quickly descending.

The voice of Zi Yuan became nervous. “Let’s head down, too. We’re a big target in the air like this.”

The three of them quickly landed on the ground. Li Yundong was looking around in the moonlight and saw that there were many fields at the foot of the mountains. At this point, all of the rice crops had been harvested and there were piles of rice hulls everywhere.

Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked around, asking curiously, “Where is this place? Is this Mount Longhu?”

She was a fox spirit and thus naturally afraid of the Xuanmen Sect and Buddhism Sect. At the thought that she was on Mount Longhu, she shivered and felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Zi Yuan swept her gaze over the surrounding peaks. She shook her head and said, “This doesn’t look like Mount Longhu.”

Li Yundong laughed. “I know where we are!”

Both Su Chan and Zi Yuan asked curiously, “Where?”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Zi Yuan, you’re right. We’re back in Jiangxi again. We’re on Mount Gezao!”

Su Chan took Li Yundong’s arm. “How do you know? Have you been here before?”

Li Yundong pointed to a sign by the side of a road about a dozen meters away and said, “Isn’t it written right there?”

Only then did Su Chan and Zi Yuan notice that there was a road sign in the distance. However, the night was dark. If it weren’t for Li Yundong’s high cultivation and strong eyesight, they wouldn’t have been able to notice it at all.

The two of them approached and saw a road sign with a blue background and white words printed across it, which read: “Mount Gezao National Forest Park”, and there was still a distance of 2 kilometers to reach the foot of the mountain!

Zi Yuan and Su Chan suddenly laughed, and Su Chan couldn’t help but turn around and say, “I thought you knew the scenery here so well that you recognized it, so I wanted to worship you! But it turns out that you know the place by reading the road signs. How boring!”

Zi Yuan also smiled. “I wasn’t expecting to have to follow her to Mount Gezao. However, what I want to know is why did the people of Fox Zen School come to Mount Gezao? This is my Taoists’ sacred land!”

Li Yundong smiled and gestured to the two of them, saying, “Let’s go. We can talk while we walk. Let’s go to Gezao Sect to see what’s going on. Su Chan, you’re good at tracking. Lead the way.”

“Aye!” Su Chan replied in a crisp voice. Although the girl knew that this was the Taoists’ sacred land, and was a little afraid, when she remembered that her lover was by her side, she could not help but become bolder, even a little excited.

Looking at Su Chan’s shining eyes, Li Yundong felt a pang of worry for her. He was afraid that she would cause the same trouble as he had done at Mount Longhu, so he hurriedly said, “Hey, don’t make trouble!”

Su Chan looked back at him with a smile. “I won’t!”

Li Yundong turned and went to call for Zi Yuan, only to see that she had a faint smile on her face which seemed to be saying: As long as you don’t cause trouble, everything will be fine.

Li Yundong immediately smiled obsequiously and said, “Zhenren Zi Yuan? Spiritual Master? Please?”

She gave him a meaningful look and smiled. Then, they followed Su Chan and left. In the end, she still did not discuss what had happened with Li Yundong.

Li Yundong secretly wiped the cold sweat from his brow and thought to himself, “Zi Yuan is getting more and more difficult to deal with.”

Their climbing abilities were strong, so they quickly flew up the mountain at high speed. The asphalt road led to the top of the mountain and they soon arrived at a huge archway.

Li Yundong looked at it under the moonlight and saw a stone door on the road. It had flying eaves, yellow tiles, and a short white wall. There were two small doors to the left and right sides. In the middle of the door was a big gate. From right to left were written two big words: Mount Gezao.

On the left and right stone pillars of the gate, a couplet was written in a traditional style. On the right it read that this was the famous Taoist mountain Qing River Zhong Xiu, and on the left it described the wonderful medicine from the Holy Land of Medical Sect.

Li Yundong looked at the door and could see that it was probably newly built, but it was full of marks left by the wind and rain. The glazed tiles on the top of the archway were still weedy, obviously in sore need of maintenance. The two iron fences on the small doors on both sides were particularly rusty. The white lime letters on the black boards on the right side of the travel notice were also faded and beginning to blur. He couldn’t help but be shocked. “The Gezao Sect is also a big sect of External Alchemy. Why is the gateway in such bad condition?”

Zi Yuan sighed slightly and said, “We can do nothing about it. A king’s power is greater than a G.o.d’s. In the Song Dynasty, there were more than 1,500 rooms, more than 500 Taoist priests and 3,000 acres of fertile farmland here. Taoists called it ‘the Immortal’s Mansion’. However, in the final days of the Qing Dynasty, Mount Gezao and Mount Longhu were in danger again and again. The temple, which lasted more than 1600 years, gradually declined. Especially when Wan Zhenyuan, the leader of Gezao Sect, succeeded, he worked hard to move out of the sect and into the city. He turned the power of the sect into an invisible force, but his ancestral home declined terribly.”

Su Chan looked up at the plaque for the name ‘Mount Gezao’ and sighed faintly. “That’s right. Back then, our Fox Zen School was also very glorious. Haven’t we also declined now? It can be said that to rise and fall is an inescapable fate. This is Kismet and reincarnation. We can do nothing about it.”

Li Yundong smiled and interrupted their sadness by saying, “Let’s go up to the mountain first.”

They quickly climbed up the mountain road. On the way, they pa.s.sed by the Immortal-reaching Bridge, the mountain gate, the Yi Tian gate, the Mingshui Bridge and other famous places of interest. Although Li Yundong took only a brief look at these, these ancient places of interest still made him feel cold and lonely, especially the Mingshui Bridge. The bridge stretched over the mountain stream which had almost dried up. The rocks on the riverbed were covered with moss and weeds, reminiscent of a lonely old man sighing over the ruthlessness of time.

Not long after, Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and Su Chan arrived at the main gate of Gezao Sect. They saw a big door with red walls and yellow tiles leading onto a large courtyard. The gate was two stories tall. The top floor and the bottom floor of it were both written with two large characters on a green and gold background. Below the word “Yi” was another large character, gold this time, with a black background. It read majestically: The Greatest Immortal Chong Zhen Temple!

Although this Taoist temple seemed very old, especially the weeds on top, the words were majestic, and they proudly showed the glory and prestige of the past to the world.

Zi Yuan sighed softly and said, “There are countless Taoist temples in China, and there are many Taoist temples with the name Chongzhen, but among so many Taoist temples in the country, there is only one with the character ‘Greatest’ directly preceding Chongzhen! It’s a pity that the famous mountain of the Song Dynasty has declined!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Don’t get emotional. Be careful lest your Linggong Sect becomes the same as them. Let’s go in and see what’s going on. We won’t be able to find her if we wait too long.”

As he spoke, he beckoned Su Chan over to enter the gate. However, just as he was about to move, he was pulled back by Zi Yuan.

Zi Yuan said with a serious look, “Don’t be careless. Although Gezao Sect has declined, it was just limited to its ancestral temple. In fact, the sect’s power in the human world is still very great. Even if a centipede dies, its body won’t stiffen. This is the ancestral temple of Gedong Sect. Even a rotten boat will contain a few valuable nails. Don’t get careless! What’s more, the major sects fought on Mount Gezao a while ago. It’s impossible for Gezao Sect to be unprepared. It’s very likely that there are magic circles inside. Let me use some conjuration to find out what’s going on.”

Li Yundong nodded. He turned to Su Chan, who was leading the way, and said, “Can you be sure that she has come here?”

Su Chan snorted and said proudly, “Although I am not good at settling scores, my escaping and tracking skills are first-cla.s.s. I can feel that the person we are chasing was in the The Greatest Immortal Chong Zhen Temple. I can’t be wrong! But the Qi of this person is like shibo Cao Yi or Zhuang Yating. I can’t tell which shibo came here or why.”


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